Wood CNC Machine Review 2023 – Next Wave, Powermatic & More


Hello and many thanks for taking the time to visit. If you are looking to buy a CNC machine in the coming days or weeks, then please check out this brief Wood CNC Machine Review which also includes the criteria and factors for choosing a CNC machine and it also will cover briefly different CNC machine types and brands namely Next wave automation CNC machines, AXIOM Precision CNC machines, Carve Wright CNC Machines and also the Powermatic CNC machines.

Our review will outline the different types that you need to consider plus an overview on the features for each type of CNC Wood machine. In addition, we have also outlined our recommended 4 CNC machines that are popular across the market which have proven to perform well with positive reviews and feedback overall which can be checked out further below.

Key Factors when choosing a CNC Machine:

  • Value -does the CNC machine include all the different components? Or do you need to buy items such as design software as an addition
  • Computer – does a computer need to be attached to the CNC machine at all times or can data be uploaded via a USB port?
  • Rigidness – how solid and sturdy is the machine to hold its accuracy over a longer period of time? The tolerances work better for heavy duty machines rather than lighter duty machines
  • Work Cycles – how often will you be using it? Every day in your shop for commercial production or just as an occasional hobby.
  • Work Capacity – larger machines with larger working envelopes are best suited for larger heavy-duty jobs such as wall plagues or outdoor signage.
  • Power level – the more power you get, the cleaner the finish and the faster it works so production is completed a lot quicker.
  • Noise – serious operators should choose a liquid-cooled spindle for lower levels of noise while people who operate one as a hobby can go for a router motor or a water-cooled spindle option.
  • Hobby CNC – people who want a CNC machine as a hobby should choose an all in one carving cutting CNC unit and include the software, built in spindle motor, cutting bits, USB cable and have a much smaller footprint that won’t take up a whole lot of space.
  • Professional CNC – are larger and heavier and take up a larger footprint and include larger bits, larger work envelopes, more capacity and power, enhanced control features and upgraded and superior software. The router can be sold separately and have special CNC routing bits.

Types of CNC Machines x 4:

1, Next wave Automation CNC Machines

Main Features & Capabilities:

Designs & builds small format automation systems
Convenient touchscreen interfaces
Sizes very from 12” by 13” to 25”by 50”
Addition of laser engraving to CNC Shark
13 to 15 options in the range


CNC Shark HD5 / CNC Shark HD4
CNC Piranha Fx / CNC Shark II with Laser Engraving

Price Guides:

Prices range from $1600 - $5000

2, AXIOM Precision CNC Machines

Main Features & Capabilities:

Vast range of options to choose from
Larger type footprints to fit in your shop
Engineered from the ground up
Requires no complex software / handheld controller
13 to 15 options in the range


Axiom AutoRoute 8 Pro+ CNC / AutoRoute 4 Basic
Axiom AutoRoute 6 Pro+ CNC / AutoRoute 4 Pro+

Price Guides:

Prices range from $5000 - $8200

3, Carve Wright CNC Machines

Main Features & Capabilities:

Fully Automated with the ServoSmart controller
For large projects & patented feed through system
Includes an advanced CNC controller
Intelligent servo system to work faster and efficiently
4 to 5 options in the range


CarveWright CX - 3D CNC / CarveWright CX - 3D CNC
Carvewright CX - 3D CNC System with Scan Probe

Price Guides:

Prices range from $2000 - $3200

4, Powermatic CNC Machines

Main Features & Capabilities:

Premium choice for the serious craftsmen
Heavy duty welded steel frame
Full 5 Year Limited Warranty
Extreme rigidity, accuracy & cast aluminium gantry
2 options in the range


Powermatic PM-2x4SPK CNC Kit with Electro-Spindle
Powermatic PM-2x2RK CNC Kit with Router Mount

Price Guides:

Prices range from $5800 - $9000

Recommended & Popular Options of CNC Wood Machines (4)

1, CNC Shark HD4 with 2HP Water-Cooled Spindle

Main Features:

Quiet water-cooled spindle
Protection plans available
Virtual Zero software maps
Touch-screen pendant
X & Y homing capability
Software control of router
Interlocking aluminum table
Detachable, rotating cradles
Price Guide: $4500 - $5000

2, Axiom AutoRoute 8 Pro+ CNC (Stand and Toolbox)

Main Features:

Package: CNC / Stand / Toolbox
4 Axis controllers included
Protection plans available
Shipping Charge of $200
Integrated Liquid Cool System
Interlocking aluminum table
6.5'' gantry clearance
Automatic Tool Touch-Off Puck
Price Guide: $7800 - $8300

3, CarveWright CX 3D CNC System

Main Features:

Sign Maker Accessory Box / Dust hood
Sanding mop Included
Includes Advanced software
Protection plans available
Revolutionary software design
Patented feed through system
Five feedback sensors
Pre-calculates backlash
Price Guide: $2800 - $3300

4, Powermatic PM-2x2RK CNC Kit (Router Mount)

Main Features:

Heavy-duty welded steel frame
MDF spoil board protection
High-torque stepper motors
Compatible with various routers
Cast aluminum alloy gantry
Enclosed steel stand
Precision ball screws
Extruded aluminum table
Price Guide: $5700 - $6200

Feedback Submission:

Have you used any particular CNC machine yourself in the recent past?  Is there any that you would recommend in particular or is there any that should be avoided at all costs?

If possible – please share your own feedback (good or bad) with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below…

Many thanks again for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision!


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