Skil Jigsaw Review 2023 – 3 Levels of Power


Are you thinking about buying a Skil Jigsaw over the next few days? If you are, then please take a quick look through our detailed Skil Jigsaw review which covers 4 different Jigsaws under this brand so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making your final buying decision.

This Skil Jigsaw review will cover the Skil Orbital 5.5 Amp Jigsaw, the Skil 6.0 Amp Jigsaw with a laser light, the Skil 4.5 Amp variable speed Jigsaw and the Skil 6 Amp Corded JS314901 Jigsaw and we will outline all the main capabilities, features and functions for each along with the main pros and cons that you also need to know before you buy.

In addition, we will also outline some frequently asked questions that have come up in the recent past that can potentially benefit you along with the details about position controls and U shank blades.

Skil Jigsaw Review Content:

  1. Part 1: Brief Overview and Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Part 2: Skil Jigsaw Review - Main Features x 4 Model Types
  3. Part 3: Comparison Table for all 4 Skil Jigsaws
  4. Part 4: Skil Jigsaw Review – Pros & Cons
  5. Part 5: Conclusion and Feedback Submission Opportunity

Before you begin, please note also that guide price tags can only be presented at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date price information.

Part 1: Brief Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Brief Overview

Product: Skil Jigsaws (4 models)
Best Places to Buy:Hardware World / Amazon
Price Guide:$35 up to $70 (model dependant) – View sneak preview here
Warranty:Seller dependant – Typically a 12-month warranty applies
Power Levels:4.5 Amp to 6.0 Amp
Support:Skil customer service on 1877-754-5999

Frequently Asked Questions about Skil Jigsaws (10)

Q1. What angles can the 4495-02 Skil Jigsaw operate at?
A. The Skil Jigsaw 4495-02 can operate at plus or minus 45 degrees
Q2. How many orbital positions are available?
A. There are 4 orbital positions available
Q3. Do you need any tools to change the blades or foot position?
A. No, there are no tools needed to change the foot angles or the blades
Q4. Will it accept U and T shank blades?
A. Yes, they will accept both U and T shank blades
Q5. What is the bevel capacity for the 4295-01 version?
A. The bevel capacity for the 4295-01 version is 22.5 degrees left and 45 degrees right
Q6. Do they keep the cutting lines cleared?
A. Yes, they include the dust blower to keep your cutting lines clear
Q7. Do they include a storage area for the blades?
A. Yes, they include the on board tool storage for storing the blades
Q8. What level of cutting width capacities do they offer?
A. As a guide, the cutting capacities are 1 inch for Aluminum and Steel and 2 ¼ inch for Wood
Q9. What is the stroke length?
A. The stroke length is ¾ inch
Q10. What is the length of the Skil Jigsaw 4395-01 cord?
A. The length of the 4395-01 cord is 6 feet long

Part 2: Skil Jigsaw Review - Main Features x 4 Model Types

1, Skil Orbital 5.5 Amp Jigsaw (94395-01)

Main Features / Capabilities:

5.5 Amp Motor Jigsaw
4 position orbital cut control, faster & smoother
Custom molded tool rest design
Variable speed control available
Includes U-shank blades x 2 & canvas carry bag
22.5 degree L to 45 degree R bevel angles
Skil stable foot design adds further stability
Tool-less blade change / Voltage 120V
Back tool rest prevents blade damage
Tool less foot adjustment / 6' cord length
Price Guide: $55 to $70
Available @ Hardware World

2, Skil 6 Amp Orbital Jigsaw with Laser (4495-02)

Main Features / Capabilities:

6.0 Amp Motor Jigsaw with laser guide
Corded electric Jig saw
4 position orbital cut – faster /smoother cuts
Custom molded tool rest design
Built in Laser Line for added accuracy
Tool-free blade change – faster and easier
Angles can be changed without any tools
Size dimensions are 8 x 2.75 x 9 inches
On board blade storage available
D-Handle Keyless Blade Clamp / Voltage 120V
Price Guide: $40 to $60
Available @ Amazon

3, Skil 4.5 Amp Jig Saw (4295-01)

Main Features / Capabilities:

4.5 Amp Motor Jigsaw – lower price point
On board tool storage for blades
Two finger variable speed trigger system
Variable speed controls included
Accepts T and U shank blades
Cutting lines remain clear with dust blower
Open foot design improves visibility
Tool free blade change - easier & faster
Bevel Capacity is 22.5 Degrees L & 45 Degrees R
Price Guide: $35 to $50
Available @ Amazon

4, Skil 6 Amp Jig Saw (JS314901)

Main Features / Capabilities:

6.0 Amp Motor Jigsaw model number JS314901
Faster with the 4 stage position orbital cut
Bright halo light for reducing shadows
On/off dust blowing switch available
Tool-free blade change clamp - quicker
Angles and foot can be changed tool free
Dimensions are 10.2 by 2.7 by 8.4 inches
Blower assists in tracking cutting lines
Halo light provides improved visibility
Price Guide: $40 to $60
Available @ Amazon

Part 3: Comparison Table for all 4 Skil Jigsaws

A comparison table for the 4395-01, 4495-02, 4295-01 and JS314901 Jigsaws under the Skil brand are outlined below

Spec:Skil 5.5 Amp JigsawSkil 6 Amp (Laser)Skil 4.5 Amp JigsawSkil 6 Amp
Motor:5.5 Amp6 Amp4.5 Amp6 Amp
Speed:VariableVariableVariableNot variable
Control:4 position orbital cut4 position orbital cutN/A4 position orbital cut
U shank Blades:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Laser Guide:NoneIncludedNoneNone
Weight:6.45 lbs5.2 Ibs4.85 lbs 5.0 lbs
Dimensions:3.5 x 12.8 x 9.3 inch8 x 2.75 x 9 inch10.3 x 8.9 x 3.4 Inch10.2 x 2.7 x 8.4 inch

Part 4: Skil Jigsaw Review – Pros & Cons

Pros for the Skil Jigsaws:

  • For added accuracy, you can choose the 4495-02 model which includes the laser light guide which works great in achieving better levels of accuracy and attention to detail – also ideal for people who have visibility issues
  • For faster and better controlled cuts, you get the 4-position orbital cut control which works great over and over again and they have the capability for both T and U shank blades
  • There is the on board blade storage available on the 4495-02 which is great at preventing blades getting misplaced or lost
  • Blades can be changed very easily as there are no tools need to get new blades in place and the steel foot has an open design
  • The foot can also be changed without the use or need of any tools so angles can be adjusted quickly and easily and the dust blower works great to ensure there's always a clear view of the cutting lines
  • It can cut wood up to 2 1/4  inches thick and Aluminum up to one inch and the price levels are excellent depending in where you are shopping and in many cases can be bought for less than $50 (some cases less than $40) which is great value for the quality of tool you are getting when compared to other brands of Jigsaws that can cost twice as much or even more
  • The JS314901 version is great for lighting up your workspace area and reducing shadows which is 10 times more light than standard LED - a nice touch for improved visibility overall on the cutting lines

Cons for the Skil Jigsaws:

  • The maximum capacity for cutting wood materials is only 2 ¼ inches and Aluminum and steel is only one inch so these limitations need to be noted for whatever project work you are planning to do.
  • Some operators may find that they do not offer enough power and speed of cutting (especially the 4,5 amp model) so if it is power you are after, then you are better off going for the 6 Amp version
  • The 4295-01 4.5 amp version is quite basic overall and is more geared towards people who only need it for smaller type projects but is generally found to be the best price (some cases less than $40)
  • The saw dust for people who are left handed can be a little annoying but can be sorted out with the purchase of a set of goggles.
  • Issues of the trigger lock not unlocking have been seen in isolated occasions but needs to be noted all the same – a potential safety hazard
  • Generally, you don’t get many of the extras such as the carry cases or carry bags included which partly explains the lower prices on offer.
  • The variable speeds feature on the trigger is questionable for the JS314901 as it is either on or off (shouldn’t be advertised as variable speed) so if you want a variable speed Jigsaw, then avoid the JS314901 model

Part 5: Conclusion and Feedback Submission Opportunity


You will be surprised about how good these Skil Jig saws really are, in particular the 4495-02 model with the laser light which works great especially for people who may be somewhat visually impaired. The motor is plenty powerful enough, the blades can be changed easily without any tools and the orbital action is excellent in our opinion. Many other Jigsaw brands cost a whole lot more than Skil and they do as good as job if not better but this Jigsaw is on these same level as many other Jigsaw brands at a much lower price level which is ideal for people who need to work off a lower type budget or who are seeking a great bargain (some are available for less than $40 at times especially the 4.5 Amp version).

They are also a lot lighter than expected which is great at reducing arm and hand fatigue over longer working periods and the tool-less blade changing feature is certainly one added great feature to have.

Feedback Submission

Have you used a Skil Jigsaw yourself in the recent past?  Which model did you choose and did it operate as expected or did you experience any problems with it?

If possible – please share your own feedback (good or bad) with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below (include model number)


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