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Are you still undecided about the Nova Galaxi Wood Lathe? If so, then please make sure to check out our Nova Galaxi Lathe review which will outline everything you need to know before you make that all-important decision.

This review will outline all the main functions, features and capabilities that it has to offer you plus all the main pros and cons that we came across that you will need to know also. In addition, we have outlined some frequently asked questions that has come up in the recent past that hopefully can answer most of the queries that you may have.

If you are still undecided about the Nova Galaxi Lathe after reading this review, then please also make sure to check out the lower priced alternatives outlined at the end of this page that are worth checking out also as they offer much lower price tags.

For easier navigation throughout this review, it will be split into 6 small parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most.

Nova Galaxi Lathe Review Content:

  1. Part 1: Brief Overview and Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Part 2: Technical Spec Information
  3. Part 3: Nova Galaxi Lathe Review – Main Features and Functions
  4. Part 4: Nova Galaxi Lathe Review – Pros and Cons
  5. Part 5: Alternative Lathes to Consider
  6. Part 6: Conclusion & Feedback Submission

Before you begin, please note that guide price ranges can only be submitted at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week depending on local discount activities, so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date price information.

Part 1: Brief Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Brief Overview

Product: Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe
Best Place to Buy:Amazon
Protection Plans:Yes, 1-year and 2-year protection plan options are available
Warranty:Standard 24 months warranty
Price Guide:$2500 to $3000 - View Updated Price Here

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nova Galaxi Lathe (10)

Q1. What are the speed ranges available?
A. The speed ranges are from 100 to 5000 RPM
Q2. What are the bowl turning capacities?
A. The inboard is 16 inches and the outboard is 29 inches
Q3. Do any shipping charges apply to the Nova Galaxi and if so, how much?
A. Yes, shipping charges can apply which can cost as much as $200
Q4. What is the distance between the Centers?
A. The distance between the Centers is 44'' (1117mm)
Q5. What level of power does it operate from?
A. It operates with a 1.75HP Motor / 115V
Q6. How much are the protection plans?
A. The protection plans can vary from approx. $250 for 1 year to approx. $350 for 2 years
Q7. Does it include the stand?
A. Yes, this Lathe includes a cast iron stand
Q8. What do the protection plans cover?
A. The protection plans cover accidental damage coverage and the warranty period is extended where all parts and labor costs are covered hassle free. If it cannot be repaired, then it will be replaced with a new one.
Q9. Does it include pulleys or belts?
A. No, there are no belts or pulleys which cause a high level of noise or vibration
Q10. Does it have an indexing head?
A. Yes, an indexing head is included

Part 2: Technical Spec Information

Nova Galaxi Lathe Tech Information
Motor HP = 1.75HP (115v), 2.3HP (230v)
Spindle Thread = 1-1/4'' 8TPI RH
Tailstock = 2MT Hollow & Self-Ejecting
Bowl Turning Capacity = 16''/406mm inboard
Bowl Turning Capacity = 29''/750mm outboard (using optional outrigger)
Swivel Head = 360° swivel and locks at any position (plus detents at 0°, 22°, 4°, 90°)
Distance Between Centers = 44''/1117mm
Speed Range = 100 to 5000 RPM
Weight = 529.00

Part 3: Nova Galaxi Lathe Review – Main Features and Functions

Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe

Main Features in Summary:

State-of-the-art Smart Lathe
Onboard computer
Direct Drive motor
Digital controls
Adaptive Control Software
Senses potential setup faults
1.75HP high torque motor
Speed range of 100 – 5k RPM
360° swivel headstock
Electronic auto braking
No belts or Pulleys

Main Features and Functions in Detail:

  • This Lathe from Nova is a higher spec state of the art Smart Lathe which includes digital controls, onboard computer and a quiet direct drive motor and it provides a 360° swivelling headstock for outboard turning
  • There are no belts or pulleys with this Lathe so there is a much smoother and quieter working experience and the computer is set up to optimize efficiency so it only uses the exact amount of power needed which saves up to 80% in energy usage
  • It can adjust the power and performance based on the weight of the piece, it can instantly shut down if it encounters any trouble and it can also automatically sense any faults in the setup and again adjust accordingly.
  • It provides assistance when turning such as the smooth-running direct-drive motor controlled by a sophisticated microcomputer and this Lathe also features Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) technology, which adjusts and maintains the speed automatically and power of the lathe based on resistance
  • It is designed for the more experienced operator and has a cast iron construction stand, a smart design and a high torque motor which has the capacity to manage more demanding type projects and jobs
  • Included in this pack when you buy is the Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe, a cast iron stand, a 150mm/6'' Faceplate, a 300mm/12'' tool rest, the 2MT Live Center, the 2MT Spur Center, a Knock-out bar, the hardware and fastenings pack and an owner's manual
  • This Lathe also features the Electronic auto braking which brings the spindle to a rapid halt when needed and the Self-ejecting tailstock center makes project setups faster and easier reducing and saving time for the projects to be completed.
  • It operates with a 1.75HP (115v) high torque motor, it includes the Adaptive Control software to assist turning and you can set up and select your 5 favorite speeds (can be switched with the push of a button)
  • It handles extra-large bowls using the optional outrigger, there is the electronic variable speed with both forward and reverse and a larger speed range from100 RPM to 5000 RPM which can be controlled by the knobs or buttons

Price Guide:

  • In terms of price, the cost when last seen at the time of this review ranged from $2500 to $3000 which can be double checked below if needed

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Part 4: Nova Galaxi Lathe Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the Nova Galaxi Lathe:

  • One of the bigger advantages is that it has the digital controls and onboard computer which optimizes efficiency so that the motor only uses the power it needs, which in turn saves up to 80% in energy and emissions when compared to other conventional motors
  • There is a trusted warranty period of 24 months available plus the protection plans can be bought also to cover any accidental damages – if the lathe cannot be fixed, then it will be replaced which is great to know for a piece of equipment with such high value
  • This motor is controlled by an excellent and sophisticated microcomputer which includes the keypad and digital readout for better control throughout
  • There is the unique Digital Variable Reluctance technology, which adjusts and maintains the speed automatically based on the power of the lathe and the resistance it encounters
  • It can sense faults in the set up automatically and adjust where needed and it will shut down straight away if it senses things like spindle lockout or chisel dig ins
  • In addition, it is also very quiet and the Galaxi's motor has no belts or pulleys so there are no vibrations and it gives a great speed range of 100 up to 5000 RPM, it is so smooth and the speed changes can be done instantly

Cons for the Nova Galaxi Lathe:

  • You will need to allow for an additional shipping charges which can be a little steep – you can expect to pay anywhere in the region of $200 to ship this particular Lathe.
  • The prices for the protection plans are not all that bad however will cost you in the region of $250 to $350 extra which needs to be taken into consideration also.
  • Deliveries can take a fair bit of time and will take in the region of 2 to 3 weeks to deliver so you will need to be patient when expecting the delivery.
  • In terms of price, this Lathe will generally set you back over $2.5k so this Lathe is simply not for everyone and certainly not for beginners
  • You need to be aware also that it can only be shipped within the 48 Contiguous states
  • Individual parts are very heavy so you will need an extra set of hands for the assembly and unpacking

Part 5: Alternative Lathes to Consider

This Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe will set up back between $2.5k and $3k and if this is simply out of your price range, then feel free to check out 2 other Lathes from other suppliers outlined below that are available at much lower price points...

1, WEN 3420T 8 x 12-Inch VS Benchtop Wood Lathe

Main Features:

Speed levels 750 to 3200 RPM
Variable speed wood lathe
Includes 5-inch faceplate
Workpieces up to 12L by 8W inches
MT1 spindle and tailstock taper
Interchangeable work rests x 2
Warranty available is 2 years

2, Nova Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe

Main features

Size is 12-Inch by 16 1/2-Inch
Speed range of 250 to 4000 RPM
3 Step Pulley System
Low, medium and high-speed ranges
0.75HP Electronic Variable Speed Motor
12" swing over bed / 16.5" between centers
Self-ejecting tailstock

Part 6: Conclusion & Feedback Submission


Do we recommend this Lathe? Certainly, yes as it is one of the best that we have come across. One thing about this Lathe is the fact that there are no belts to adjust and it operates at such a quiet level and the speed level goes to an incredible high level of 5000 RPM with the DVR drive. The price will set you back typically over $2.5k but it is definitely worth it if have this level of funding available for it as it can handle much larger type projects and being able to control the speed with the buttons and knobs is a significant plus – no pulleys or belts to worry about and the power from this motor is second to none.

The fact that they also provide a 24-month warranty and protection plans (1 or 2 years) after this is also great in terms of security and protecting your investment against accidental damage – having the Lathe replaced if it cannot be repaired gives peace of mind and confidence when you buy.

The motor can also be changed to 220V by just converting the plug for more power and you will also find that the setup is simple to complete, program in and this DVR is so much better than many other Lathes that we have come across in the industry and the electronic braking works superbly when needed.

Feedback Submission

Have you used or tried a Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe yourself in the recent past? Did it perform as expected or did you come across any problems that we should know about?

If possible – please share your own feedback (good or bad) with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below…


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