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Hello once again and many thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit our brief Nicer Dicer Review which will cover both the Nicer Dicer Quick and also the Nicer Dicer Chef so at least you have more than just 1 choice when it comes to making a final decision.

Our review will present our findings and results based on working with both of these Dicers on a selection of different and various food products that are commonly found in the average person’s kitchen. We will specific and outline all the functions, features and capabilities for both and what each of them provides in their  individual sets. We will also take a look at the pros and cons that we came across that you definitely need to know and a short FAQ session is also outlined which should answer most of the queries that you may have.

Further down on this page, we have also provided some price comparison options which you should also check out while you are here which can certainly save you some money in the process.

Nicer Dicer Reviews Content

  1. Part 1: Brief Overview & FAQ’s
  2. Part 2: Nicer Dicer Quick & Chef Review – Features / Pros / Cons
  3. Part 3: Nicer Dicer Quick vs Nicer Dicer Chef Comparison Table
  4. Part 4: Price Comparison Options
  5. Part 5: Conclusion & Feedback Submission Opportunity

Please note that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this review as price tags can change somewhat from week to week or month to month depending on local discount or promotional activities, so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Part 1: Brief Overview & FAQ’s

Brief Overview:

Brand:Nicer Dicer
Products:Nicer Dicer Quick (7 pieces) & Nicer Dicer Chef (14 pieces)
Warranty:Typically, a min of 30-day money back guarantee (seller dependant)
Best Place to Buy:Amazon UK – View Today’s Stock Levels Here
Colours:Orange and Green to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions about Nicer Dicers:

Q. What are the blades made from?
A. The blades in the Nicer Dicer are made from finest GNOX steel
Q. What kind of slicing can it do?
A. They can cut thin slices, thick slices, wedges, cubes, strips or sticks shaped cuttings
Q. Can the blades be placed on top of each other to get thinner slices?
A. Yes, the blades can be placed on top of each other to get thinner slices
Q. How do you cut them in to cubes?
A. You need to turn one blade 90 degrees to get the strip first, then place the strips sideways to get the cubes
Q. How long does it take to deliver?
A. Usually, delivery takes on average 4 to 5 working days
Q. What is the Vario frame used for?
A. The Vario frame is used to hold the blades in place while slicing
Q. How big is the Nicer Dicer Chef container?
A. The container for the Nice Dicer Chef holds 3.3 litres
Q. Are the containers made from glass or plastic?
A. The containers in these sets are both made from plastic

Part 2: Nicer Dicer Quick & Chef Review – Features / Pros / Cons

Nicer Dicer Quick 7pc Set

Main Features

Hand held slicing, dicing and chopping (7 piece set)
Chops right down into the bowl
Super sharp blades (easy to clean)
2 colour choices green or orange
Includes 3 blades (4 ways to cut it)
Includes container lid for catching and storing
3 interchangeable sharp blade inserts
Blades can be placed on top of each other

Main Pros:

Price level is a lot more attractive than the Chef
No need to clean chopping boards or knifes
Safer slicing than using knifes
Changing the blades is quick and easy to do
Superior way to get equal sized portion cuttings
Especially good with onions, peppers, Cucumbers

Main Cons:

Takes a lot of work cleaning up after
Won’t work on harder foods (eg, carrots)
Container size could be larger
Limited to soft foods only
Delivery charges can apply (if under threshold)
You still need to knife prep prior to using this

Price Guide: £15 to £25 @ JML Direct

Nicer Dicer Chef 14pc Set

Main Features

Prepares a lot more food stuff types
Tons of slicing and dicing options are available
Performs julienne, spiralize, grates, dices, cubes
Extra leverage for better, effortless chopping
Perfect cut feature for tomatoes and vegetables
Stainless-steel blades (G-NOX quality) ultra sharp
Extra larger cutting surface board
Superior and brilliant food prep system

Main Pros:

Much more safer than using sharp knifes
No need to be cleaning chopping boards
Deals with larger food type produce
Larger cutting surface available
The larger 3.3 litre bowl can be used to serve also
Much wider range of accessories

Main Cons:

The price can be seen as way too excessive
Only for serious kitchen enthusiasts
Some of the pieces won’t be needed for everyone
Unable to deal with hard and touch food products
No cleaning brush is included
Unable to deal with potatoes, swede, squash

Price Guide: £45 to £65 @ JML Direct

Further images of both the Nicer Dicer Quick (3) and the Nicer Chef (3) are outlined below (total 6)

  • Nicer Dicer Quick and the Nicer Chef Review

Part 3: Nicer Dicer Quick vs Nicer Dicer Chef Comparison Table

A short comparison table is also outlined below – Nicer Dicer Quick versus the Nicer Dicer Chef for easier comparisons to be made in relation to sizes, dimensions and set inclusions

Spec:Nicer Dicer QuickNicer Dicer Chef
Colours:Green and OrangeGreen and Orange
Box Size:12.5 by 8 by 21.3cm25 by 18.5 by 26cm
Unit Size:39.5 by 23.8 by 18cm24 by 24 by 11cm
Gross weight:353g2.22kg
Net weight:282g1.7kg
Food Types:Soft only (avoid carrots)Soft only (avoid carrots)
Set Includes:Nicer Dicer Quick Handheld Device, 3 Blade inserts, Vario-frame, Collecting container, Fresh Keeping lid, InstructionsVario frame, Grater insert, Protective cover, Planer, Blade protection, Cutter holder, Frame insert for Nicer Julietti, Spiral insert with Julietti blade, Tomato & vegetable cutter - 9mm, Punch for tomato & veg cutter - 9mm, cutting top, cutting base, Large container, Keep-fresh lid, Blade insert 12x12mm, Blade insert 24x24mm

Part 4: Price Comparison Options

As prices can change slightly from week to week, please make sure to compare the 2nd option provided below that can help save you money before you make your final buying decision…

Part 5: Conclusion & Feedback Submission Opportunity


Would I buy either the Nicer Dicer Chef or the Nicer Dicer Quick? Personally, for me I would go for the Nicer Dicer Quick rather than the Nicer Dicer Chef. The 2 main reasons are the fact that I personally wouldn’t need all the pieces in the Nice Dicer Chef set and the price tag is a little too steep for my liking for what you get – it still can’t deal with the harder type food products.

You also need to have limited expectations when it comes to using the Nicer Dicer Quick though – while it works great on softer type fruit and vegetables, it cannot work on harder type vegetables so you will need to limit your own expectations as it certainly won’t be able to perform all of your slicing and dicing needs. Saying that, they both do a really good job on softer type food ingredients.

Feedback Submission Opportunity

Have you tried either the Nicer Dicer Quick of the Nicer Dicer Chef yourself in the recent past? Did it work for you as expected or was it a big disappointment?

If possible, please to share your own experiences (good or bad) for the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment box section below - So that others across the community can learn also! (email addresses are stored safely and not visible to the general public)


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  1. Well, this is good comparison. Thing is, I just want to have a good slicer alternative to knives in my kitchen. I must say that it’s a downside that I couldn’t get anything for the hardship but I can make use of the knife if that’s the case. And so the big deal, what’s my pick, like you I’ll go for the nicer diver quick only because it is cheaper. I’m economical

  2. Nicer Dicer looks like a big helper for those who love salads, and that’s my daughter and me. Every single day (in some cases even twice a day) I am making salads, and Nicer Dicer can help me to save my time. I like more Nicer Dicer Quick Set. Well, it can’t chop the carrots, but I think most of the people grate it, including me. I like the Nicer Dicer chef set as well, especially the container, but I won’t be using most of its pieces. You are right its mainly for kitchen enthusiasts 🙂 Thank you for this all-inclusive review!

  3. Very good comparison of the two Nicer Dicers.  I along with you agree I would buy the cheaper model.
    I was surprised to see that neither one of the models can slice Potatoes.   I am not familiar with that type of steel that you mentioned the blades are made of. As for me, I cook for a large family most days and I need all the help and gadgets I can get my hands on – to make the chore easier every week. Good information overall and I appreciate all the detailed content as I certainly picked up a few tips here today

    • You are very welcome and many thanks for taking the time to visit and leave your feedback – it is greatly appreciated. Regards, Paul

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