Laguna Lathe Review 2022 – Worth the Money?


If you are undecided about a Lathe under the Laguna brand, then please make sure to check out our brief Laguna Lathe Review which will point out all the main functions and features before you make any buying decisions. When looking at a Lathe, there is the option of stationary Lathes which are ideal for baseball bats, platters, hollow vases or table legs and then you have the option of Mini Lathes which are ideal for the likes of Pizza cutters, pens, ice cream scoops and smaller type bowls.

Our Laguna Lathe Review will analyse the main features that it has to offer to the general public plus all the significant pros and cons that we came across that you should know also. We will also outline all the important technical data that it offers you along with some price comparison options that are worth taking a closer look at which are outlined at the end of this page.

In addition, we will also outline a short FAQ’s session that should answer most of the queries that you may possibly have. For easier navigation, this review will be split into 5 parts as follows so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most…

Laguna Lathe Review Content:

  1. Part 1: Brief Overview and FAQ Session
  2. Part 2: Technical data to Note
  3. Part 3: Laguna Lathe Review – Main Features and Functions
  4. Part 4: Laguna Lathe Review – Pros and Cons
  5. Part 5: Conclusion and Feedback

Please also note that guide prices can only be outlined or presented at the time of this review – so please make sure to use the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most up to date price information.

Part 1: Brief Overview and FAQ Session

Brief Overview

Product: Laguna Revo 18|36 2HP 220V Lathe
Best Place to Buy:Amazon
Protection Plan:Yes, 1 year and 2 year protection plan options are available
Warranty:Standard 12 months once registered within the first 30 days
Price Guide:$2500 to $3000 – View sneak preview here

FAQ’s about Laguna Revo 2HP Lathe:

Q. What warranty is available for this Laguna Lathe?
A. There is a 12 month standard warranty available for this Lathe.
Q. How much are the protection plans?
A. At the time of this review, the cost of the 1 year protection plan was approx. $250 and the 2 year protection plan was approx. $350
Q. What is the outboard capacity and inboard capacity for this Lathe?
A. The outboard capacity is 18 inches and the inboard capacity is 36 inches
Q. Are there any delivery charges?
A. It depends on the seller however we have seen delivery charges of $99 being applied
Q. Do the legs come with it or is it just a bench lathe?
A. The legs are included in the Laguna Lathe
Q. Can the legs be adjusted for uneven ground?
A. Yes, the base feet can be adjusted to suit uneven ground
Q. What power level is needed to run it?
A. It needs a 220v single phase power and a double 20 amp breaker
Q. Is it easy to change the belt if it breaks?
A. You will need a certain level of skill and expertise to fix the belt, if unsure, please contact customer support (number outlined above) but this is something that does not tend to happen at all.
Q. Can you control the speed digitally or by moving the belts?
A. There are 2 pulleys high 135-3500RPM and low 50-1300RPM and the speed is controlled digitally depending in which one of the pulleys the belt is on.

Part 2: Technical data to Note

Laguna Lathe 2HP Technical Data information:
- Belt: Poly-Groove Drive Belt w/EZ Access
- Recommended Breaker: 20 Amp
- Motor: Induction, 1725 RPM, TEFC
- Spindle Lock: Spring Loaded
- Maximum Outboard Swing: 32"
- Swing over Banjo: 13-1/2"
- Steel Bed: ASTM A36
- Electrical: 2HP, 220 Volt, 60 hz
- VFD: Delta S1 Variable Frequency Drive
- Phase: 1-Phase input, 3-Phase output
- Spindle Taper: MT#2
- Swing over Bed: 18''
- RPM Low: 50-1300
- Floor to Bed Dimension: 32-1/2" w/Pads
- Floor Space: 60" W x 26" D x 47" H
- Floor to Spindle Center: 41-1/2" w/Pads
- Front Bearing: TPI Taiwan 6207LLU
- Rear Bearing: TPI Taiwan 6205LLU
- Headstock Through-Bore: 3/8"
- Spindle Index #: 14/36/48 w/Lock
- Distance between Centers: 36"
- Headstock Travel: Full-Length
- Tailstock Through-Bore: 3/8"
- Spindle Size: 1-1/4'' X8 TPI RH
- RPM High: 135-3500
- Tailstock Quill: 4-1/2", Engraved, Self-Ejecting

Part 3: Laguna Lathe Review – Main Features and Functions

Laguna Revo 18|36 2HP 220V Lathe

Main Features in Summary:

Popular Lathe Brand
Quick release handle
Rear mounted handles
Forward and reverse
Directs dust away
Polished steel bed
18'' outboard capacity
36'' inboard capacity
3-phase output
Blue-hued digital read-out
Easy to adjust

Main Features in detail:

  • This Lathe under the Laguna brand has proven to be very popular across the industry for reliability and performance and it provides a quick-release handle for switching from the high-speed ranges to the low speed ranges and the Centers can be stored on the tailstock when required
  • There are the ear-mounted handles which eliminate obstructions on the front of the lathe and there is the forward and reverse feature which allows you to reverse the lathe for sanding work.
  • On this Lathe, you get the handles which are comfortably designed and you can use a cam lock for the fast, secure tightening and release when applied. There is a polished steel bed for extra strength and stability when you work the machine and it offers the smoothest possible movement of the headstock, tailstock and tool rest.
  • There is the 36 inch of inboard capacity which allows you turn long island legs, spindles, table legs and there is the 18 inches of outboard capacity which lets you or your team to turn larger type bowls and please note also that the Spindle lock is spring-loaded
  • Included also is the anodized aluminium control panel which gives you great visibility and accessibility to all knobs throughout and you are provided with precise RPM readouts when needed.
  • In terms of power, it has a motor that converts a 1-phase input to a 3-phase output which works better with heavier type loads for more power and balance and a smoother experience. There are two general speed ranges that does not lose torque or power
  • Overall, there is a lot more power than you would expect and it gives great precision and a selection of features to work through for various different types of projects

Price Guide:

  • The price tag when last seen at the time of this review ranged from $2500 to $3000 which should be checked further below if you wish to take a closer look.

Further images of the Laguna Revo 2HP 220V Lathe are outlined below (7)

  • Laguna Revo Lathe review

Part 4: Laguna Lathe Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the Laguna Lathe:

  • The polished steel bed is extra solid, stable and secure so you really do get a smooth movement of the headstock, tailstock and also the tool rest
  • There is the 18'' of outboard capacity and 36'' of inboard capacity and the 3 phase output delivers increased power when the lathe is under a heavier load.
  • There are the rear-mounted handles which eliminate any obstructions on the front of the lathe
  • If your new tool cannot be repaired or if it gets damaged, then they will replace it under the protection plan options hassle free
  • The protection plan also covers all the parts and labor required for any repairs with no deductions
  • It is very precise and stronger than you think, plus the noise level is a lot lower than expected
  • Set up will only take around 1 to 2 hours to complete and the variable speed options provide greater flexibility.
  • The one big attraction is the variable speed and the reversing can improve the level of finishing and sanding across the grains. If you are looking to upgrade then this is the perfect choice
  • Overall, we found it to be a solid heavy well engineered piece of equipment, it is very easy to assemble and there is great support from Laguna – great value overall when compared elsewhere

Cons for the Laguna Lathe:

  • A shipping charge of approx. $99 applies when last seen at the time of this review – surely a piece of equipment like this would have a free delivery charge?
  • The price of the protection plans is not all that bad but will still set you back between $200 and $350 more which needs to be factored in
  • This item must be shipped within the 48 Contiguous United States only
  • The estimated delivery time can be quite long and can take 7 to 14 working days and sometimes even longer.
  • Please also note that the delivery truck may need a lift gate if a loading dock is not available but items shipped by truck are to be delivered to curb side only
  • Warranty level could have been set for longer than just 12 months due to the high-priced piece of equipment you are getting

Part 5: Conclusion and Feedback


Do we recommend the Laguna Revo 2HP 220V Lathe? Certainly, yes without a shadow of a doubt. In terms of price, if offers great value and there is great precision, power and so many features available and of course the attractive steel bed gives a smooth experience with both the outboard capacity and inboard capacity. The noise level is also quite low and set up takes a bit of effort but is not all that bad overall. There are lots and lots of horsepower provided and it can perform so many tasks and they are accomplished a whole lot easier and professional looking. In terms of price, may other brands can be larger but can cost you over $1000 more but you will be surprised about how much power it gives you at the lower price point and it is extremely reliable which mean less down time for you.

Feedback / Comment:

Have you used or tried the Laguna Revo 2HP 220V Lathe yourself in the recent past? Did it perform as expected or did you come across any problems that we should know about?

If possible – please share your own feedback (good or bad) with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below…


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  1. This is a really good detailed review on the Laguna revo lathe. I do not use this brand at present but I am considering changing over to them. I also have a friend who makes use of it which is the reason why I am doing further research. He had to do quite a saving to bring it in and he complained about the delay in delivery. He however said that the machine is worth its every cent and he was happy getting it so in my own little review, it’s good as long as you can afford it and have some chill on the delivery. Great review anyway and I reckon I am converted now!

  2. Thanks for this review also for the Laguna Lathe as I was reading other reviews on this website and came across this also as my husband is looking to invest in a new hobby lathe,  This looks like a solid option, but I’m a bit confused about the warranty period… The FAQ’s say there is a standard 12 month warranty, but also that the protection plan is $250 for 1 year. Is there a difference in those 2 options that I’m missing? Do you think it would be wise for a beginner to purchase the extra 2-year plan?

    • Hi, the protection plans start once the warranty period expires. If you a beginner and only intend to use it a few times per year or once per month, then there should be no need to get the 2 year protection plan in our opinion. Regards, Paul

  3. Nice review… I have heard about this Laguna lathe before,but with this well structured review on  it certainly added a lot more clarity, I think it is a must get for me and my uncle who is need of a better product that the one he has now. Its features are pretty cool and the price is actually okay for the job its about to carry out for me and my uncle. Thanks for updating me about this Laguna Lathe – hopefully it will be a good investment

  4. Great information! Thank you for putting this together. You’ve done a good job by providing solutions to frequently asked questions because i never knew laguno revo 2hp lathe legs can be adjusted to suit uneven ground. I think this machine is worth getting it. I will prefer the nova galaxi dvr lathe due to the digital read out and adaptive control. Useful review, thanks.

  5. A well detailed piece of information. I’m currently  into wood work at the moment, its been very difficult for me using my usual manual tool in carrying out  my work especialy smoothing the surfaces of my wares. This is very time consuming for me and  stressful. Thanks for the information on this lathe device, I’ll purchase it and I hope it makes my work easier. – it looks interesting and their prices are awesome

  6. Thank you so much for your review of Laguna Lathe. I really don’t have idea about this before reading your post. In your review you have given a brief discussion about Laguna Lathe including main feature and function, price comparison option, pro’s and con’s, technical data note, feedback and so on. I really have learned many things about Laguna Lathe that my dad and brother would benefit more from as they are searching for one at present and this kind of info will certainly help them

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