Jay Morrison Academy Review 2022 – Worth the Money?


Many thanks for taking the time to visit and welcome to this Jay Morrison Academy Review which will outline all the key points that you need to be aware of if you are considering joining them in the coming days or weeks.

This review will take a quick look at the different courses that they have to offer plus all the main features that is included with them.  In addition, we will also provide some background information that you need to be aware of plus some frequently asked questions that have come up in the recent past that will be of interest to you. While you are here, please feel free to check out also a proven way to make money online for a fraction of the price - take a look at our Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Goals of the Academy – Quick Summary

  1. To provide a financial education to people from various and underserved communities
  2. Provide financial literacy, home ownership information, empowering people and educate people on easy to follow Wealthy building strategies
  3. To serve people from all different types of backgrounds with an education to generate wealth and to stop the burden of financial debt.
  4. To reprogram your mindset about the value of money, generation of money, investing and the best way to spend it.
  5. To provide a program to avoid the vicious cycle of potential poverty and possible unemployment

Who are they at the Jay Morrison Academy? Members of the team are outlined below

  • Jay Morrison - CEO
  • Johnetta G. Paye – VP Business Affairs
  • Mason Mallory – CFA & CPA
  • Tai Bruton – Human Resources
  • Brandan J. Wigley – Sales / Customer Relation

Background Information:

Program:Jay Morrison Academy, LLC
Location:3355 Lenox Road NE, #750 Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone Contact:Call at: +1 844-564-6562, 9am-6pm EST Mon-Fri or email
Email Contact:Email at: support@jaymorrisonacademy.com
Leader:Jay Morrison - CEO
Courses:Real Estate to Credit Mastery to Stocks & Finance – See below
Duration:Ongoing on a rolling basis – No set time

Course Options to Choose from are summarized below:

  • Real Estate Business & Credit Program
  • Residential Real Estate
  • The Ultimate CEO Program
  • Beginners Power Program
  • On Demand Masterclass
  • Cryptocurrency 101
  • Credit Mastery
  • Wealth Mastery

10 Frequently Asked Question:

Q. What type of people should join?
A. It is for people who need to learn about Wealth creation strategies and tactics and can range from students to entrepreneurs to retirees
Q. When can you start?
A. People are accepted in on a rolling basis – usually a half hour after payment
Q. How do you get access?
A. You will be provided with a username and password via email to login and get access. The email from info@jaymorrisonacademy.com needs to be added to your contact list
Q. What do I do if I have problems logging in?
A. You should contact them at support@jaymorrisonacademy.com for assistance
Q. Do I need to fulfil a contract of enrolment?
A. No, you can cancel your enrolment at any time hassle free (access to the program is suspended when you are not enrolled)
Q. Who do I contact when I wish to cancel?
A. You can phone them directly on 1-844-564-6562
Q. What browsers are needed?
A. Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer will all work fine
Q. Is it all done online or are there books available?
A. There are books available only for Residential Real Estate Course or the Credit Mastery Course - the balance is done online as part of the weekly lessons to complete
Q. Is there any live mentorship?
A. Yes, you have access to participate in bi-weekly live mentorship calls with Jay Morrison / top advisors
Q. Can I change courses in the academy?
A. Only within 24 hours of enrolment and you need to contact them at support@jaymorrisonacademy.com

Overview of the Academy:

Jay Morrison Academy


  • Located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Over 10,000 participants already
  • Program is live since 2014 and have trusted customer testimonials
  • Education for financial literacy and wealth building strategies
  • Tactics to avoid going into financial debt
  • Counteract the high costs of traditional college & universities
  • Objective to getting people earning $10k within 6 months
  • Seen on NBC, Today, BET, Daily News & the Huffington Post
  • Varied courses from Real Estate to Credit Mastery to Wealth Mastery

Details of the Courses that you can choose from are outlined below – Click Image to Learn More…

Main Pros or Positives Available:

  • The teachers and staff are very helpful and provide information in an easy to follow format
  • Always provide support when needed by simply picking up the phone
  • Provides an excellent resource of tools and will open doors that you would have never expected before
  • Step by step instructions are laid out effectively and you learn as you follow the lessons and tasks – lessons are simple to understand and technical language is avoided to prevent confusion
  • Results from previous participants speak for themselves and one on one coaching is made available at specific times
  • Overall - this will be money very well spent as you invest in yourself and the power of financial knowledge

Main Cons or Negatives Outlined:

  • More experienced people will find some of the content quite basic
  • Fees will be viewed by some as too excessive
  • Duration of the program and seeing results will be too slow for people needing a return straight away


The education you receive here is definitely worth the amount of money you have to pay and you will definitely benefit from it. The one important thing though is to put into practice what you have learned – that is the key to path of success – start slowly and work your way upwards as building any business takes a lot of time, energy and patience – it won’t happen overnight but you will see results after a specific period of time once you have followed the program as stated in its entirety. Some of the prices here though seemed a little high and when compared againist Wealthy affiliate, it costs a lot less to earn money online and you get a free starter program to see if it can work for you.

Have you any previous experiences with the Jay Morrison Academy?

Then please educate the wider community by sharing them in the comment section below – So that others can learn also! (tick the box before you submit the comment)

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  1. Hi Paul, Sounds really interesting, it sounds like a similar concept to the “Trump University” although this actually delivers as promised. The fact those involved are proud to have their name attached is always a good sign for me, a question. Good to know the cons as well as the pros so thanks for that – also good to know it can be cancelled if it doesn’t work out as expected.

  2. Financial education is so important! Everyone needs to know how financial and credit markets work and how to manage personal finances without debt. Getting a paid course with instructors creates more of a commitment and engagement, so there is an advantage to it. And the free information is not always correct and up today. My experience from the Jay Morrison Academy is that they are a very professional outfit, they are experienced in what they do and they really do want you to learn as much as you can, apply the knowledge they give you and to be a successful business person. For me, it has been life changing. The information you get when it comes to getting into real estate with little or no money and changing your entire outlook on wealth creation has been life changing so I certainly give these guys the big thumbs up!

    • Many thanks to you for taking the time to stop by express your feedback about this review, it is greatly appreciated, Regards, Paul

  3. I heard about Jay Morrison academy on youtube and it certainly caught my attention which is the reason why I am investigating it further reading reviews across on the net. It looks like that they have some of the most helpful staff in this program and helps you to develop sound financial strategies for the years ahead and the price to be fair is a lot lower than what I have seen elsewhere for similar courses. Good to see this review and the outline it offers as I believe this is certainly worth trying out – nothing ventured nothing gained!

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