How to use a Juicer – All the Tips you Need


One more question that was asked numerous times and that was how do you use a Juicer so if you need some tips in getting started – then take a quick look through this post which will explain everything you need to know before you start.

An electric fruit juicer can extract juice from almost any fruit and vegetable. You can make healthy and nutrient filled juices, fruit cocktails and sorbet in your own home. These drinks will be clean, fresh, delicious and above all economical.

Juices provide you a lot of vitamins and other nutrients in a concentrated form as it may not be possible for you to eat the same amount of whole fruits or vegetables. This may be due to your lifestyle or simply you do not like to eat so much fresh fruit and vegetables.

Once you have a juicer, then you have the capability to extract a lot of fresh juice not only for yourself but for the entire family. The only issue is that juicing is a messy business as it produces a lot of waste pulp and seeds. You must be prepared to clean up the juicing machine immediately after the job is done.

How to use your Electric Juicer

Step 1: Select the right Fruit & Vegetables.

An electric juicer can take juice out of almost all the fruit and most vegetables. Choose the fruits or vegetables that you want to juice. See if they are not overripe or have deep blemishes.

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

Wash all the fruits and vegetables you want to juice thoroughly. Scrape vegetables that are grown underground like carrots, beetroot, radish etc. Cut extra stems from leafy vegetables.

Peel the skin of other vegetables, and skin fruits and revoke pits and stones. Cut off bad spots. Slice the ingredients so that they can be pushed through the feed tube.

Step 3: Prepare the Machine

Check if the juicer is clean. If it was in storage for long, disassemble and rinse parts with cold water. Put a glass or container below the spout to catch the juice and then switch it on.

Step 4: Start Juicing

Gently push some ingredients through the feeding tube and turn on the machine. Juice will run from the spout. Feed more ingredients through the tube and push it with the pusher. Repeat until all ingredients are juiced and be sure to change the collecting glass when you change the ingredient.

Step 5: Clean Up

Once you have finished with juicing all the ingredients, switch the machine off, unplug it and clean it immediately before the pulp dries.

How to use a Manual Juicer for Citrus Fruit

Step 1: Wash the Fruit

Wash all the fruits with water to remove any debris sticking to it. This washing will also remove any chemical sprayed on the fruit in the farm.

Step 2: Cut the Fruit

Using a sharp knife cut the fruit in half on a cutting board so that you two semi-hemispheres of each fruit. Cut the fruit from the center, so that the stem part and end part are on the opposite sides.

Step 3: Juice it

Place the pulp side of the fruit on the cone of the juicer and with your hand press on it. Now turn forward and backward while applying firm pressure on the fruit which is on the juicer. Juice will collect on the collection saucer. Repeat the process with all fruit pieces. Pour juice into a container and discard the rinds.

Step 4: Clean up

Once you have finished juicing, clean up the juicer immediately.


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