How to use a Halogen Oven – 9 Simple Steps


If you need some help with how to use your Halogen Oven, then take a quick look right here which outlines 9 simple steps that you should follow.

Halogen Oven Overview:

A Halogen oven is a novel way to cook your meals. It is really quite a simple appliance with a halogen lamp generating infrared light to heat and cook up the food. This innovative design is very compact, efficient and easy to clean, thereby making it ideal for a busy person who wants to whip up a quick meal. It can also be used by elderly people due to the simplicity of use and easy cleanup. A halogen oven has a glass bowl on a stand.

The lid contains the halogen lamp and a fan which circulates the hot air. The halogen lamp produces the heat and the fan circulates the hot air around the bowl with the food in it. This cooks the food very quickly. You can roast, bake, grills steam and defrost easily in a halogen oven.

Steps for How to use a Halogen Oven

Step 1:

Select a correct sized dish to be used in the halogen oven. Since the halogen oven is typically small compared to the conventional ovens, so your normal large sized bakeware will not fit in the halogen oven. Choose a smaller preferably round baking dish. You can use an ovenproof dish or tray. It can be made of glass, metal or even silicon. All of these types of dishes can be used. However, do not use any plastic dishes that may melt in the high heat of halogen oven.

Step 2:

Prepare your ingredients and place them on the dish and slowly lower it into the bowl of the halogen oven.

Step 3:

If your recipe calls for using an aluminum foil, you can use it normally as you would in a conventional oven. An aluminum foil prevents the meat from browning prematurely. Ensure that the aluminum foil is carefully wrapped around the food fully and there is no loose foil. The fan in the halogen lamp is quite strong and a loose foil will fly around the bowl and may damage the heating element.

Step 4:

Check if pre-heating is required. Some recipes may call for pre-heating. If so then set the temperature to 500 degrees F and set the timer for six minutes. This will fully heat the halogen oven bowl. Since the halogen oven gets heated up very quickly you may not require the pre-heating step.

Step 5:

Now gently lower your baking dish into the halogen oven bowl. If you are roasting or baking use the lower rack, also ensure that is space on the sides for hot air to circulate.

Step 6:

Now set the time by turning on the timer clockwise. Push down on the safety handle which acts as a power switch also. A power on red light will light up. You can set the time up to 60 minutes. The halogen oven will turn itself off automatically when the timer runs out.

Step 7:

Now set the desired temperature as required in the recipe. Turn the knob clockwise to set the temperature, the indicator light will turn green and the halogen oven will turn on. Ensure that the safety handle is fully in the down position otherwise the cooking will not start. A big advantage of cooking in a halogen oven is that the bowl is made of transparent glass and you can actually see the food during the cooking process.

Step 8:

Once the timer runs out the halogen oven will stop automatically. Remove the lid and the heating mechanism from the bowl and keep in a safe place as it will be very hot. If there is a tool to lift out the dish use it as the tray will be very hot. Wear oven gloves to touch any hot part of the tray.

Step 9:

Place the bowl on a cooling rack or a safe place until it sufficiently cools. Take out the cooked food to serve.


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