How to use a Food Processor – Key Points Outlined


One more question that has been asked several times across the country and the community and that is how to do use or operate a Food Processor so take a quick look here to find out all the main functions and points that you need to know.

The food processor has now become an essential part of your kitchen appliances set. It takes out the drudgery of cutting, chopping, slicing vegetables and other ingredients. Not only you can use it to chop and cut vegetables but you can make fruit purées, bread dough, peanut butter and even mayonnaise.  And here is how you do it.

1. Unpack

If you have bought a new food processor unpack it and check that you have all the accessories with it. Wash the bowl, blades and the plastic pusher with cold water and some mild liquid soap. Dry it. Assemble the food processor according to the instructions that came with it. Secure the bowl in place making sure it fits the base perfectly. Fit the blade in its position snugly.

2. Chop some Vegetables

Suppose you want to chop some vegetables. Add the vegetables to the bowl and close the lid by turning it slightly so that it settles into its slot. For most food processors, the lid must be turned until it releases the safety mechanism that ensures that the food processor would not turn on until the lid is securely in place.

3. Turn it on

Now plug the food processor into the electrical socket.  Most food processors have just three buttons ‘on’ to run the food processor continuously.  ‘off’ to turn it off and ‘pulse’ to run it until your finger is pressing the button. Press the ‘pulse’ to turn the food processor with three to five seconds ‘pulse’ intervals. Observe the vegetables in the bowl. Within a short time, the vegetables will be nicely chopped.

4. Job done!

Unplug the appliance. Turn the lid so that it comes off. Remove the blade carefully. Now take out the chopped vegetables using a spatula. You may wash the blades and the bowl in cold water and soap. Keep safe by not touching the sharp end of the cutting blade. Dry all the parts by a soft cloth. This is the basic operation of the food processor.

Your food processor can help to prepare many dishes. You can different accessories and blades to blend, chop, slice, and shred a variety of vegetables, fruits, cheeses. You can also knead dough and even make purée.  Different blades and attachments have different uses and I will describe some them for you.

Using S–shaped Blade

The S-shaped blade is the standard blade that comes with every food processor. It may be the only blade that came with your food processor. It is the most versatile blade and can be used to chop vegetables and fruits with ease. All you have to do is to pulse the machine until you get the required size of the chunk size of your ingredients. This blade can also puree the ingredients into a fine consistency soup. It can also grind nuts into a powder.

Using Slicing Disk

This accessory is attached to the rotor by a long stem so that it fits very near to the lid. The slicing disk can be used to cut the vegetables and fruits into thin circular slices. Vegetables such as carrots, reddish, zucchini, potatoes can be sliced with this attachment. Even hard sausages like pepperoni and salami can be sliced with this attachment.

Making Purées

Your food processor is an ideal appliance to make delicious purées. Vegetables can be pulverized until they turn into liquid. Many different vegetables can be mixed along with certain herbs to give a great flavor. Hard vegetables should be boiled so that they become soft; otherwise sold chucks will remain in the purée. This is also great for preparing baby food.

Making Peanut Butter

You can churn roasted peanuts, walnuts, almonds or almost any other nut into a creamy paste. It is so easy to make fresh peanut butter with your food processor, that it will surely delight you.


Whipping up mayonnaise requires a strong arm and lot of hard work. But with your food processor, it’s a breeze. Put in separated egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice, and any other flavoring to the food processor and gradually add oil through the feeding tube. Run the food processor and you will have finely textured mayonnaise.


The best cheesecakes have smooth creamy texture and a food processor can be your ideal companion when you are making a cheesecake. Just mix the ingredients in the bowl and run the machine and you will have a bubble-free smooth creamy texture batter that you pour over your crust for a delicious cheesecake.


To prepare dough for any baking takes time and hard work. Make it easy by using your food processor. Use the dough-making accessory. Mix the ingredients; put them in the bowl adding water and run the machine until the dough appears on top of the blade. Knead a little by hand and it goes straight into the oven.


In addition, take a closer look at popular Food Processors that may be of interest to you by clicking on any of the images provided below…


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