How to Maintain an Air Conditioner


If you need some tips on maintaining you Air conditioner to keep it in great working condition, then take a quick look these 7 short and simple steps.

Every household across the country have devices that need some type of preventive maintenance and Air conditioners are no different.  This kind of maintenance is called preventive because it is done before the device fails to perform its function, or its functionality is degraded. Preventive maintenance is essential for most electrical and mechanical devices. Preventive maintenance improves the performance of your device and increases its life.

All types of Air Conditioners require preventive maintenance for them to perform optimally and reduce their chances of failures. If an Air conditioner has totally failed to operate or provide no cooling at all then it is the job of a technician to repair the unit. However; preventive maintenance on a split type or window type Air Conditioner can be performed by you by following these steps:

Step 1 – Turn off the Power

It is absolutely necessary, to avoid injury by electrical shock that you turn off the electrical power of the unit and unplug it. If there is no plug and switch and the unit is directly wired to electrical circuit then turn off power from the breaker in the electrical distribution box.

Step 2 -- Remove front cover

Remove the bezel front cover of the Air conditioner of the window type unit and the Cooler unit of the Split type AC. In unit the bezel is fixed in place by screws. In this case get the proper size and type of screwdriver to unscrew the bezel. If there are no screws then the cover will be fixed with plastic latches which can easily be lifted and bezel removed from the unit.

Step 3-- Clean the filter

Once you remove the bezel you will see the filter on the front. In case of window AC it will be a flat single piece rectangular frame with filter built in it. In Split type AC it may be 2 or 3 pieces of semicircular frame with filter built in it. First carefully clean the filter with a soft brush all the dust and debris clogging the filter. Then pass the filter under running water and use small mild detergent to clear the filter completely. Now put the filters to dry.

Step 4 -- Clean the Cooling Coils

You can only see the front of cooling sides, so clean the cooling coils accessible to you. Spray the front coil of the Air conditioner unit with a cleaning agent designed for this use. Many home supply centers and hardware stores sell products expressly for this particular job. These cleaners will help remove odors from deposits of dirt, mold, mildew, smoke, etc. from the coils. Use care to see that only the coils are sprayed with the cleaner. Avoid spraying electrical wires, controls or other parts.

Step 5 -- Clean the Outdoor Unit Coils

Disconnect the drain water pipe. Inspect and clean it.  Many times, the outdoor part of the unit may not be accessible to you. This contains the compressor and the heat exchanger which disperses hot air into the environment. Normally this part is exposed to wind and rains and thereby cleans itself if this area is accessible then cleans the coils and heat exchanger vanes with the cleaning spray. Ensure that no electrical parts are sprayed with the cleaning spray. Reconnect the drain water pipe.

Step 6 -- Install the Filters

When the filters are dry replace them in their original position. Ensure that they are set and in the click into place. If there are any latches or screws, install them

Step 6 – Install the Bezel

Once the filters are fixed snugly in their place install the front bezel into its slot and fix it with plastic lathes or screws.

Step 7 – Turn it on

Now your Air conditioner is ready for service. Plug it in, reset the breaker and turn the power on and then set the thermostat to your desired comfort level.

Final Tip...

If the Air conditioner is not being used for a longer period of time like in winter, then it is a good idea to cover the outside unit with cover that is available in the market. This will protect the unit from dust and other weather elements.

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