How to Install an Air Conditioner


Please note that these general instructions are for installing a Window Air Conditioner and you should always seek the advice of an expert if in doubt. For split Air conditioners or Central Air conditioners please seek the help of a professional installer from a reputable company that you can trust.

7 Step Guide on How to Install a Window Air Conditioner

Step 1.  Choose the right location for the Air conditioner.

Select the window in which you plan to install the Air Conditioner. Check for height and width of the Air Conditioner and see if it will fit in the window easily. Also check whether your window is a slider, a double-hung, or a casement style. Normally the Air Conditioners are best installed in double-hung windows with a lower sash you can raise and lower.  Choose a window which is on the shady side of the house, so that Air Conditioner is not unnecessarily heated from the sun. If there is no suitable window then an opening is required to be made in one of the walls. This requires professional installation.

Step 2.  Check for electrical connection

Also ensure that an electrical outlet is close by, if not then an extension cable will be required. Check the electrical load on the circuit you want to use.  Check the fuse for that circuit and ensure if can take the electrical load of the Air Conditioner.  It is better to use a dedicated electrical circuit with a breaker for an Air Conditioner.

Step 3.  Prepare the Window

Inspect the window sill for any damage or rot and repair if necessary. Installing an Air Conditioner in a damaged window is unsafe and a safety hazard. Remove all storm window frames and window screens and clear the area. After installation of the Air Conditioner, the window will not be opened or closed, so it is a good time to clean the inside and outside of the window.

Step 4.  Install Brackets (If Required)

If the window ledge is not wide enough or strong then brackets may be needed to be installed to the outside of the window. Once installed the weight of the Air Conditioner can be easily balanced between the window sill and the brackets.

Step 5. Place the Air Conditioner in the Window

Move the bottom window sash up as far as it will go. Seek help of another person to lift and place the Air Conditioner over the window sill. If the outside brackets are installed, ensure that the unit is securely placed on the brackets as well. Then lower the bottom window sash until it rests on the air conditioner and securely against the top flange. If there are L- shaped angle brackets available then install them by fastening them into the front facing of the top window sash and to the top of the bottom window sash.

Step 6.  Sealing Air Penetrations

Install brackets, accordion-style side curtain Expand the accordion panels outward into place to reach the edges of the window and screw them into the bottom sash. Fix other sealing material so there is no visible opening left. If there is a gap between the two panes of glass, seal this opening with foam weather stripping that can be purchased from any local store.

Step 7. Plug It In

Now your unit is ready to operate. Plug in with a properly rated electrical cord and plug and extension cord if necessary. Turn on power and adjust controls to desired temperature.

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