How to Cook on Induction Cooktops


One more question that arose from the community is how to cook on an induction cooktop so again – if you would like some tips on the best practices on how to cook using an Induction cooktop – then take a quick read through this article which will explain how it is done.

An induction cooktop is an entirely different kind of appliance for cooking food. It does not produce any flame nor it generates heat, rather it creates electrical currents in the bottom of the pan. As the current tries to flow, it meets resistance and thereby it generates heat within the pan itself.  There is remarkable science involved in it, which allows you to cook efficiently, safely, quickly, and with precise control. Here is how you can use this remarkable appliance to cook your food.

1. Read the manual

It may be the first time that you will be using an Induction cooktop, so it is imperative that you become fully familiar with your appliance. Induction cooktops use a novel technology to generate heat directly in the pan. This requires precise control over temperature settings, power levels etc. Look at all the touch buttons and displays and see their functions, before you are ready to use your cooktop.

2. Check your electrical connection

Be sure that you have connected your appliance to the right electrical socket. Induction cookers are electrical devices which require high current. Your appliance should have been installed by a qualified technician. Be sure that you have the correct power source with correct fuses or breakers in the circuit.

3. Selecting the cookware

You cannot just use any cookware for induction cooking. Since heating the pan is done by electromagnetic induction, it is necessary that the pan is made of iron or steel. Even the enameled pan will work. However, cookware made of copper, aluminum, plastic, glass or ceramic will not work with the induction cooker. The best way to test if a utensil can be used over an induction cooker is to test it with a small magnet. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, then that pan can be used for induction cooking. If you are buying new pans you can also see if they are marked ‘induction cooking compatible’.

4. Shape of cookware

Ensure that the pan you are using is flat bottomed. Round bottomed woks or pots will not provide even heat for cooking. The bottom of the pan should also be smooth without any dents or scratches; otherwise, it may also scratch the surface of your cooktop.

5. Use cooking options

Unlike gas and electric cooktops, induction cooktops offer a number of settings to help you in your cooking. These automatic operations feature help to reduce errors and ensure perfect results. For example, if you just have milk to boil simple select that option from the menu and your job will be done. For various other cooking methods such as searing, deep frying, stir-fry, slow cooking. Use the menu selection button to choose your cooking method. You can always increase or decrease the heat by manually pressing + or – buttons.

6. Do not pre-heat your pan

Your induction cooktop will heat your pan very quickly. If you are used to putting oil and while it is heating and you are chopping onions – will not work with the induction cooktop. Prepare all your raw materials before-hand and only then put the material in the pot, put the pan on your cooktop and then turn it on. You will be amazed how quickly the food in the pan reaches your desired cooking temperature. It may mean that you will have to change your cooking habits.

7. Placement of your pot

Ensure that your pot is placed, close to the center of the cooking area of the cooktop. If the bottom of the pot is not over the cooking area the food in the pot will be heated unevenly.

8. Using Pressure Cooker

Using pressure cooker on an induction cooktop require some extra measures:

• Do not pre-heat the pressure cooker, the pan surface will be hot within 15 seconds

• First put your ingredients in the pressure cooker then turn on the cooktop

• Do not put the cooktop to high heat immediately – put on medium heat to expel all air then put it on high heat

• Make heat adjustments for first five minutes then adjust heat and set the timer for the duration of your cooking

9. Clean up after you finish cooking

It is important that you clean up the surface of your cooktop, immediately after the surface is cool to touch. This will ensure that no residue or spill sticks to the cooktop surface.


In addition, a selection of popular Induction Cooktops is also outlined below that may be of interest to you – feel free to view larger of compare further by clicking on any of the images provided below...


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips on how to cook on an induction cooktop by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!

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