How to Clean an Air Purifier


Cleaning you Air Purifier is extremely important nowadays so if you need some tips on cleaning your own Air Purifier, then take a quick look through these simple steps which will outline exactly what you need to do. Once you have bought an Air Purifier and have it up and running; one thing is sure, that you are enjoying better air quality in your home. For keeping the air pure and contaminant free it is important to keep the air purifier clean so, it can perform at its maximum capacity.

If the air purifier is not maintained regularly then it will be clogged resulting in no absorption of contaminants and the purifiers motor will have to do extra work to push the air through its filter system thus reducing the purifier’s lifespan.  This kind of maintenance is called preventive because it is done before the device fails to perform its function, its functionality is degraded.

I will guide you through the procedure of cleaning an air purifier but before that you should read the manual of your Air Purifier. This will help you to see whether there are any unique steps mentioned other than the following ones because these are applicable to nearly every Air Purifier.

Step 1 – Turn off Power

It is absolutely necessary, to avoid injury by electrical shock that you turn off the electrical power of the unit and unplug it.

Step 2 – Clean the outer parts

The Air Purifier should be taken outside the room to an open well-ventilated area so that the dust may not disperse in the room.  The outer parts can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth. Vacuum cleaner extension with soft brush should be used to reach narrow places for the outlet vent. The hard to remove dirt can be removed by a damp cloth which can be mixed with water and lemon for scrubbing.

Step 3 – Remove the filter

Most of the air filter access panels have a handle or button to easily open the panel but some are opened with the help of screwdriver. Also, some can be opened by grabbing both side of the top corner and carefully pull it outwards but try to use minimum force. While removing the filter, keep two things in mind. If it is soiled filter then it will contain a lot of dirt and pollutants so try to keep a paper bag with you and carefully put the filter in it so that the pollutants are not released in air.

Step 4 – Clean the filter

Now the filters have to be cleaned of all the dirt and dust clogging it.  Use vacuum cleaner to get rid of excessive dirt and soot for both HEPA and carbon filters. For hard to remove dust rinse them with some water and gently hand wash them. Never soak these filters.  Some air purifiers that have humidifying  features can be cleaned by soaking its humidity filter in a container filled with room temperature water and waiting approximately 15 minutes before  wiping with soft cloth. Let the filters dry in air. It may take few hours for the filters to dry depending on the temperature and wetness of the filter.

Step 5 – Replace the filter

Now replace the HEPA and carbon filter but look for the arrows which indicate airflow direction before installation because airflow is pulled through carbon and then HEPA filter. Always ensure that you install filter in correct order which is the reverse order in which you removed them.

Step 6 – Replace the cover

Now close the cover, which requires it to be pushed gently until it gives a firm “click” sound. Make sure that the cover should always be properly seated and closed.

Step 7 – Turn on power

Plug it in and turn on the power switch. If some strange sound is coming from the unit, then stop it immediately, turn off power, unplug it and then try removing the filters again and look for any misalignment or something clogging the motor or fan. Fix the problem then, assemble and power up again. Remember:  Cleaning of your Air purifier regularly will increase its working life and provide you with cleaner air.

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