How to Clean an Air Ionizer


If you need some help with how to clean an Air Ionizer, then take a quick look through this post which covers the process in 9 simple steps. Before tackling this project, please also refer to the manufacturers handbook guidelines as the technique may vary slightly from model to model. The Air Ionizer which is based on ionic technology should be cleaned frequently so that the pollutants like dust particles, dirt, grime and other debris which is collected on the plates inside the purifier should be removed.

If this preventive maintenance is not carried regularly then the air that passes through the Ionizer purifier will not be cleaned properly and the performance and efficiency of the Air ionizer purifier will decrease significantly. Therefore, it should be given a deep cleaning at least once per month to ensure a high level of effectiveness.

Following steps may be followed to clean an Air Ionizer:

Step 1 – Unplug the device

Switch off the power to the device and physically unplug the electrical plug from the socket. This is essential to avoid any electrical shock.

Step 2 – Remove the cover

See if there are any screws to fix the cover. If there are screws; then unscrew them to remove the cover. Otherwise the cover might just be snugly fixed on the body. Pull it upwards gently! There may be some plastic lathes to hold it; press these lathes so that the cover becomes free. In most cases this cover is attached with a ribbon so let it hang behind with the ribbon.

Step 3 – Remove the collection plates

You will see a handle holding the collection blades. Pull the handle and carefully lift out the block that holds the blades until you pull out the collector plates completely out of the air ionizer.

Step 4 – Neutralize the collection plates

The collection plates are highly charged during operation.  There is a chance there is some residual charge on them thereby they may dangerous to touch as they may give an electric shock. To completely discharge electricity from the blades, take a large metal object and touch it with the base of the block holding the blades. Once the blades are neutralized they are safe to touch.

Step 5 – Clean the collection plates

Use a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth to wipe the surface of the collection plates. Make sure the clean both the sides of the collection plates. If you have used a damp cloth let the plate be completely dry before you put them back into the purifier.

Step 6 – Clean the wire

Pull the cover of the wire cleaning mechanism which is located near the cover of the collection blades. Pull the wire cleaning mechanism cover up for about 1 foot and then push it down. Repeat this action 3 or 4 times.

Step 7 – Fix back the collection plates

Now refit the collection blades back into their original position. Make sure that you are putting back the collection plates in the right direction. Now push down the piece holding the plates and check and ensure that it is snugly fixed in its original position.

Step 8 – Fit back the cover

Now, lift the cover fix it on top of the unit and ensure that it is fixed firmly. If there are any screws, screw them back

Step 9 – Power up

Plug it in and turn on the power. It should operate normally. If the device fails to operate or makes unusual hissing noises, then you have to start the process all over again or if things do not improve then you have to send the device to a repairman.

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