How to Clean a Juicer – 6 Steps to Follow


One last question asked about Juicers in the community was how do you clean a Juicer so if you need to know the main points – then take a quick look through the 6 simple steps outlined below that you should follow.

Extracting your own juice from fruits and vegetables has become very popular these days. This is truer for people who are very health conscious and believe that the fruit juices can give that extra nutrients and vitamins necessary for their healthy lifestyle. Looking at various styles and models you can easily select a juicer that suits your needs. However, what is not clear at the time of purchasing the new juicer is easy to clean or not?  Next time you plan to purchase a juicer, make sure it is easy to clean.

Kitchen appliances need to be cleaned as food can remain embedded in the appliance and this can lead to growth of the bacteria and mold and this can make you sick. Therefore, cleaning of appliances is essential and the appliances must be designed for easy cleaning.

Juicers are especially difficult to clean because of the fine filter in the machine which is difficult to clean and due to the large pulp produced as a waste which gets embedded in the nooks and crannies of the juicer.

Steps to Clean your Juicer.

Step 1: Dissemble the Juicer

Unplug the juicer from the electrical mains. This is essential for your safety. Disassemble your juicer. Take apart all removable parts.

Step 2: Rinse it

Rinse all parts of the juicer in the sink in cold running water. Use a brush to thoroughly clean the filter and other hard to reach spaces. Make sure that the parts are clean of all food debris.

Step 3: Soap it.

Add some dishwasher in a large bowl and soak the juicer parts in soapy water and again use the brush to clean out the parts.

Step 4: Clean the Mesh Strainer

The mesh strainer is the most difficult to clean as fruit and vegetable debris gets stuck in its fine mesh holes. Use the brush to clean it using dishwashing liquid.

Step 5: Dry it

Wipe dry all parts with a soft cloth and let them stand to air dry completely.

Step 6: Reassemble it

Assemble the unit completely, ensuring that each part fits completely in its position. Now you juicer is ready for storage.

Final Tips for Cleaning Your Juicer

1. Clean your juicer immediately after finishing use. At this time the pulp and other stuck particles are soft and easy to clean. If you delay the cleaning these particles dry and get stuck hard making the cleaning difficult.

2. Some juicer pats may be cleaned in a dishwasher. Check the manual to see what can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Avoid putting plastic parts in the dishwasher.

3. Never immerse the base in water as it has electrical parts which may be damaged by water. Clean the base with a damp cloth.

4. To remove any lingering odor or to remove tough stains, take a large bowl and fill with warm water, add white vinegar. Put the juicer parts in this solution and let it stand for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with fresh water. All the odors will be removed from the juicer.


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