How to Clean a Deep Fryer – Quick & Simple Steps


Another question that has come up numerous times in the community is how do you clean a deep fryer or what are the best ways to clean a deep fryer – so if you need some helpful tips in getting your deep fryer cleaned, then take a quick look through this post which will outline all the steps you need to take.

Steps in How to Clean your Deep Fryer…

Step 1 – Power Down

Make sure you unplug the appliance and double check that everything has been switched off. You also need to make sure that the oil inside has completely cooled down and is at room temperature.

Step 2 - Draining

Use the drainage feature to drain away all the oil into a suitable plastic container. Make sure the container is large enough to accommodate the level of oil in the deep fryer and keep it in a safe place if you intend to reuse it or dispose of it if it needs to be replaced. Never pour it down the sink as it will block it causing additional costs in getting it removed.

Step 3 - Scraping

Get a utensil suitable for scraping away and removing the heavy internal residue and apply a hard wearing cloth, sponge of heavy duty paper towels to wipe and smear away all the heavy oil and grime that has built up. If possible, use a plastic utensil scraper rather than a metal version to avoid any scrape markings

Step 4 – Water and Detergent Application

Next add in water and a grease detergent that has the ability to dissolve grease and mix it thoroughly - make sure to wear protective gloves when applying this detergent and mixing the solution. Remove the fryer basket and add that to the sink in using the same type of solution and let it soak.

Step 5 – Bring to the Boil

Once the solution has been mixed thoroughly – turn on the Deep fryer again and allow it to boil for 10 minutes and this will help to dissolve the grease in the hard to reach places. Don’t leave the appliance unattended during this boiling process and let it cool down afterwards for approx. 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 6 – Removal of Solution

After 10 minutes, remove the water and detergent solution safely and again make sure you have protective gloves and scrub the internal surfaces with tough paper towels or a cloth to wipe away any remaining residues.

Step 7 – Oil Film Removal

Once the appliance has the solution removed, to clear the oil film - mix a small quantity of baking soda with water and mix it until you have a fine texture paste and apply this paste with a paper towel loosely on the surface in circular motions. This can also be added to the exterior if needed to remove the external oil splattered film.

Step 8 – Rinse

Once all the remaining residues are removed, rinse the appliance with warm water to remove any leftover detergent, baking soda or oil residues and dry down with more paper towels.

Step 9 – Filters

If your model has a removable filter in the top part, remove it and clean with a sponge and hot water and soap and let sit to dry for 30 minutes.

Some Further Question about the Deep Fryer…

Q. How regularly do you need to clean the Deep Fryer?
A. If you use it daily, then it should be cleaned at least once per week or if possible every 3 to 4 days.
Q. How often should the oil be changed?
A. For health reasons, you should try to use fresh oil for each use.
Q. Can an oven cleaner be used?
A. Yes, for extremely dirty deep fryers, you can use a heavy-duty oven cleaner to remove the toughened grime, oil and residues but extra care is needed when rinsing afterwards as it needs to be completely removed prior to the addition of new oil

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Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of cleaning a deep fryer by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!


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