How to Clean a Coffee Machine – Simple Tips to Follow


One more question that has been asked several times in the community and that is how do you clean a coffee machine so please take a quick look through this post if you need some help, tips or assistance in completing this task in the coming days for either the daily chores or the longer-term maintenance requirements.

Firstly some FAQ that has come up about Cleaning Coffee Machines…

Q. How regularly should I clean my Coffee Machine?
A. It should be cleaned after every use
Q. How often do I need to complete a deep clean?
A. At least once to two times per month but depends how regularly you use it and your water quality.
Q. How do you avoid scale and mineral build up?
A. Use a water filter to help remove these substances entering the machine and prevent the build ups.
Q. Are the removable parts dishwasher friendly?
A. Generally speaking yes, they are but please double check with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Q. What can be used to remove mineral deposit and scale build up?
A. You can use simple products such as white vinegar or suitable detergents to descale the machine and the drip so that it will drip more effectively. Please ensure all resides are thoroughly removed after use.

Step 1 – Carafe

Scrub out the Carafe to the best of your ability using soapy water and a scrubber such as a mesh brush. It should always be cleaned after each use to avoid stains appearing and rinse down well afterwards and let sit to dry.

Step 2 – Water Reservoir

Empty out the water reservoir and scrub out all the dirt around the corners using soap water dish liquid and rinse out until you have clean water removing any soap residues. The reservoir can be a place where bacteria and mold can grow so it will need to be disinfected each week and rinsed out afterwards.

A small selection of cleaning products that can help you get the job done are outlined below – Click any image to view larger or compare further…

Step 3 – Removable Parts

Disassemble all the removable parts and add them to the sink in hot water and add a suitable detergent and let it soak. Scrub away all surfaces on all the parts and rinse off the with clear water.

Step 4 – Plate

Clean down with a damp dishcloth all the oils, residues from the hot plate until spotless and fully cleared.

Step 5 - Water Lid

Allow the lid to remain open so that it can dry - dry surfaces are better than wet surfaces to avoid bacterial growth.

Step 5 – Basket

Remove the basket and add to a sink with hot water and allow to soak and then rinse with warm water.

Step 6 – Reassemble

Once all the parts have been fully cleaned and dried, then reassemble all the parts back to their original position.

Step 7 – Remove Mineral deposits

When the time comes once per month to remove all the mineral build ups and descale, you can add white vinegar to water on an equal ratio and fill the water compartment. Use an empty filter in the basket (no ground coffee) and switch on the machine and allow it to run until the pot is almost half full, turn off the appliance and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

Then turn it back on again until finished and then discard. Next you will need to repeat the process using only clear water and a new filter to remove the vinegar residues and repeat once again so that there are 2 cycles of clear water after the water/vinegar mixture.


While you are here, feel free also to view a selection of really popular Coffees that may be of interest to you by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of cleaning your own Coffee Machine by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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