How to clean a Ceiling Fan


If your ceiling fan has become dirty and needs to be cleaned, then take a quick look through this post which outlines how to clean your ceiling fan across 4 different methods. A dirty ceiling fan looks quite bad when the rest of the room is clean. A dirty ceiling fan not only looks shoddy but its balance may also be disturbed and it may wobble.

It looks like a difficult task since it requires dragging a ladder of appropriate size and standing atop precariously. However, cleaning of a ceiling fan should be a chore that should not be avoided and should be done once a month especially in summer when it is most used. Here is the best way to clean your ceiling fan.

Prepare to clean the ceiling fan

As always, whenever working on any electrical appliance switch off the electrical power from the circuit breaker to the fan. Place some old newspapers under the fan so that if some dirt falls off, it can be collected easily.

Method 1 – Using Vacuum Cleaner

Couple the dusting attachment with your vacuum cleaner. This is a small brush that cleans as the vacuum cleaner removed the dust with the brush. If there is an extension tube, attach that also so as to give you a good reach.  Turn on the vacuum cleaner. Stand on a step up stool or a ladder and gently brush the fan blade from inside out. The dirt will loosen and will be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. Clean the upper side of the blade too. Make sure that no pressure is applied to the blades so that they may not bend. Clean each blade in the same way.

Method 2 -- Using a Long handled duster

You can use a long handle brush/duster designed to clean the ceiling fan. It is called a Swiffer brush. It has a U shape with brush bristles inside the U. This means that the brush can clean both sides of a fan blade in a single sweep. Attach an extension rod to the brush and if necessary stand on a step up stool or a ladder. Brush all fan blades and collect dust in a bin.

Method 3 – Using a pillowcase

Get an old pillowcase and slightly damp it.  You will need a ladder to reach the fan blades. Slip the pillowcase on a fan blade and swipe the pillowcase all through the length of the fan blade, so that the dust and dirt is removed from the fan blade and collects into the pillowcase. Now you can empty the pillowcase in a bin. Repeat for all fan blades.

Method 4 – Cleaning manually

Get a dusting cloth or better yet a dusting glove. Stand on a ladder so that you can reach the fan blades. Apply some dusting spray on the fan blades. This will loosen the grime and grease from the fan blades. Now easily swipe the entire length of the fan blade with the dusting glove or the duster by hand. Catch the grime and dust within the glove or duster. Be sure to clean both sides of the blade. If the dirt is thick, then several passes will be required for each blade. For final run again apply dusting spray and sweep the blade. Similarly, repeat for all blades.

Attention: Whenever you are using a ladder it is important to follow the ladder safety procedures. Ideally, have someone else in the room when you are using the ladder to hold it stable. Never climb to the top-most step of the ladder. Always keep your balance to ensure that all legs of the ladder remain stable on the floor.


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