How to Choose the Best Electric Kettle – Main Points to Consider


One more question that the community has asked several times and that is how do you choose the best Electric Kettle or how do you buy an Electric kettle so please take a quick look through this post which will outline all the main points you need to consider before you buy.

Why do so many people buy Electric kettles?

  • In terms of energy conservation, they use less energy than any other apparatus in boiling water
  • The water is in direct contact with the heating element or directly underneath in the base so the water rapidly increases in temperature
  • They bring convenience and speed of hot water in a matter of minutes
  • They are very simple to operate – simply pour in your water and press a button or flick a switch

Types of Electric Kettles to consider;

  • Cordless Electric Kettle – Allows you more movement and you are not restricted to move around your countertops and have detachable cords.
  • Base Cord Storage – allows the cord to be stored in the base so that it is kept out of the way.
  • Stainless steel Electric Kettles – higher priced options but will last longer
  • Hardened Plastic Electric Kettles – lighter and lower priced option for people on a tighter budget.
  • Clear Glass Electric Kettles – toughened glass and many include an infra-red light to make the process of boiling water more attractive to the eye.
  • Heat element in the base – this prevents the heat element coming into direct contact with water and avoiding limescale attacks on the element.

Features of Electric Kettles when Choosing...


One of the most important features with Electric Kettles is the power and speed in which it can bring the water to boiling point so make sure to double check the speed capability and power wattage available -the higher the wattage the more power is available to boil it quicker. The higher priced models will allow you to have boiled water in less than 2.5 minutes while others will take considerably longer and even up to 4 minutes.


The power available to most kettles range from 1700 watts to 3000 watts and the higher the wattage the quicker it will bring it to the boil however more energy is consumed and therefore higher power costs is associated with them. The 3000 watts kettle has the ability to boil a litre in approx. two and a half minutes while the 1700 watts kettle will do the same job in 3.5 minutes and possibly more.

Water Level Gauge

It will be important to know from time to time how much water you need to add to the kettle so always ensure the model you buy has a water level gauge so you know at all times how much water is needed for specific tea or coffee gatherings.

Auto Shut off / Boil Dry Protection

These features come as standard in the majority of kettles but please double check that it is included to provide you with the safety features you need to provide any accidents that may occur in your kitchen and home.

Cleaning and Maintenance

How often will you need to clean and descale the kettle and how easy will it be? The top needs to be large enough for your hand to fit in to scrub and also accessible when adding vinegar, lemon juice or adding your chosen descaling products. You can scrub thoroughly when using stainless steel kettles however you need to be very careful when using an abrasive or scrubbing the interior of a plastic kettle as it can easily damage the surfaces.

A selection of cleaning products can be checked out further by clicking on any of the images provided below…


The capacity is another very important feature to take note of – will you be boiling for yourself or for a number of people at the same time on a regular basis? If you intend to use it for yourself, a 1 litre kettle should suffice or if you need to accommodate several people, then choose a model that has a capacity minimum of 1.7 litres. For the average household though, a capacity of 1.5 litres can suffice in many cases.


Where do you intend to place it on your countertop? Make sure you have sufficient space for the kettle and also access to a power outlet where space will be needed for both the kettle and the power cord. The larger kettles will also be heavier to carry when full and the stainless steel models will be heavier still than the glass or plastic alternatives.


Do you want Plastic or Stainless steel or Glass? The plastic models will be significantly lower priced however will not last as long as the stainless steel versions. Think about how you would like the kettle to appear on your countertop and would a glass electric kettle with an internal light look nicer than a standard black or steel appearance


Most the popular brands will give you a specified warranty period while some of the lower priced cheaper models may not provide any warranty at all so you should never assume that the lowest price is the best in terms of longer term value and reliability. You should narrow you final search down your last 3 options and pick your model that offers the longest warranty periods.


What is the décor liking in your kitchen? What color arrangements are in place? One thing you should think about is the color choice of your electric kettle be it black, silver, clear glass or even a completely different color than normal so that it stands out and gets attention.


What brands are the most reliable? You should always choose a brand that is recognized within the industry and a brand that is typically well known or even a household name. Better still, stick to a brand that you have used and trusted in the past

Variable Temperature settings:

Most models will simply bring the water to boiling point but if you need certain flavored teas at a specific temperature, then you should choose a model that allows variable temperatures to be set but please note these will cost more than your average basic electric kettle.

Keep Warm Setting:

If you don’t want the hassle of having to re-boil time and time again, then choose a model that has a keep warm feature included also as boiled water rapidly loses temperature quickly after being boiled.

Heating Element:

Having the heating element in the base rather than in direct contact immersed with the water will prevent the heating element getting attacked by mineral deposits and calcium limescale attacked so for durability, choose a model than has the heating element designed in the base rather than inside the kettle with direct contact with the water. His will save you hassles in the long term with one less thing to worry about.

Snout Filters:

You will need to make sure that a filter is included at the bottom of the snout when pouring to remove any impurities or limescale that may have built up particularly in areas with hardened water. This filter can be removed and cleaned with =vinegar so it remains like brand new in the long run.

Water Filters:

Some premium type electric kettles will have water filters included to prevent calcium deposits entering the kettle in the first place and this is certainly something that you should research further if you live in an area with a higher than normal rate of limescale build ups. For people who want the purest cleanest water, then the water filter feature included is the way to go.


Take a closer look at the handles provided with the kettle – are they non slip and are they immune to the increased temperatures? You also need to make sure that the handle will be large enough for larger hands or small enough for people with smaller type hands. Make sure that it allows a solid grip so it can be carried safely when full with one hand.


The lower priced models will not be able to stand the test of time when compared to higher priced models cause simply put – higher quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the electric kettle so bear this in mind and your expectations of how long you expect your electric kettle to last.


Avoid options that come with a 2 star rating or less as the feedback so far tends to be dreadful and in most cases the product was returned to the supplier. Make sure to take a quick look at the reviews and select model with a minimum of 3 star ratings and preferably 5 if possible.

Price Range:

You can find basic Electric kettles for less than $20 however you will find that you will end up having to replace it a lot quicker than a more premium expensive model. It will all depend on how much you can afford and are willing to spend. Don’t always go for just the cheapest models as you will find they will cost you more money, time and hassle when compared to a medium or higher priced model from a longer-term perspective.


We hope you found all these points useful for your decision making - in addition, take a closer look at a selection of Popular Electric Kettles by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of choosing or buying your Electric Kettle by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!


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