How to choose a Food Processor – Main Points to Consider


A question that has come up several times across the community and that it how do you choose a Food Processor or which is the best way to buy a Food Processor so if you need some tips on selecting your perfect Food Processor, then take a look at the main points here that you need to consider.

Food Processor Overview

A food processor is a modern kitchen appliance which makes many food processing chores like chopping, cutting, grinding, mincing, slicing, pureeing, and shredding very easy. You can make dough, puree baby food, make a salad, chop nuts, grind spices or make a salsa. The speed, efficiency, and ease with which a modern food processor makes our life easy, makes it an indispensable appliance in the kitchen. It is an electrical device, although there are some mechanical hand-powered appliances available on the market, but they require extra hard work as compared to the electric machines. Here I review some of the features and options that you should look in an electric food processor.


Most food processors have a large strong transparent plastic bowl with a stainless steel blade rotating at high speed driven by an electric motor. The lid has a tube through which you can pass through the ingredients with a pusher to save your finger from the blade. A safety latch cuts off power if the lid is opened. You can change the rotation speed of the blade in multiple steps. The blade cuts through whatever you put in the bowl with speed and efficiency.


Food processors come in a variety of sizes. If you really want a small one then it would be called a mini-chopper. The standard ones have a bowl of 8 to 16 cups.  Also, think of space that it will occupy on your countertop. Some are as heavy as 9 kg. So go for a medium sized model instead of going for a beast. Don’t worry about a party you throw once or twice per year, you can always do double batches.

Blades and accessories

All food processors come with a standard stainless steel blade that is sufficient for most common uses. However, if you are up for whisking, whipping and kneading, then you need different types of blades and accessories. For slicing and shredding, there are also special blades that do these tasks efficiently and cleanly.


Look for solid construction with sturdy bowls and stainless steel blades. Check if it is easy to mount and dismount the bowl and blade easily. Do all parts fit snugly?  For safety reasons, the food processor will not operate until the bowl is correctly fixed to the base and the lid is securely fixed to the bowl. This safety feature is important to ensure that no untoward injury takes place in the kitchen. Check if the removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Wide feeding tube

Check if the food processor has a wide feeding tube. A narrow feeding tube would mean that you have to spend more time to pre-cut your vegetables into thinner slices before putting in the machine.

Control Buttons

You will need only three control buttons on your food processor. On, off and pulse. These three buttons are sufficient to do almost all your tasks.


If you are into making bread and heavy dough then you will need a powerful motor for your food processor. But if you do normal cutting and slicing, a normal motor would be sufficient. Keep in mind that a heavy motor will heat up quickly, especially if you run it for a long time continuously. Look for a motor of about 600 watts which is enough power for most of the home food processing needs.


Most food processors make a lot of noise when operating. You may look at this noise levels on the label. Better still; test the floor model by running it in the shop.


Look for a reasonable warranty. Some cover the motor for 10 years or more but the most fragile are the plastic parts and the blades which get the most beating. Look for one to three years of warranty.


A reasonable medium size food processor will start around $50. A good food processor with a brand name will easily last 10 years or more, so do not skimp on paying a higher price for a good machine. But if you go for all the bell and whistles, then it will cross the $130 mark. Before you spend that kind of money, think if you are going to use all those features, if not, go for a simpler machine.


In addition, feel free to view larger a selection of popular Food Processors by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of choosing or buying a food processor by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!



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