How to Choose a Dishwasher


One more question we have seen raised in the community is how do you go about choosing a dishwasher – or how do you select or buy a dishwasher? - so read on here to find some tips which will help you to decide which dishwasher you should choose or buy for your own home in the days or weeks ahead.

A dishwasher is a modern-day convenience that has become an essential appliance in the modern kitchen today. A dishwasher not only saves time but is a boon for the environment as it saves a lot of water as compared to hand washing. Choosing a new dishwasher is a daunting task with so many models with similar sizes, finishes, and features available in each store. So how do you choose a dishwasher? Following are some ideas and tips that will help you select and buy a new dishwasher.

Size and capacity

The first thing you have to consider is the space available in your kitchen. Dishwashers normally come in two sizes the standard size of 24” or the compact size of 18”. The standard size is good for families with children and the compact size is sufficient if you have just one or two persons in the house. The standard size dishwasher can wash a 12 or 16 place setting items in a single load.

Most dishwashers have adjustable racks and foldable tines to adjust to your requirements. It is useful to look inside the dishwasher and see for yourself the rack arrangement before buying it.

Noise level

The dishwashers of the past were very noisy. Things have improved a lot and most dishwashers generate quite low noises during their operation. However, if very low noise is an important consideration for you, maybe because you eat a lot in the kitchen or your dining area is close to the kitchen then look for a dishwasher with low noise. The quieter dishwashers are generally more expensive.

If you want a whisper quiet dishwasher, then be prepared to pay the top price for it. The sound level is always indicated in the specifications. Look for a model with noise in the mid-40s dB level. That will be quiet enough and not super expensive.


The modern dishwasher comes with a number of cycles programmed into it. Most dishwashers have the ‘normal cycle' for the normal load. Then you would want an ’express’ or ‘fast cycle’ for a lighter load and lightly soiled dishes. You would want the ‘heavy cycle’ when you want to do the pots and pans. Be sure it has ‘light cycle’ to wash the fine crystal that you may need to wash. Other useful cycles are ‘delayed cycle’, ‘rinse and hold’ and ‘sanitize cycle’.

Cleaning capability

The cleaning capabilities of washing machines vary significantly, and it is little correlation with the price of the machine. Although, if you rinse and pre-clean your dishes before loading them, they will come out clean, in almost any machine. The problem arises when the dishes are really dirty and heavily greased and stained. Be very careful when choosing the machine, since the cleaning capability will not be mentioned in the specifications, you have to look at reviews or seek advice from friends to choose the right model.

Energy Star rating

If the model you are selecting is Energy Star rated, then it is surely an energy and water efficient machine, although it will cost you a lot more. Even if it is not Energy Star’, look for the yellow energy guide label to compare efficiency between different models.

Extra features

There are many features that you may want in your dishwasher. One thing to look for is, whether the dishwasher has a stainless steel tub or is it made of plastic. The stainless steel tub is expensive but it lasts a long time, though the plastic tub models clean as effectively. Anti-flood detection system is a useful feature to avoid water spills.

A water sensor to determine how much water is dirty adjusts the temperature and wash cycle lengths automatically. Finally, a detergent sensor will save any wasteful use of detergent.


Finally, it all comes down to cost. A budget unit can be bought under $500. But a unit with good features you are wishing for will cost around $600 to $900. And if you really want to go over the top of the line model, you will have to fork out over $1000.

When and where to buy

There are certain times of year when you can get a good price for a dishwasher. Sale periods around holidays and when the new models are coming out, the older models are up for sale. In January, although the choices are limited but you can even get lower prices than the holiday season. Dishwasher prices can be negotiated and the end of the month is a good time to do bargain, as the salesmen have to fill in their monthly quotas.

Look at several stores and also look online, compare prices as there may be variations in prices from store to store.


Before you go - a selection of popular Dishwashers and Dishwasher products are also outlined here that may be of interest to you – so feel free to compare further or view stocks by clicking on any of the images provided below…


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