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Hello once again and thanks for taking the time to visit – a question raised several times across the community was how do you buy an ironing board cover or how do you choose an Iron board cover to best suit you needs so take a quick look here which covers all the main key points you need to consider before you buy.

There are numerous types of Iron board covers to choose from in the market and several brands also and the trouble is trying to find the one that will best suit your own individual set of requirements.

Frequently asked Questions about Iron Board Covers:

Q. How long does an Iron board cover last?
A. It depends on the quality and brand and how often they are used and cared for. If handled with care, it should last you for 3 to 5 years or even more.
Q. Can scorch stains damage the garments?
A. No, as long as it is dry it will not damage your garments but if wet, it can leave traces of the stain residues on your garment so it’s very important to keep the stained areas completely dry.
Q. How thick are the foam pads?
A. They are generally between 4mm and 8mm thick
Q. What sizes are generally used?
A. The width can be 12 to 20 inches wide and generally can be up to 54 inches in length.
Q. What do you do with the old covers?
A. It can be used as extra padding with the new cover placed over it.

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Points to consider when buying or choosing an Iron Board Cover:


Iron board covers can protect your iron board and also your garments – if you have valuable garments that need to be protected, choose a thicker foam cover to give additional protection.

Non – Slip

There is nothing more annoying when trying to iron and your item continues to slip off a board – to avoid this make sure to select a cover that specifies non – slip in its list of features.

Metallic Covers:

These have copper included in the fabric to reflect the heat into the garment rather than absorbing the heat into the cover which makes the ironing process a lot faster and more energy efficient.

Attaching Mechanisms

You can decide between elastic bands or drawstrings as the mechanism to attach the cover to your board. Both options perform very well but if you want to avoid the hassle of having to tie them all up, then choose the elastic bands as it’s just a matter of slipping in on.

Color / Design

Take a look at where your iron board is located – if it is in a room that is of importance to you, then choose a design and a color that fits in well with the existing interior colors of the room.

Heavy Duty Covers

These will cost you a good bit more than your standard cover but will be able to withstand more wear and tear and will also last a great deal longer. These can have a layer built in that is steam repellent and also reflect the heat directly into your garments.


When doing your research, always take a look at a minimum of 5 reviews and it needs to be a mix of both positive and poor reviews so you can have a better understanding about the product quality and also recent customer feedback.


Many types will have a poor level of warranty, in particular the lower prices options. You should always double check the level of warranty available before you buy so at least you have some level of guarantee if the cover needs to be returned in a short period of time.


Don’t always simply choose the lowest price available – as it will most likely last the least amount of time in terms of usage.   If you want a cover that will stand the test of time, then make sure to avoid the cheapest options and look for something in the middle ground or even the premium covers if you have the extra money to spend.

Size Dimensions:

Find a measuring apparatus such as a measuring tape and take note of the dimensions of your iron board. You should measure the width (widest point) and also the length excluding the iron holder section. The majority of covers will have elastic bands or strings that will fit snugly around each side but please write down these dimensions as you are browsing around and have them to one side and simply match the dimensions to the sizes outlined in the cover’s features and specifications - typically they can be up to 54 inches long and 12 to 20 inches in width.

Foam Pads / Felt Lining:

These are a great feature and the covers have the thick foam pads included and the quality of the felt lining will assist in making sure that it keeps its shape over time. This prevents the cover getting distorted but tends to be available in the higher priced options only

Iron Board Nose

Take note of the type of Ironing board nose you have – is it tapered, blunt or rounded? This will be important to how well the cover will fit snugly around your ironing board nose which in turn will allow for a better and easier ironing experience.


Please note also that further popular Iron board covers can be viewed by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of choosing or buying an Iron board cover by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!


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