How to buy an Induction Cooktop


Hello once again and if you need some tips on how to buy an Induction Cooktop – then please take a few minutes to read this sort article which will outline all the tips and features to watch out for before you buy.

Induction cooktops are the latest in cooking technology. If you want a neat clean cooktop with instant fast heating and fast response to changes in temperature settings, then induction cooktops are for you. As their prices are falling, more and more people are adopting this technology in their kitchens as they find induction cooking as superior to gas or electric.

It is safe to touch, with no possibility of getting a burn, faster to boil and accurate temperature control. Though still more expensive than conventional cooktops they are the trends that you may like to follow and your next replacement cooktop may be an induction design. Here I will help you to choose the model best suited to your requirements.

Size and number of heating areas

The first thing you have to decide is the size of the cooktop. If you are replacing an existing cooktop then possibly you are limited by the space available to you in the kitchen. The smallest size available is 30 cm. This cooktop can have only two cooking zones. The 60 cm model, provides three cooking areas. This is the most popular size with the buyers.  Then there is the 70-75 cm model which can have four zones and finally, the largest available model is the 90 cm design which has five cooking zones.

If you want something really compact then go for the portable model with a single cooking zone. The advantage of a wider cooktop is that you can safely accommodate even the largest pan you have. So carefully measure the space available to you and then decide the size that you should purchase.


Induction Cooktops come in a variety of power ranges. If speed is your concern, then choose a model with higher wattage. Since they are very energy efficient you will see that their energy consumption is far less than the conventional electric cooktops.


Most of the induction cooktops come with touch controls instead of knobs. You can turn on/off or change power setting by a mere touch of a finger. These touch controls give a sleek look to the cooktop and are easier to clean.

Digital Displays and Indication lights

Make sure your induction cooktop has clear indication lights to let you know which zone is operating and bright display numbers to indicate power levels and/or temperatures for each zone.

Safety sensor and Cut-off

Look for safety features in your induction cooktop. A sensor around each heating area senses if the pan is removed and it shuts off automatically. In some models the safety sensor senses if the temperature gets unusually high, it reduces power or shuts the power automatically. Another safety feature to look for is the length of time the heater is allowed to operate at a particular temperature level. For lower temperatures, the heating may be allowed for hours, while for high temperature it may have a limit of an hour. Some models have features to detect boil over or pot becoming dry, which leads to automatic power off.

Child lock

If you have small children look for a child lock feature. Although the danger from Induction cooktop is much less than a gas or electric cooktop, still child safety is an important consideration and make sure that feature exists in the model you are buying.

Pros and Cons

Induction cooktops have their own pros and cons, so study them carefully and see if there is an issue you need to address.


• Induction cooktops heat up very quickly compared to any other cooker, so if speed is your requirements these cooktops are for you.

• When you change the temperature settings the response is immediate.

• The surface is safe to touch, and it is only heated due to the contact with a hot pan bottom.

• Automatic safety switches ensure that any undesirable operation is automatically detected and the unit shuts off power immediately

• The surface of the induction cooktop is flat, so it is very easy to clean


• You can only use pots and pan that have iron or steel in the bottom. Copper, aluminum, glass, plastic or ceramic cookware will not work with these cooktops. So you may have a buy or replace some of your cookware if it is not made of iron or steel

• There is some whirring sound coming out of the cooktops from cooling fans which may be irritating to some people

• It is not recommended that people with pacemakers may use induction cookware

• They may be expensive to purchase, so look carefully if they lie within your budget

A large variety of induction cooktops are available in the market, be sure to look for warranty terms and check if installation comes with the purchase as it is advisable to get the professional installation done for these appliances.


In addition, a small range of popular Induction Cooktops is also outlined below that can be ordered online and delivered to your home without any hassle – so feel free to view larger of compare further by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of buying your own Induction Cooktop by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!



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