How to Buy a Milk Frother – Main Types to Consider


Another question raised by several people across the country is how do you go about buying or choosing a Milk Frother to suit your own individual needs so take a quick look through this post which will outline all the main points, advantages and disadvantages that you should take into consideration before you buy.

So, what can Milk Frothers be used for?

  • Hot coffee drinks such as Lattes, Cappuccinos or Mochas
  • Hot chocolate foamed drinks
  • Flavoured Iced Tea Drinks with a froth of milk
  • Cocktails can also have Frothed Milk depending on the ingredients you intend to use


What are the Benefits of buying a Milk Frother:

  • It allows you to have frothed and foamed Milk without having the expense of having an Espresso machine
  • They are simple and easy to use and much lower price in generating frothed milk.
  • They can offer a wide diversity in the type of hot beverages that you can enjoy – not just coffee!
  • Many of the prices are so low that they are affordable in nearly every home – many are available for less than $10
  • You can save money instead of having to buy expensive lattes or cappuccinos every day in your local coffee shop.
  • They can serve other purposes in the kitchen such as whisking eggs, gravy or mixing various other drinks or liquids in particular the Handheld frother models.

The 3 Main types of Milk Frothers to choose from:

1, Handheld Frothers

These are battery operated devices with stainless steel shafts and a whisker that spins really fast to create the foam. The whisk is immersed into the milk and the fast spinning creates the foam you need in a matter of a few seconds


  • Very affordable with very low prices but you always need to make sure it is immersed before you press the start button otherwise it will splatter everywhere.
  • Allows movement around your kitchen and around your countertops as you do not need to operate it beside your power supply.
  • Small and very easy to store away
  • Speed of work and speed in getting results that you expect.
  • Can be used for blending various other drinks and also for whisking eggs or thick gravy and so much more.


  • They don’t heat the milk - The milk needs to be heated up first separately on the stove or microwave oven before you use them unless you want cold froth.
  • Some models can be quite flimsy and will damage or break easily if additional care is not taken when being operated.
  • Continuous changing of the batteries which is an ongoing cost on your behalf and can be annoying to have another item on your shopping list – more batteries!
  • They tend not to be dishwasher friendly and you need to be careful not to damage it when cleaning it after every use by hand as they can be quite flimsy

In addition, feel free to view larger or take a closer look at popular Milk Frothers by clicking on any of the images provided below…

2, Jug Frothers

These are the type of Frothers which have a power supply base and a pitcher or jug and a motorized whisk included and they can create the froth with little or no work on your end.


  • Includes the ability to heat the milk and well as create the froths so there no hassle or extra work involved in heating the milk
  • No need for heating milk on a stovetop or the microwave – it is all done for you automatically
  • Certain models allow variable temperatures and additional features for further flexibility to suit your individual tastes.
  • Specific brands can also include different disks to allow smooth foams for lattes or thicker foam for cappuccinos.
  • Can heat up milk on its own also without having to create a froth if required.


  • Price tends to be higher but still affordable in many people eyes
  • More parts are included which increases the chances of break downs or having to get replacement parts and there are also more parts involved for cleaning.
  • Additional space is needed on your countertop near a power supply which may be swamped already with toasters and other various appliances.
  • Unable to whisk eggs or other blended drinks like the Handheld Frothers.

3. Manual Frothers (Hand held)

These are the Milk frothers that have no electrical parts whatsoever and you pump the plunger up and down yourself to create the froth and are also called Handheld Pump Frothers.


  • The prices are always the lowest and is the cheapest way to get frothed milk – many are available for less than $10 which is very affordable
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to the Handheld or the Jug Frothers as no power is needed and no batteries need to be replaced.
  • They are perfect if you are travelling and have no access to a power supply so you can bring it whenever you are going hassle free.
  • Although there is more work needed on your end, the quality of the froth can be every bit as good as the electrical versions.


  • You will need to do all the manual work of plunging up and down yourself.
  • A lot slower than the Handheld or Jug to create froth so it won’t suit for people who are always in a hurry.
  • You also need to heat the milk up separately which is another added chore to complete but still very manageable in most people’s views.


If you need help in cleaning your Milk Frother – then check out some cleaning products here that can help you get the job done quickly…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of choosing or buying your own Milk Frother by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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