How to Buy a Deep Fryer – Over 10 Points to Consider


Many consumers do not know which is the most suitable deep fryer to suit their needs and ask how do you buy a deep fryer or how do you go about choosing a deep fryer for your home so take a quick look through this post which will outline all the main points you need to consider before you choose or buy your deep fryer for your home.

First of all - what type of Deep Fryers are available across the marketplace?

1. Propane Deep Fryers (for the outdoors)

2, Electric Deep Fryers (most common)

3. Air Fryers (healthier alternative using hot air)

Over 10 Points to consider before you buy a Deep Fryer…

1, Brand:

Choose a brand that is well recognised in the industry and preferably a brand that you have used in the past that you can trust.

2, Parts Replacing:

What happens if one of the parts gets damaged and needs to be replaced? Are there replacement parts easily available? Again, when buying your deep fryer, it is better to work with established brands so that parts are easy to find and replace.

3, Oil Replacing:

Some models will come with a feature that will tell you when the oil needs to be changed so browse around for a model that has this included if this is something you think you will need.

4, Drainage system:

When it comes to draining the oil, has the appliance got a drainage system in place to remove the unwanted oil? You need to make sure that your chosen model includes this as standard.

5, Warranty:

Some models offer only 1 month while some of the more trusted brands can offer up to 3 years. It may cost you a little more initially but getting a 3-year warranty rather than a 1-month warranty is well worth it.

6, Reviews:

Always check the customer review sections of the Deep Fryer models – read as many as you have time for as it will guide you in the right direction which model you should go for.

7, Ratings:

Double check the overall star ratings assigned to the models prior to buying – there is no point buying a model that only have 1 star or less – most likely the level of negative feedback is quite high and therefore needs to be avoided. Instead select a model that has a minimum of 3-star ratings and 5-star rating if possible.

8, Capacity:

The size of the deep fryer is highly important and needs to be small or bog enough to cater for the number of people you need to cook for. Ideally you should choose the larger models with the larger baskets for families of 4 and more and select the smaller lower priced model with smaller baskets if you intend to use it for 2 or less people.

9, Price:

The lowest prices are not always the right choices as they may not have the level of performance, power and reliability as other models and may only cause more trouble than they are worth. So double check the customer feedback on lower priced models before you make any commitments.

10, Cleaning

How easy is it to clean up afterwards and how much oil needs to be used and also how regularly will you need to change the oil contents? Research the level of work needed in getting your deep fryer spotless after use – some will be very difficult while others will have a moderate level of cleaning difficulty. In addition, how easy will it be to drain the oil away and can are the removable parts dishwasher friendly? These are questions you need to check before you buy.

11, Product Suitability:

Can the deep fryer handle a wide variety of food products or is it limited to French fries only? Please make sure that the model you choose can cater for a multitude of different food products be it vegetables, greens, meats, breads and donuts, onion rings, cheeses, potato fries as well as French fries. The more diverse the model is, the more you will get out of your appliance.

12, Safety Features

Is there any auto shut down system in place and are there features to avoid accidental spillages or splattering? Again, make sure that the correct safety features are in place to protect you and your family.

13, Multi Baskets:

If it is a case that you will need to cook several different food products at the same time, then make sure to choose a model that has multi baskets included that will allow several food types being cooked at the same time.


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Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of buying or choosing a deep fryer by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that people in the community can learn also!


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