How to buy a Coffee Machine – The Main Points to Consider


Many thanks for taking the time to visit – one question that has been raised was how to buy a Coffee machine or how do you choose a Coffee machine so if you need some tips in selecting yours in the coming days or weeks, then take a quick look through this post which will outline several tips that should be considered.

Type Selection

There are 4 different types to choose from – you can get the Coffee machines with the capsules, a filter machine, a bean to cup machine or a ground coffee machine which is when the coffee is like a brown powder so decide first which one of these 4 options are the best fit for you.

1, Capsules Machines for simplicity:

These machines are quite convenient as all you have to do is slide in a capsule, press a button and in a short period of time you get your Coffee drink. The capsules are sealed also so it guarantees that they stay fresh prior to use. One thing to note though is that the actual price on the capsule coffee does tends to be more expensive that the ground coffee version. The other benefit is that there is little to no clean up afterwards and maintenance is very simple - but please be aware that you are limited to the brands of coffee which are available in the capsule format. Overall these machines are perfect if you have a hassle free single serve coffee with little to cleaning.

2, Bean to Cup Machines:

These include the built-in grinder and this will grind the Coffee beans for you when needed so you are always guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee. They are generally very easy to worth it however the prices tend to be on the high side. You will also need to consider the ongoing purchasing of suitable coffee beans but they are well worth it if you have the extra money to spend. They have become easier to use nowadays and all you need to do is add hot water, the coffee beans, press a few buttons and you are good to go. Take a closer look at Coffee Beans available by clicking on any of the images provided below…

3, Ground Coffee Machines or Manual Espresso:

More suited for making Espressos and in turn the addition of Cappuccinos, Mochas and Lattes so there is a lot of more flexibility in the type of drinks you can make. They are also less expensive and tend to be a more popular choice in many homes. In addition, the ground coffee here also tends to have a lower price that the coffee bought in capsules and many machines include a great range of program settings on the control panel to assist you.

4, Filter Coffee Machines:

To make simple black coffee for single serve or for several people at the same time in a large coffee pot, then look for a Filter coffee machine which is very easy to use and the prices are always very attractive. The type of coffee generally used is ground coffee which is added to the filter which can take several minutes to brew depending on the brand you choose.

Size and Dimensions:

Where do you intend to place the Coffee Machine? Take out your measuring tape and take note of the dimensions available to you and keep them close by when you are doing your research.


You should choose from a brand that specialises in Coffee machine and who has a strong history and backup service available. Examples of such brands are Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, Krups and De’Longhi or use a brand that you have used and trusted before.

Drip Trays

Always ensure that the drip trays are included to avoid any unnecessary spillages and can be moved easily for emptying cleaning, scrubbing or even polishing.


How soon do you need the coffee ready to go? Seconds, minutes? Take a look at the level of speed in which the machine can actually make the coffee for you. There’s no point purchasing a machine that take a few minutes to brew if you will typically need it in a minute or less.


Always make sure to select models that have a minimum of 4-star ratings and several positive reviews. Avoid models that have 3 stars or less and make sure to take a closer look at the fine print in the customer review sections.


Many of the premium end Coffee machines will provide additional features and benefits but the price will be somewhat higher. If you are a newbie and need the machine to do the work for you with just the press of a button, then select a model with as many programmable settings as possible.


How much warranty do you need or expect? Which model has the longest serving warranty? Take note of the period of time in the warranty in your final list narrowed down to 3 or 5 – whatever takes your fancy – and select a model which has one of the better warranty periods available.


The price range will vary considerably based on functionality, features and the brand and can range from $50 up as far as $500+. Don’t always assume the cheapest is the best value for money as they will tend to give you more hassle than they are worth. Before you buy, take note of both the price of the machine and also the ongoing price of the coffee to be used each week.


While you are here, feel free to view a selection of popular Coffee products by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of buying or choosing your Coffee Machine by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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