How to buy a Chest freezer – Key Points to Know


Thanks for taking the time to visit – a popular question has been raised numerous times across the country and that is how to you buy a chest freezer or how do you go about buying a new chest freezer – so if you need some help or tips before you buy, then take a quick look through this post.

Buying a chest freezer will be a significant investment in many households so please take into consideration the points and tips outlined below which will help you with making your purchasing decision before you buy.

What are the Benefits of Chest Freezers?

  • Allows you to buy food in bulk for storage
  • Requires less frequent trips to the store
  • Longer shelf life than your refrigerator for your food products.
  • Ideal for larger items that cannot fit in your kitchen fridge freezer.

Points to be aware of before you buy…

  • Additional electricity costs – the power is always switched on so power usage will be on-going
  • More space is needed – if not in your kitchen then a separate room to hold it or you will need to look at storing it in your garage
  • Some can be very bulky in size and need to work in rooms that have a consistent room temperature of 10 degree Celsius minimum to operate properly.
  • Most are manual defrost which requires emptying and disposing of the water through a drainage hole.

Points to Consider before you buy a Chest Freezer…


Before you do anything, first plan where the chest freezer will be placed near a power socket and get your measuring tape out and take note of the dimensions available to you – keep them close-by as you are doing your browsing and research.

Size and Capacity:

What are your shopping habits? If you buy mostly fresh items then a small chest freezer will suffice however if you buy larger quantities of frozen rather than fresh, then you should opt for a larger cubic feet capacity size and storage.


Don’t always just choose the chest freezer that has the lowest price – as they can tend to cause more hassle than they are worth. Firstly, you should select your top 5 in terms of reliability, brand, warranty and then start to compare the best in terms of prices.


Do your homework correctly and avoid models that have received negative reviews or are less than 3 stars in terms of overall rating. Take some time to read the positive and negative reviews to help you get a better understanding from previous buyers across the market.


What kind of warranty is available and how long do you need or expect? You should always take note of the warranties available for each model of chest freezer as you are browsing as this could help save you money if there are any issues with the appliance a few months after you have purchased it. You should always target an appliance that will give a minimum of 12 months warranty for your added protection.

Interior Shelving & Baskets

You will need to have the most frequently use items stored separately in specific shelves so always make sure that there are little shelves or baskets included as standard to avoid unnecessary time-wasting searching for items buried at the bottom in the chest freezer.

Energy Rating

The more energy efficient models will include the energy star ratings or certificates which can help save up to 10% on energy costs when compared to models without so if your energy bill is already high as it is, then make sure to select a model with the Energy star rating certificate.


You can decide between manual defrost and automatic defrost. The manual defrost requires you to empty the chest freezer and unplug and allow the water to flow out a drain pipe. The automatic will keep the walls of the freezer from building up too much ice by using different temperature cycles but uses more energy in the process than your manual version. Please note though that most of the models available across the market are manual so be prepared for defrosting cycles at least once per year.

Counter balance Lids:

This will keep the lid open once you have opened it so you can use both hands to search inside for the items that you need – a feature that you should search for when buying or choosing your chest freezer model.

Locking Ability:

Do you need to keep your frozen foods kept secure and do you need to keep a lock on it? Some chest freezer models will include this capability so keep an eye out for this feature if this is something you think you will need to prevent your food stocks from getting stolen.

Ice Makers:

Do you need an appliance that can make ice also? Most chest freezers will just store the food at frozen temperatures but some higher spec models will include the ice makers also. Or if you wish, you can go for a lower priced chest freezer and go down the road of buying a portable ice maker separately which tend to available also at great prices for your ice making needs.


While you are here – feel free also to take a closer look at popular Chest Freezers by clicking on any of the images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own tips of buying or choosing your own Chest Freezer by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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