How to Buy a Ceiling Fan


If you need some tips with on how to buy or choose your ceiling fan, here are some of the points that you should consider before selecting the ceiling fan for your home.  I am sure that once you choose carefully your ceiling will give you great service for 10 years or even more, so choose wisely.


Are you buying a ceiling fan for your bedroom or for your porch or outside for your patio?  Each location has different environmental conditions and the fan has to meet those expected conditions. A fan to be installed on the patio will be exposed to all sorts of weather elements, rain, sun, wind, and even snow. The fan has to face severe conditions and therefore should be designed to meet them. Such a fan should be UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Listed for wet-rated conditions.

These fans have moisture-resistant motor housing and all-weather blades which allows them to operate in all weather conditions. The ceiling fan for the porch which is covered will not expose the fan to water directly but still since it is in the open, it should meet the UL damp-rated conditions. However, if you are buying a ceiling fan for bedroom or living room which is safe from the rough environment, you can buy a fan UL Listed for dry conditions.


A ceiling fan is not just a utility item but can also add décor to your living areas. Here are some of the styles and designs available for you: If you have a vintage home décor then go for an antique design ceiling fan. These designs along with wooden blades look elegant and complement your wooden furniture or paneling.  You can also have a rustic design that matches well with country or western interiors. For the porch, you can choose a tropical style with bamboo or sculpted wooden blades. But if you have a modern home and want a contemporary look then go for simple modern design. This means smooth clean lines with metallic or chrome finish or even pastel colors. Some fancy ceiling fans come with lights, that can be turned on or off.


The size of the ceiling means the diameter of the blades sweeping in the circle. Ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes from 14” to up to 84’. Some ceiling fans are available in even 99” size. The size of the fan you should install depends on the size of room or area. For rectangular or odd shaped room 2 or more fans may be installed.  And make sure to have about 24″ of clear space on all sides of the fan. This is to ensure that air flows in such a way so that the cooling effect is felt in the entire room.

Air Flow

Ceiling fans with high air flow rates consume less energy and provide great cooling effect. Typically buy high flow rate fans for porch or open areas. The flow rate is however different than Wind Speed Factor which indicates how fast the air is moving. It is the high wind speed which creates the cooling effect. So choose a fan with a high wind speed factor in the living room or bedroom and high flow rate in open spaces such as porches.

Motor (AC or DC)

Ceiling Fans come with an AC or a DC motor. DC fan motors are smaller and lighter but more powerful than standard AC motors. The DC fans use less than 70% power as compared to AC fans. There is more speed control in DC fans and they also operate with less hum and noise. For good efficiency also look for Energy Star rating. If a ceiling is certified as Energy Star rated then it means it will be using at least 15% to 20% less power.


The basic ceiling fan comes with a string pull mechanism for on-off control with a single speed option.  The more advanced ceilings fans have a controller mounted on a nearby wall. The most sophisticated ones come with a remote control with a wide number of settings for speed. Choose a fan which is reversible, this will come in handy in winter.


Finally, it all boils down to price. You want a simple ceiling fan with no bells and whistles it can be purchased under $100. However, as style, size, functions and features increase the price can go up to $300. While the top of the line ceiling fans can cross even over $300.


If you wish, take a quick look also at a selection of ceiling fan prices or stock levels by clicking on any of the images provided below…

Finally, it would also be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own personal tips of buying or selecting your ideal ceiling fan by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that others in the community can learn also!

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