How to buy a Blender – Key Features to Know


Another question raised by the community was how do you buy a blender or how do you go about buying the best blender so if you would like to know the main points that need to be considered, then read on…


The blender has now become an essential kitchen appliance. A blender makes the task of mixing various ingredients every easy. Since it is very quick, it also saves a lot of time. There are so many types and models of blenders available in the market that it is difficult to choose which one is the best for you. Here are some tips and advice to help you choose the right blender for you.


There are essentially four types of blenders available in the market. First you should decide which type is suitable for you. A wrong choice here and most likely your blender will remain sitting idle in your kitchen. Each type has a different purpose and has a different user in mind, so see which type of user best describes you.

Countertop model:

This is the most popular type of blender and also the most versatile. It can perform your day to day blending jobs easily for the entire family. The countertop model is perfect for making smoothies, cold drinks, and chopping, cutting and mixing soft small items. The disadvantage is that it takes up your valuable countertop space and requires some time in cleaning it.

Immersion Model:

These types of blenders are hand-held machines with a long handle and a covered spinning blade at the other hand. You can directly use them in any bowl or glass. Just fill up with ingredients and while holding it one hand, turn it on and spin your ingredients in the bowl to any desired consistency. You can make soups, smoothies, and purées very quickly with a very even texture without any lumps.

Bullet Model:

These are small appliances for a quick personal serving of a smoothie or purée. Although small they have powerful motors and they are easy to operate and easy to clean. Their design is such that you can use the blending jar as a serving cup too. This type of blender is ideal for one or two persons.

High-performance Professional Model:

Finally, the powerful machines designed mainly for commercial establishments. They have the large sized bowl and can run at multiple speeds. Their blades are heavy duty. These are quite expensive machines but they quite reliable and last a long time.


For an average user, only a few speed settings are all the features you need in a countertop blender. The hand-held blender has only single speed and that is sufficient. The commercial blenders have multiple speeds and features.  But the real fun is in the Bullet type blenders which offer automatic blending features, are quite user-friendly and very easy to clean. Choose the multifunction feature blender if you really need these features, as these blenders are expensive.


The blade is the key part of the blender. Look for stainless steel heavy duty blade which can work with dry as well as liquid ingredients.

Blending Jar

The jar of the blender may be made of glass, plastic or stainless steel. A plastic jar is lightweight and transparent but is more prone to scratching and cracking. Glass jar is clearer than plastic and is resistant to scratching. It is easy to clean and retains no odors. Glass jar is heavy and prone to breaking, if it falls on the floor or bumps with a hard surface. Stainless steel jar is normally used in heavy duty blenders for commercial use. It is quite durable.


More power is not necessarily a desired feature in a blender. Immersion blenders come with a 300 watt motor which is good enough for basic blending. For a counter top model 500 to 700 watt would be sufficient. And only in commercial blenders look for anything above 700 watts.


Blenders generate a lot of noise which is irritating to most users. This is especially true if you have babies and young children nearby. The noise level from a blender can go up to 100 dB which is quite high. Manufactures provide noise level for their blenders and if noise is an issue, buy one with a low noise.


When choosing a blender look at your needs, how much you intend to use the blender, how many persons are there in your family. Don’t buy very cheap models as they have a limited life. Select the heavy-duty models, if you have a large family or buying for a commercial entity. For most users, the average sized countertop model works reasonably well for all kitchen needs.


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