How to balance a Ceiling Fan


Another question that came up is how to balance a ceiling fan so if you some help with this, then take a quick look through the simple steps outlined below. A wobbly fan making a lot of strange noise seems dangerous and it is. There is always a chance that’s its mountings will get loose and it may get damaged or even fall down from the ceiling. The wobbly ceiling fan will damage its motors internal parts such as bearings bushes etc. Besides, it is quite annoying to see a wobbly fan and making strange noises.

Here are two methods by which you can balance your ceiling fan and get rid of its irritating rattling. One is a simple basic method and if that does not work, then there is the complete fan blade balancing method.

Basic method

Step 1 -- Switch off power

Ensure that the electrical power to the circuit is off by turning off the correct breaker. This is the most important safety measure.

Step 2 -- Tighten mounting screws

Using screwdriver loosen screws of the canopy cover and slide down the canopy cover over the mounting rod to expose the ceiling fan mounting bracket. Tighten all screws on the mounting bracket and the electrical outlet box. Check and tighten all pins and screws of the down rod and ensure that it is attached firmly to the mounting bracket and also with the fan motor. Refit the canopy.

Step 3 -- Adjust fan blades

Use a measuring tape to check that the tip of each blade is at the same distance from the ceiling. If not adjust the fan blade and tighten the screws attaching the fan blade with motor housing.

Step 4 -- Test the fan

Turn on power and test the fan. If the fan is running smoothly then you are good to go, if not then further balancing of the fan blades is necessary as below.

Balancing the blades

Step 1 – Get a ceiling fan balancing kit

This kit will consist of u-shaped plastic clips and self-adhesive metal weights. Most new fans have this kit included with the fan but if not, you can purchase this kit from any hardware store.

Step 2  -- Find the unbalanced blade

Turn on the fan at full speed to determine the extent of wobble. Not stop the fan and attach the plastic clip to one of the blades in the center, between the tip of the blade and the fan motor. Turn on the fan and see if the wobble improves or not. Move the clip up the blade in small increments to locate the position at which wobbling decreases. If instead of decreasing the wobbling increases then move the clip in down direction. Mark the position at which the wobbling is the least.

Step 3 – Repeat the Step 2 for all blades.

Once you have marked all blades, remove the plastic clip and stick the metallic weight on the upper side of the blade at the same position as the marked clip. You may need to put weight on only one or two blades, so it is not necessary to put weight on all blades.

Step 4 – Test the fan

After all, blades have been tested and weights put on, test the fan by operating at high speed. If the wobble has reduced then it is a job well done. If the fan still wobbles and there is little or no improvement in wobbling then you have to call a repairman as the fault may lie in the in the motor or its bearing.  If everything fails then it would be better to replace the fan with a new one.


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