How do Humidifiers work


One more question that was asked about Humidifiers and that is how do humidifiers actually work? So, if you would like to learn how they operate and function, then read on here…

The main purpose of the humidifier is to increase the moisture content of the indoor air. Low humidity can dry out your skin and mucous membranes. Low humidity also makes the air feel colder than it actually is. Dry air is troublesome especially to those who suffer from asthma or any related breathing difficulty.

Even if you are perfectly healthy you will feel better in an environment with high humidity, especially during cold seasons. Dry air increases the static electricity in the air and it becomes rather irritating to get an electric shock when you touch something metallic.

There are various types of humidifiers in the market. Each one uses a different technology to increase the moisture content of the room. I will explain here how each type of humidifier works below...


The design of these humidifiers is quite simple. An evaporative humidifier consists of a tank of water with a wick made of foam, paper, cotton or similar material. The wick draws out water from the tank by capillary action. A small electric fan blows air across the wick into the room. The dry air when passing through the wick picks up water as it evaporates into the dry air.

The air coming out of the humidifier has much more moisture. The evaporative humidifier is inherently self-regulating, since the more dryness in the indoor room, the more efficiently the evaporation process occurs. As the room air becomes more saturated with moisture, the evaporative process decreases.

Since the evaporative process results in cooling, so the humid air coming out of the humidifier is cooler too. An evaporative humidifier is a low-cost appliance and easy to maintain. Evaporative humidifiers come in a variety of small and large sizes. Evaporative humidifier requires frequent cleaning of the water tank and the wick to ensure optimum performance.


The Impeller humidifier is also called the cool mist humidifier operates by using a disc rotating at high speed by an electric motor. This disc sends water at a high speed through a diffuser. The diffuser breaks down the water-stream into very tiny droplets with the result a fog-like mist is generated. This moisture-laden mist is blown into the room which appears as cool mist.

This increases the humidity level in the room. This is the cleanest method of humidifying the room air. These humidifiers are very efficient, as they use very little power and can humidify large areas easily.


An Ultrasonic humidifier contains a small metallic diaphragm that is part of a piezoelectric transducer which is immersed in water.  A high-frequency electronic signal is given to the transducer which in turn converts this signal into mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm. The diaphragm vibrates at a frequency of over 20,000 Hz which is inaudible to the human ear.

The diaphragm which is covered with water oscillates the water, imparting it energy, with the result that fine water droplets of about 1 micron in diameter break free from the surface of the water and dissipate into the air. This results in a fine fog-like mist exiting the humidifier into the room.

This humid air quickly spreads in the room to increase the overall humidity of the room. These humidifiers are almost silent and give out a cool mist of air.


Steam vaporizers are very simple devices. In a tank of water, electrodes are dipped. When electrical current is applied to the electrodes, the current passes through water and due to electrical resistance, heat is generated to the point that water boiling occurs.  Steam is generated and this hot steam exits the vaporizer into the room.

The vaporizer does not have any controls except on/off switch and when the water level goes down to a certain level, the boiling automatically stops. These are least expensive humidifiers, however since hot steam exits the vaporizer these appliances may not be used with pets and small children around. The warm steam emitted from these devices not only increases the humidity but also increases the indoor air temperature.


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