How do Air Fryers Work – A Simplified Explanation


Greetings again and one more question that has come up from the community about Air Fryers and that it is how do Air Fryers actually work? Or How do the Air Fryer work in comparison to the deep fryers so if you would like to find out -  then take a quick read through this post which will explain all the main points you need to know.

Hot Air Circulation

The Air Fryers when plugged will use superheated Hot Air to fry and cook the foods instead of immersion into conventional oils that are used in deep fryers. The level of hot air and temperature are determined by the power of the appliance and also the user-friendly control panels that are generally included as standard. The mechanical fan then circulates the hot air internally so that the food gets cooked on all surfaces.


The range of temperatures that Air Fryers will work to can vary from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and can be set based on the instructions from the manual or the pre-set options provided with the panel. There is a heating element which releases heat beside the cook so it is very efficient in terms of heat application and heat transfer.

Cooling System

A cooling system is applied to the mechanics of the Air fryer in that fresh air is allowed to enter from the top and is then circulated to the bottom of the fryer – this allow the appliance to be kept cool during the cooking and prevent the interior getting excessively hot.

Oil Usage

Instead of using an entire basket of oil, the food products can be coated with oil only which results in a 75% to 80% lesser oil content being used. The food sits in a lifted basket and then the oil drips downwards into a tray so it is never immersed completely in the oil.


The majority of the Air Fryers are digital nowadays, in particular the most popular options which have the pre-set buttons and also can be operated manually.

Health Benefits

If you need to reduce the level of cholesterol in your diet, then the Air Fryer is far superior to the conventional deep fryer. It will also significantly reduce your calorie intake and also reduce the level of saturated fats. Overall the Air Fryer is viewed as the healthier alternative as there is less oil absorbed during the cooking processes.

Food Products Suitable

A range of different food products can be added to the Air Fryer – not only French fries. You can add poultry, pork, vegetables, cheeses and fish based products. It can also cook steaks and be used to bake also so you can also use it for buns, muffins or bread based products.

Hot Air Removal

There is an exhaust on the rear that expels any unwanted hot air and prevents any build up of pressure inside the appliance. Make sure never to put your hand anywhere near the exhaust as it will give you a burn somewhat similar to boiling kettle.

Alarms for Mixing

Certain models will have an alarm to let you know when the contents need to be mixed, stirred or shaken so make sure to double check this feature is available when you decide to buy an Air Fryer. Otherwise you will need to remember to perform this task yourself


Some people can find that the level of food can end up too dry and that the taste is somewhat affected when compared to the deep fryer. Therefore, it is extremely important that you set it at the correct temperature and timing setting which are specific to that food product or even choose one of the pre-set buttons that are provided on the control panel.


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