Fridgemaster Review 2023 – Which One?


Are you thinking about buying a Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our Fridgemaster Review which will focus on the American Fridge freeze model under this brand and we will also take a quick look at 2 other popular models and options so at least you have more than just 1 choice when it comes to making any final decisions.

Our review will outline the main features, pros and cons for the Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer in Black MS91515BFF which is also available in a silver colour and we will outline some frequently asked questions about it also that should take care of most of the queries that you may have about this particular American fridge freezer.

In addition, 2 other options under the Fridgemaster brand will be outlined also and we will present a detailed comparison table so you can compare and see for yourself how each of the weights, parameters, dimensions etc compare to one another

Fridgemaster Review Content

  1. Part 1: Overview & Frequently Asked Questions (15+)
  2. Part 2: Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer Review – Key Features
  3. Part 3: Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer Review – Pros and Cons
  4. Part 4: Alternative Fridgemaster Options x 2 - With Comparison Table
  5. Part 5: Conclusion & Feedback (Optional)

Before you start today, please note that guide price ranges can only be shown at the time of this Fridgemaster Fridge freezer review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date price information.

Part 1: Overview & Frequently Asked Questions (15+)


Product: Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF (+2 alternatives)
Best Place to Buy:Argos UK
Price Guide:£420 up to £500 – View Sneak Preview Here
Warranty:12 months
Credit Plan:Yes, available over 12 month period
Breakdown Cover:Available for 3 years (optional) – Price guide is £50 to £100 extra

FAQ's about the Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF (15+):

Q1. Is there additional breakdown cover available?
A. Yes, there is an additional 3 year breakdown cover available (optional), usually for less than £100
Q2. Can it be bought using a credit card plan?
A. Yes, instead of paying up front, there is a credit card plan available via Argos which can be paid over 12 months (optional)
Q3. What is the storage capacity for the fridge and freezer?
A. The storage capacity is 514 litres total - Fridge is 337 litres and the Freezer is 177 litres
Q4,.What are the dimensions once in place?
A. The dimensions are 179cm high by 91cm wide by 64cm deep
Q5. How much energy does it consume annually?
A. This fridge freezer has an energy consumption of 411kWh/year
Q6. Is the water dispenser plumbed?
A. No, the water dispenser is not plumbed, you pour in water instead
Q7. Are the shelves adjustable?
A. Yes, the shelves for this American fridge freezer are adjustable
Q8, Does it include an ice dispenser?
A. No, this model does not include an ice dispenser
Q9. What are the box dimensions for this appliance?
A. The dimensions are 73cm long by 98cm wide by 190cm high
Q10. What is the width with the doors opened?
A. The total width with the doors opened is 173cm
Q11. Can it be used in an outdoor garage?
A. No, as the temperatures will damage the appliance
Q12. How much depth is needed when planning for positioning?
A. You need to plan for is approx. 72cm which include the wall gap and the appliance
Q13. How do you get ice if there is no ice dispenser?
A. An ice tray should be included in the package instead
Q14. Is this appliance gloss black or matt black?
A. This model comes with a matt black finish
Q15. Does the water dispenser include a water filter?
A. No, but you can add filtered water manually if needed
Q16. What spacing do you allow for on the circumference?
A. You should leave a 7.5cm gap at the rear and a 10cm gap on the sides and top
Q17. What is the noise level – 38 or 43dB?
A. The noise level for this model appliance is 43dB
Q18. Does it include an open-door alarm?
A. No, there is no open alarm included for the MS91515BFF

Part 2: Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer Review – Key Features

Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF (Black)

Main Features in Summary:

Total no Frost Technology
A+ Energy rating
Capacity of 514 litres (28 bags)
Fresh capacity 337 Litres
Frozen Capacity 177 litres
4 Fridge shelves (adjustable)
Deep Veg compartments x 2
Built in water dispenser
Internal LED light
Size H179 x W91 x D64cm
Automatic defrost
12 month warranty

Main Features in Detail:

  • This American Fridge freezer from Fridgemaster ref MS91515BFF comes in both silver and black options and includes the A+ energy rating as standard which helps to reduce annual bills and it is ideal for larger type families who need the maximum amount of food storage space.
  • It includes the zero frost technology so it runs frost free each week and includes an internal LED light to help find your ideal snacks for late at night or in the late evenings. It also comes with the water dispenser which is not plumbed which means that you don’t have the extra hassle of additional pipework and plumbing – it can be added manually.
  • It has a large capacity of 514 litres which is broken down as the fridge having 377 litres and the freezer having 177 litres which is the equivalent of 28 normal bags of shopping. Included also are the 4 adjustable fridge shelves and the 2 extra deep vegetable compartments.
  • It includes the multi-air flow system internally on your food so that it will be chilled evenly throughout the appliance and the size dimensions to take note of is H179 x W91 x D64cm.
    The temperature can be controlled electronically, it has the temperature display and it operates at an energy consumption rate of 411 kWhr per year and it provides you with 7 freezer storage compartments.
  • You can also avail of a credit card plan to pay over 12 months instead and you can also get the additional breakdown cover if needed which normally costs less than £100 and covers you for 3 years extra. The standard warranty available for this appliance is 12 months duration

Price Guide:

  • The price guide for the Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF when last seen at the time of this review was in the £420 to £500 region with Argos UK which of course can be doubled checked below for a closer look.

Further images of the Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF are outlined below (5)

  • Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF Opened

Part 3: Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer:

  • Instead of having to pay for it all up front, a credit plan is available with Argos so it can be paid over 12 months instead
  • It has the zero frost technology so there is no need to worry about frost building up in the freezer whatsoever.
  • There is a great selection of shelving available be it the 7 freezer compartments, the 4 fridge shelves and the 2 deep veg containers which allows you to store away everything neatly and tidy.
  • If you don’t have a water pipe handy, then this works well as it doesn’t need to be plumbed for the water dispenser – it is done manually instead.
  • Wheels are included for easier movement in your home and it is backed with a 12 month warranty for any faults that you may come across.

Cons for the Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer:

  • There is no ice dispenser available and the water dispenser is not plumbed so you need to add water manually yourself.
  • It cannot be used outside the home such as sheds or garages and it does not include the anti-bacterial protection.
  • Doesn’t include a reversible door seen on other brands or models in the industry
  • There also isn't a high temperature alarm warning included and the recycling service of taking back the old fridge freezer in its place is not always available (if one exists)
  • The silver option is not always in stock and tends to be more available in the black colour only

Part 4: Alternative Fridgemaster Options x 2 - With Comparison Table

If you are still undecided about the Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer MS91515BFF, then take a quick look also at 2 other popular options under the Fridgemaster brand outlined as follows…

1, Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer MC55264AB (Black)

Main Features in Summary:

Credit plans available
Available in Silver / White
Fridge capacity 198L / Frozen capacity 66L
Total capacity 264L / Energy A+ Rating
Size H180 x W55.4 x D55.8cm
Price Guide: £190 to £ 240
Available@ Argos UK

2, Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer MQ79394FFS (Silver)

Main Features in Summary:

Optional Credit plan available
3 yr break down cover available
Fridge capacity 265L / Frozen capacity 129L
Total capacity 394L / Frost free
Size H182 x W79.4 x D64.3cm
Price Guide: £450 to £ 500
Available @ Argos UK

A comparison table for the 3 Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer model appliances in this review are outlined below if further clarity is needed

ModelFridgemaster Fridge Freezer MS91515BFFFridgemaster Fridge Freezer MC55264ABFridgemaster USA Fridge Freezer MQ79394FFS
Capacity:515L total264L total394L total
Fridge Capacity:337L198L265L
Freezer Capacity:177L66L129L
Shelves:4 adjustable4 adjustable3 adjustable
Veg compartments212
Zero Frost TechIncludedNoneIncluded
Energy Rating:A+A+A+
Dimensions:H179 x W91 x D64cmH180 x W55.4 x D55.8cmH182 x W79.4 x D64.3cm
Energy Consumption:411 kWh/year248 kWh/year383 kWh/year
Water Dispenser:Yes, not plumbedNoneNone
Ice dispenser:NoneNoneNone
Freezer compartments:736
High Temp Warning:NoneNoneNone
Reversible Door:NoneIncludedNone
Warranty:12 months12 months12 months

If you wish to compare further options across the market place, then feel free to check out 2 further options outlined as follows:

Part 5: Conclusion & Feedback (Optional)


Overall, we found this Fridge freezer from Fridgemaster to tick all of our boxes and the appearance certainly looks very stylish and attractive to the eye. There are loads of different compartments available both in the fridge and the freezer for storing various groceries so you have lots of options here. The noise level is very low, the LED internal lights work well and it can accommodate larger families of 5 to 6 people no problem whatsoever. The price level is normally less than £500 and in some cases less than £450 when on promotion which is also great value for the amount of money you have to pay. In addition, it is very easy to clean and maintain with the finish which is another serious plus for hard working homes.

Feedback (Optional)

Have you ever used a Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer yourself in the recent past?  Did it operate as expected or did you experience any problems with it at all? Did you find it too noisy?

If possible – please share your own feedback (good or bad) with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below


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