DeWalt Jigsaw Review 2023 – Corded & Cordless


Have you thought about buying a DeWalt Jigsaw over the next few days but you are still unsure or undecided? If so, then make sure to check out our detailed DeWalt Jigsaw review which will cover several models under this brand so at least you have more than one choice when it comes to making a final confirmed buying decision.

Our review will specifically cover the DeWalt Corded DW317K 5.5 Amp Jigsaw, the DeWalt Cordless 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Jig Saw DCS331B and the DeWalt Corded 6.5 Amp Jig Saw 230V DW331K and we will do our best to outline all the key features and capabilities that they have to offer along with the main pros and cons that we came across that you should take note of also. In addition, we will outline some FAQ’s that hopefully can answer some of the queries that you may possibly have along with details of shoe bevel angles, orbital actions, weights, power levels and pack bundles involved.

Our review will be outlined in 5 different sections as follows so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most…

DeWalt Jigsaw Review Content:

  1. Section 1: Overview and FAQ’s
  2. Section 2: DeWalt Jigsaw Review – Key Features (Corded & Cordless)
  3. Section 3: DeWalt Jigsaw Review – Comparison Table
  4. Section 4: DeWalt Jigsaw Review – Pros and Cons
  5. Section 5: Conclusion and Feedback

Before you start, please note that guide price ranges can only be presented at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date price information.

Section 1: Overview and FAQ’s


Models: DeWalt Jigsaws (Electric Corded and Cordless)
Best Places to Buy:Walmart / Amazon / Hardware World
Price Guide:$90 up to $300 (model dependant) – View Sneak Preview Here
Warranty:3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service, 90-day money-back guarantee (seller dependant)
Power Levels:5.5 Amp to 6.5 Amp / 20V Li-ion battery
Support:Customer Service @ 5130-01-449-6647

Frequently Asked Questions about DeWalt Jigsaws (13)

Q1. What does SPM stand for or represent?
A. The abbreviation SPM represents strokes per minute
Q2. What is the weight of the DW317K box and Jigsaw?
A. The assembled kit box weight is 50.5 Ibs
Q3. What voltage is needed for the DW317K model?
A. The voltage for the DW317K model is 120V
Q4. What does TPI stand for in reference to the blades?
A. The term TPI stands for teeth per inch and can be 6, 10 or 18 in these blades sets
Q5. Can I buy the cordless version without the battery and charger?
A. Yes, they provide the Tool Only option also which excludes the battery and charger
Q6. Where are the Jigsaws manufactured?
A. These Jigsaws are manufactured in the United States
Q7. For the cordless model DCS331B, will it accept the DCB203 battery?
A. Yes, the DCB203 battery is compatible with the DCS331B
Q8. Can Bosch blades work also with these Jigsaws?
A. Yes, as long as they are straight shank type
Q9. Is the 20V battery compatible with other DeWalt tools such as compact drills?
A. Yes, the battery is compatible with other DeWalt cordless 20V tools
Q10. Does the cordless Jigsaw have a dust collection unit?
A. No, there is no dust collector bag with the cordless jigsaw
Q11. Can these saws be used by left handed people?
A. Yes, as the safety lock is designed from both the left and the right
Q12. What bevel indents are provided?
A. The shoe bevel indents are at 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°
Q13. What level of warranty is provided?
A. Usually a 3 year warranty is provided plus a 1 year service and 90 day money back guarantee but you will need to check with your individual seller

Section 2: DeWalt Jigsaw Review – Key Features (Corded & Cordless Models)

1, DeWalt 5.5 Amp Compact Jig saw Kit (DW317K)

Key Features / Capabilities:

5.5 Amp Compact Jig saw with Kit included
Metal gear case provides durability
Keyless blade clamp for fast installing & removing
Includes 1 blade & the heavy duty kit box
4-position orbital action (smoother and faster)
Shoe bevel angles are 0 to 45 degrees
Strokes per minute is 0 - 3100 SPM
Variable speed options available
Price Guide: $90 to $120

2, DeWalt 5.5 Amp Compact Jig saw Kit (DW317K)

Key Features / Capabilities:

5.5 Amp Compact Jig saw - Kit included
Kit case provides added durability
Keyless blade clamp for fast changeovers
1 blade & heavy-duty kit case included
4-position orbital action / variable speed trigger
Smoother and faster cuts – straight & even
Shoe bevel angles are 0 to 45 degrees
Strokes per minute is 0 - 3100 SPM
Price Guide: $100 to $150

3, DeWalt 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Jig Saw (DCS331B)

Key Features / Capabilities:

Cordless 20V lithium ion battery
Options with Blade Sets / Starter Kit / Hard case
Options with Toughsystem Tote also
Battery & charger can be sold separately or
Battery and charger can be included in the kit
T-shank blade set includes 3 kinds of blades
Blades are 6, 10 and 18 TPI in a case
Metal keyless shoe bevel provided
6TPI/10TPI blades are 4-inches long
18TPI/32TPI blades are 3-inches long
Anti-slip comfort grip for added comfort
Price Guide: $120 to $350

4, DeWalt 6.5 Amp Jig Saw 230V (DW331K)

Key Features / Capabilities:

More powerful 6.5 Amp motor / 500 to 3100 SPM
Integrated dust management system
Variable speed control in the dial & trigger
Bevel detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°
Counterbalance mechanism for better balance
Large rubber grip to minimize vibrations
Includes an option of a durable kit box option
Options of blades set / kit box free also
Includes a flush-cutting blade system (no up cutting)
4-position orbital action for improved cuts
Metal keyless shoe bevel & lever blade clamp
Price Guide: $150 to $450

Further images of the DeWalt Electric Corded and Cordless Jigsaws are outlined below (8)

Section 3: DeWalt Jigsaw Review – Comparison Table

A short comparison table is outlined below to compare the DW317K, DCS331B and the DW331K model Jigsaws under the DeWalt brand for further clarification

Spec:DeWalt DW317KDeWalt DCS331BDeWalt DW331K
Model #:DW317KDCS331BDW331K
Included:Heavy duty Kit box and 1 bladeTool only or with blades / casesBlade set options
Motor:5.5 Amp20-Volt6.5 Amp
SPM:0 - 3100 SPM0 - 3100 SPM500 - 3100 SPM
Orbital action:4 position4 position4 position
Shoe Bevel:0 – 45 degrees0 – 45 degrees0 – 45 degrees
Weight:6.0 lbs excl. case6.0 Ibs6.4 lbs

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Section 4: DeWalt Jigsaw Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the DeWalt Jigsaws:

  • The first thing is the fact that they are a worldwide recognized brand and represent one of the leaders in this field which certainly adds peace of mind and confidence when you buy.
  • They offer the variable speed options which are super, work great and provide greater flexibility as you cut and work and they also have the keyless action lever blade clamp for easy and quick blade changing
  • When working, you have better control of the cutting with better speed and quality via the 4 position orbital actions.
  • You have tons of options be it the Jigsaw on its own, a Jigsaw with the blades, a Jigsaw with the Kit case or the Jigsaw with the Toughsystem Tote
  • The metal cases or kits included provide all the protection you need to ensure safety, longevity and durability.
  • The cordless version has various option packages to choose from be it with the 10 piece T shank baked set or the starter case or even the tool only option.
  • A great selection of blades is available in the blade set cases be it 6, 10, 12, 18, or 32-teeth per inch TPI blades
  • You are provided with a 3 year warranty, 1-year free service and a 90-day money-back guarantee so you are covered against any potential problems to provide security and added peace of mind
  • For the 6.5 Amp corded version, you get the extra-large rubber grip which reduces the vibrations and provides comfort during prolonged use and reduces hand fatigue
  • A good selection of bevel detents are available to ensure the best accuracy at the most common angles which are 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°

Cons for the DeWalt Jigsaws:

  • The first thing is the fact that they are priced so much higher than your standard Jigsaw but they are backed with great additional features, a quality design and construction and the cases / kits / blades also.
  • The motor tends to get very hot in high pressured jobs after long periods so it can get too hot to change the blades with your bare hands. Blades at times can also be susceptible to falling out of the storage locking holder or even getting locked
  • Clearing the dust ahead of the cutting lines could be slightly better and cleaner for better visibility on certain models.
  • Sometimes after long periods, the blades can get a little sticky and hot and can become somewhat difficult to remove
  • The dust blower on the cordless version could be a lot better (much better on the corded in our view) and many have no LED shining down on the cutting lines for improved visibility. The poor effect of the dust blower on the cordless makes the cutting line much harder to see which is annoying
  • Some novices may find the blades more difficult to change than expected – tends to be slightly more difficult than the cheaper brands
  • At times, the blades did not lock properly in place and became loose when cutting starts especially when using the narrower blades on metal for the cordless version
  • In order to provide optimal holding power for the DW331K, this saw accepts T-shank type blades only
  • No LED light sources are provided to the cutting areas in the featured models from this review.

Section 5: Conclusion and Feedback


Without a doubt these Jigsaws from DeWalt are smooth, fast running, accurate, well-built and is certainly one of the best Jigsaws we have come across in the market when compared to various other brands. Another thing is the fact that this quality tool has the ability to last for years on end so you will definitely get your money’s worth in the long run as it does not tend to break down and cause any operational problems.

The DW317K in particular has the variable speed which works superbly and the blade changeover is done in a matter of seconds which doesn’t require any tools which is an added plus. The price will be seen by some as a little excessive but is certainly worth it especially when you throw in the protected cases or additional blades that come in specific bundle packages and of course you get the option of going down the corded or cordless route which again offers you so much more in terms of flexibility and working options.

The main issues that need to be monitored though are the narrower blades becoming loose and the motor / blades getting too hot after prolonged use but the corded 6.5 Amp motor corded DW331K helps much better for all those stubborn materials which cuts with such ease and you will be surprised with how much easier your work load will become.

Feedback Submission

Have you used a DeWalt Jigsaw yourself in the recent past? Was it corded or cordless? Which model did you choose and did it operate as expected or did you experience any blade or cutting problems with it?

If possible – please share your own feedback (good or bad) with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below …


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  1. This is great information about Dewalt Jigsaws — especially the easy to reference comparison chart between the models. The right tool is essential for doing the best, most accurate job, with as much ease as possible. It makes all the difference in the quality of work completed. Thanks so much for putting this together to help narrow down with is the right Dewalt Jigsaw to purchase and also for pointing out the negative cons which I hadn’t seen before

  2. My dad is at the verge of buying this DeWalt jigsaw and he thinks it’s a really good one based on the pros I see here, it’s definitely something he can go for but seeing that it doesn’t have a dust collector which is somewhat of a problem because that’ll cause some stress for him. I will show him this post and see what his final decision is. but thanks anyway for the work throughout – it has been a big help

  3. Hi, Paul. Thanks for the detailed review on Dewalt Jigsaw plus the addition with FAQs, features and comparison with similar units in table form and the Pros and cons made it a really candid reading as it helped me to decide on which one to purchase which would be the 6.5 AMP corded model. Though the price of model I selected is little higher with the Kit case but I guess that it what it takes for quality tools nowadays. Thanks a lot. Warm Regards, Gaurav Gaur

  4. Hi There, It is an overall concise review of the corded and cordless saws from Dewalt. Both of them can do their functions without going too wrong but the corded seems to be superior in many ways but the blades not locking properly needs to be monitored closely – thankfully I didn’t experience this issue yet but will pay close attention to it. The warranty seems great with the 90-day return so that’s long enough to  make sure it performs as it is needed

  5. Excellent review about DeWalt Jigsaw,I did not know I could buy such a product online,with all the specifications of the product,I know it will serve the real purpose of cutting wood and metal,all the other customers review i have seen and checked are awesome with a few exceptions, its shows the product is durable and reliable indeed with a few minor issues that need to be monitored,thank you for sharing,I learned more through your write-up.

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