Chillmax Air Review 2023 – Chill Enough?


Are you thinking about buying a Chillmax Air Cooler in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our Chillmax Air Review which will outline everything you need to know before you decide to buy along with 2 price comparisons options that should also help you save some money in the process which are outlined further down this page.

This brief review will take a look at the main features and functions, the main pros and cons that you need to know plus a series of some frequently asked questions that have come up that should answer most of the queries that you may have. While you are here we will also point out the warnings that you need to consider if you decide to go ahead and buy one for your own home. For easier navigation, this review will be split into 5 parts as follows…

Chillmax Air Review Content

  1. Part 1: Brief Overview, Warnings & FAQ’s
  2. Part 2: Chillmax Air Cooler Review – Features and Functions
  3. Part 3: Chillmax Air Cooler Review – Pros and Cons
  4. Part 4: Conclusion and Feedback

As guide prices can only be presented at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Part 1: Brief Overview & FAQ’s

Brief Overview:

Product:Chillmax Air Cooler and Humidifier
Warranty:Seller Dependant – typically a minimum 30 day money back guarantee
Best Place to Buy:Amazon UK – View Today’s Stock Levels Here
Fan Operation:Adjustable three-speed fan

Warnings if you choose to buy:

  1. Read the full instruction manual before use.
  2. Do not overfill the water tank – keep to a slightly lower level than the maximum for added safety
  3. Keep it on a level surface during use as tilting the unit may cause water to leak out.
  4. Operation time will vary depending on fan setting, temperature and humidity levels
  5. Keep out of reach of children

Tips when not in use for long periods:

  • Empty the water tank completely and clean out
  • Remove the filter from the device, clean and sterilize
  • Allow both the unit and the filter to air dry and keep in a cool dry safe place out of reach of children

Frequently Asked Questions about Chillmax Air Coolers:

Q1. Can the filter be used in the dishwasher?
A. Yes, the filter can be used in the dishwasher
Q2. How long does the Cooler operate when full?
A. This cooler will operate for 10 hours duration when full
Q3. Can the filter be used again and again?
A. Yes, it includes an antimicrobial reusable filter
Q4. Can the filters be sterilised?
A. Yes, the filters here can be sterilised over and over again
Q5. How does the cooler differ from a standard fan?
A. The fan simply moves warm air around the room where the cooler converts it to cooler air
Q6. How does this cooler operate?
A. It operates by letting off a fine mist which is then sent through a special filter which then is evaporated
Q7. Does it include any chemical coolants?
A. No, there is no chemical coolants used, only water evaporation
Q8. Is it noisy like an air conditioner?
A. No, as it is provided with a sound-protective casing
Q9. How much water is needed to fill it?
A. The maximum water capacity of this unit is 610ml
Q10. How long is the plug adapter?
A. The plug adapter is 1.8m long approx.
Q11. What is the difference between the Chillmax and the Artic Air?
A. They are similar but slightly different – the water tank locations are different, the filter for the Artic air is not washable and the colour of the water tank can be changed only with the Artic Air
Q12. Can additional filters be bought if needed?
A. Yes, additional filters are available if needed at JML and usually cost between £12 and £18

Part 2: Chillmax Air Cooler Review – Features and Functions

Chillmax Air Cooler and Humidifier

Main Features in Summary:

Operates for 10 hours when full
Soft glow blue LED night light
Filter is dishwasher safe
Cools and humidifies room air
Antimicrobial reusable filter
3 speed fan is adjustable
Evaporates the water to cool air
Water capacity 610ml
Box size is 20.3 by 17.8 by 24.8cm
Gross weight is 1.23kg

Main Features and Functions in Detail:

  • This air cooler from Chillmax has the ability to keep your temperatures cooler by just using water and in turn operates by cooling and humidifying the air in your home
  • The filter included is dishwasher friendly which is one less thing to worry about and it is also antimicrobial and reusable which cuts down on the ongoing costs of additional filters.
  • It has the built-in soft-glow blue LED night light which works great during the night time and the cooler fan is adjustable with 3 different speed settings to suit the level of temperatures that you need to deal with.
  • When filled up, this cooler can last up to 10 hours duration (at the lower setting) which again cuts down on the amount of times you need to refill the machine. It operates by turning cold water using a special filter into a finer mist of cool, refreshing air which in turn is circulated by a fan (3 speed settings)
  • It works by humidifying while it cools your breathing areas so you can stay cool and breathe moist, humid air for a much better living environment.
  • Operation includes the use of Hydro-Chill Technology for pulling in dry air and converting it to refreshing cooler air. It is lightweight in design so moving it from room to room in your home is very easy and there are no chemicals or toxic coolants used (only water) which again is one less thing to be worrying about
  • In summary, you get a small Air cooler which operates as a humidifier, a cooler and also a night light LED from a single plug socket operation. The size of the box is 20.3 by 17.8 by 24.8cm and comes in at a gross weight of 1.23kg

Price Guide:

  • The price guide when last seen on sale with JML Direct at the time of this review was in the £40 to £60 region which of course can be double checked below if needed

Further Images of the Chillmax Air Cooler and Humidifier are outlined below (5)

  • Chillmax Air Cooler Review

Part 3: Chillmax Air Cooler Review – Pros and Cons

Pros for the Chillmax Air Cooler:

  • This is an environmentally friendly choice to make your air conditions cooler as it uses just the evaporation of water to keep you cooler
  • The filters are reusable and dishwasher safe so you don’t have the ongoing cost of buying new filters over and over again. They are also resistant to mould and mildew
  • One fill gives you up to 10 hours of cooler air which is a lot longer than expected from a machine so small
  • It is neat and tidy, looks well and it can fit easily on the work top where you work in the kitchen or on your bedside table. As it is lightweight, it is easily transportable around your home from room to room.
  • Includes the built-in soft-glow blue LED night light which many other brands do not have
  • It also includes the Hydro-Chill Technology with the advanced evaporative air-cooling filter to pull in warm dry air and change it to cool refreshing air
  • It can be plugged into any wall socket in your home or areas where you need a concentrated effort where you read or work by your computer
  • No ozone-destroying chemical coolants are used like what you see in commercial air conditioners

Cons for the Chillmax Air Cooler:

  • It lacks the power of cooling the air like an air conditioner can do but it does come with a fraction of the price
  • The lower settings can sometimes give less than satisfactory results – many seem to need the second or even the third settings in more difficult conditions
  • The level of noise is not all that bad but may be too loud for people who are very light sleepers
  • While we found it to operate quite well in our own home, many others did not get the level of cool air that they expected from it so it certainly is not for everyone – it works for some yet doesn’t provide enough cool air output for others
  • Some will find the LED light a little too annoying – again it is not for everyone
  • Some minor issues have been reported with the vents which should be noted even in isolated cases but at least there is the money back guarantee in the event there are any problems

Part 4: Conclusion and Feedback


Do I recommend it? Yes, based on our own experiences as it gave us a much-improved cooler air effect in the rooms we put it in. It also seems to work better in smaller type rooms in confined spaces rather than very large rooms spread out as the cool air tends to get lost. If you need it for a small room where you read or work on a computer, then you get a lot more from it. However, if you are the other side of the large room, then the impact for the cooler air is significantly lower. The other reason why I recommend it is the fact that they offer a money back guarantee so if you need to return it, then they will refund you with their money back guarantee.

Feedback Submission:

Have you tried the Chillmax Air Cooler yourself in the recent past? Did it work as expected or was it a complete waste of time and money for you?

If possible, please feel free to share your own experiences (good or bad) in the comment box section below for the wider community so that other visitors coming here can learn also! (email addresses are stored safely and not visible to the general public)



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  1. Mine worked for approx. 1 hour after the 2 hour charging period but very slowly however many times I pressed the crackly button. Then it stopped and only started again for less than a minute each time after a 5 minute wait. Admittedly, each few seconds it worked better than it had done earlier but not enough to cool me down before stopping. Incidently, it was plugged into a USB port the whole time….totally useless.

  2. Oh, didn’t know they offered money back guarantee. My aunt used the chilmax air at her place and on a visit I couldn’t lie I felt something different about the air so I asked. It seemed to me like an air conditioner but I was more than that with filtering etc. Yeah it had some subtle sounds though and you could notice it. I think it’s really good and if I have enough to spare, I’ll get it for my home too

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