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Hello again and welcome to this review on the Best Window Air conditioners which are available to order online and get delivered to your door hassle free. As the temperature starts increasing, it's time to bring cooling appliances into action! It is noticed that about one-quarter of American people have a window air conditioner in their house and the numbers are quickly rising as these cooling appliances are awesome solutions to beat the heat and humidity of summer weather.  As it comes to cooling down, window air conditioners are better options than portable air conditioners.

They perform a great job at keeping you cool, what differentiates one window AC unit from another is how rapidly and gently it cools a room and how simple it is to operate and control. Even if you have a central air conditioning system, you may consider a window unit to cool areas not cooled by the central system, as home office or a finished room in the upper floor. Window air conditioners are most accepted as they do not need a professional HVAC for installation.

It can be completed with two people in a small amount of time. These don’t need any key structural changes to your room, as they can easily fit in the window area. With the proper measurements and capacity - window air conditioners will be more proficient when it comes to dehumidifying your space at a low level of expense.

Points to Consider:

Affordability- Small window AC units cost as little as $100, whereas large window air conditioners, with greater cooling capability, can run up to $700. They are the wisest option if you are living in a rental place. It also makes sense if you don’t want to pay out the big money for a entire house system.

Efficiency - Most of window air conditioners units have variable digital controls instead of the simple low and high settings of old AC units. Window units with energy saving modes provide further help in reducing the utility costs. With comparison to a central air conditioning system, window air conditioners are more reasonably priced to cool one or two rooms.

Easy to buy and Install - Window air conditioners are easily available at most big box home stores, as well as at large supermarket chain stores, department stores. Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore and LG are among the top-selling brands. The majority of window air conditioners come with easy installation kits. They do not require a professional HVAC installation as they can be installed with two persons help in a little time.

Electrical Requirements -Before purchasing a window AC unit, ensure that your home’s electrical system can bear the appliance’s power requirements. If a dedicated or 230-volt circuit is required, you’ll need to have an electrical contractor install this.

Energy-Efficient AC Features - Following energy efficient features of window air conditioners add to a strong EER and offer superior convenience and comfort cooling. With more variable fan speeds you get greater control of air flow, which also helps save money / Digital temperature control systems / Programmable thermostat allow you program needed settings for different times of the day and night / Easy filters removal that remove dust and other allergens from the air / User can set sleep setting/energy saving setting making the room more comfortable for sleeping and saving on energy costs / Set the time you desire the AC unit to start or stop. Timers allow you to come to a house that already is cool long running the air conditioner as you are away.


Q: What size of window air conditioner unit need to be installed?
A: It’s very important to do your study and figure out which size window air conditioner is most effective for your space. Buying a window AC unit that is large will misuse energy and buying a AC unit that is too small will not cool enough the temperature. Get the proper measurements and these factors to consider into account before purchase a window AC unit: ceiling height for BTU requirement, room temperature and number of people living in the room
Q: What's best place to install my window air conditioner?
A: Window air conditioners are made and designed to fit inside double hung windows. Get the measurements of inside of the installation window before buying it. Generally, window air conditioners come with a kit which includes all installation accessories. Window air conditioner placement is quite significant; installing it in a shaded window will facilitate and extend the life of the AC unit. The window that faces north, have the most shade.
Q: How often clean and maintain the window air conditioner?
A: Its Maintaining your window air conditioner is a swift and easy process. Performing regular maintenance on the unit can prolong its life and allow it to operate as expected. Before beginning any maintenance, be sure to ALWAYS unplug the appliance to prevent any kind of injury. Cleaning the air filter is very crucial when it comes to staying comfortable in your home. Some window A/C units have reusable filters, while others utilize replaceable filters. Be sure to reference your owner’s manual to figure out which cleaning/replacement process is best for your unit. For reusable filters, start by gently washing it with warm water and a subtle amount of dish soap or white vinegar.  Allow the filter to dry completely before placing it back into the air conditioner. It is recommended that reusable filters be cleaned at least once per month, but depending on allergies and household pets, it may be best to clean it more frequently. If the unit uses a replaceable filter, it is typically recommended to be replaced every two months.
Q: Will energy star rated models save money?
A: Yes off course, energy star rated AC units save around 30% on your utility bills. As energy efficiency guiding principles, Energy Star rated AC models operate more efficiently and consume less power over the lifetime of the air conditioner.
Q: Is it possible to leave a window air conditioner installed throughout the winter?
A: Every window AC unit is different, so it is recommended to confirm the owner’s manual if the unit is able to withstand low temperatures. Some of window air conditioners models have a double heat function, you can keep remains installed to add supplemental heating in the winter season.

Best Window Air Conditioners Review - Our Top 8

1, The Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner Wifi Control, 10000 Btu

Overview of Features:

  • If you are looking a perfect window air conditioner for this summer, Frigidaire is the most excellent choice available in the market today as compared to other window AC models.
  • With the Frigidaire window AC unit providing 10,000 BTU cooling, it can be connected to wifi, a smartest window air conditioner which gives options you to cool your room from everywhere, anytime using your smart mobile device.
  • The Frigidaire applications allows you the ease to remotely turn the unit on or off, to change temperature, operate and control modes and fan. It is recommended for cooling a room up to 450 square feet, you can simply program your window unit day and night, in the week or on weekends.
  • For downloads, Frigidaire application is available on apple's store for iphone & iPad users, for android smart devices you can download it at Google play.
  • It has an elegant look, a tech filled appliance that features an app control so you can operate and observe it remotely.
  • It's also energy star rated, so you can stay cool without wasting any extra energy and save your bills.
  • Generally available for less than $400 which is a bit pricey when compared to others below

2, The LG 6,000 Btu Window-Mounted Air Conditioner, LW60145ER

Overview of Features:

  • The LG LW6015ER window air conditioner is perfect for cooling power up to 6,000 BTU 115V which is enough for a small to medium room up to 260 square feet.
  • If you utilize the energy saver function properly of this window unit, you will cool a lot and save even more with this unit's.
  • It has other special features of 24-hour on/off timer and a 11.5 energy efficiency ratio. With its stylish full-function remote, you can even get your cool on from across the room.
  • This model is quite durable as LG's patented Gold fin anti-corrosion coating offers a protective shield that makes it lasts longer.
  • On the other hand, the set up is an easy task with the included installation kit and manual.
  • The LG window AC unit is energy star qualified, and at 6,000 BTU this lightweight air conditioner which can cool a medium-size room rapidly.


3, The GE Window Air Conditioner 8000 BTU AHM08LW

Overview of Features:

  • This GE AHM08LW window air conditioner model has impressive cooling power, up to 8,000 Btu, which means it can cool rooms up to 340 square feet.
  • Along with this cooling power, it has another advantage as the unit has the second highest limit airflow of the window AC units is 230 CFM.
  • So obviously it is well suited for medium to large rooms. Although being such a powerful window AC unit, it also a quietest model.
  • However, it has few shortcomings that keep it in the top list to pick it. Above all, it has 1 year compressor warranty, which is low as compared to the 5 years by Frigidaire, Friedrich and Keystone.
  • Another key point is that it is second heaviest AC unit, weighing 61 pounds.
  • While this air conditioner is an energy efficient, its energy consumption cancels out some of the savings when compared to small and less costly units.
  • Naturally, this window air conditioner unit has a positive energy star certification.

4, The Friedrich Energy Star 115V 12.2 EER Chill Series Room Air Conditioner, 10000 BTU

Overview of Features:

  • Friedrich chill window AC units has many excellent features to provide you comfort and cooling in the hot summer without the premium price.
  • Because it's a Friedrich, the quality and durability come standard, This window unit is the ENERGY STAR certified CP10 which is designed to cool rooms up to 450 square feet.
  • It has 3 cooling and fan speeds. The option of auto air sweep swing louvers of this AC unit provide more smooth air distribution.
  • It comes with digital remote control, you can set all the functionalities using remote control. It has money saving setting which saves money by operating fan alone when cooling.
  • You can set 24 hours timer permits you program on/off times.
  • Slide-out chassis with window or thru the wall installation and it weighs 81 pounds.

5, The Home Window Mounted Air Conditioner 5000 BTU

Overview of Features:

  • A small window air conditioner suitable for small bedroom or apartments. It has the cooling capacity of 5000 BTU power 115V, 60Hz, 4.0 amps.
  • The window AC Unit dimensions are 16 L by 15.4 D by 12 H inches. It can be fitted easily of windows between 23- 36 inches wide with minimum height 13 inches.
  • This window AC unit has features of two-way airflow, high and low cool and fan settings with 7 cooling speeds. It is an excellent cooling appliance for small rooms up to 150 square feet.
  • It comes with installation kit that includes accordion panels, top rail, support bracket, screws, window seal foam and washable eco filter.
  • It is recommended that the filters should be washed with warm water and dish soap and dry it thoroughly, or vacuum clean with dust buster.
  • The weight is 36.6 pounds and you need to follow the manual properly for installation and running operations. #
  • It also has a very attractive price level compared to similar type models

6, The General Electric Window Air Conditioner, 115V, GE AEY05LV, 5,000 BTU

Overview of Features:

  • Firstly, this window air conditioner has 5000 BTU, 2 cooling fan speeds and it is 115V
  • It has an attractive white neutral color which blends in well with house dwellings
  • There is the EZ mount window kit included also
  • It includes multiple fan speeds so the room can be made cool or cold depending on your needs
  • What you will also like about this window air conditioner is the ease in which it can be installed into your room and how quickly it is to get up and running in no time at all
  • The room size this model will work best in is 150 square foot and it weighs 43 Ibs and the dimensions are 16.22 by 16.06 by 11.88 in inches
  • One of the main attractions also is the very low price and I have seen it on sale for less than $120 which is definitely worth checking out.


7, The Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner, 115V, FFRA0511R1, 5,000 BTU

Overview of Features:

  • This particular model has the ability to dehumidify up to 1.1 pints per hour and performs best in a room size of approx. 150 square foot.
  • It has the mechanical rotary control, 5000 BTU and is 115V
  • The noise level experience is not too bad either and you can expect that it won’t disturb your sleep pattern.
  • It has the top, full-width and two-way air direction control for maximum effect and has an EER of 11.1
  • Included here also is the washable mesh filter with the side and the slide-out access can reduce bacteria, room odors and other airborne particles for a healthier more comfortable environment.
  • You also get the 6.5 foot 3 prong cord and 2 cooling fan speeds and the overall dimensions that you need to know is 16 by 15 by 12 Inches
  • Finally, price is reasonable also and I have seen it on sale for less than $150


8, The Chigo Window Air Conditioner 5,400 BTU

Overview of Features:

  • Firstly, this model under the Chigo brand has a 4 way directional air movement to direct the air where you need it which is great if you need to focus on a particular region
  • It is a 5400 BTU air conditioner for window-mounted installation only and has industry leading features which can used straight out of the box and is up and running in no time at all.
  • The room size that this unit will perform best in is 175 square foot maximum
  • It has 3 fan speeds in cooling or fan only modes and a reset button in the event of power interruption
  • The filter here is reusable and easy to remove and clean also by just rinsing it every few weeks
  • There is a 6 foot power cord and has a daily dehumidification of 21.6 pints and the weight is 40.8Ibs and it has a noise level of 56 decibel
  • The dimensions are 11.9'' H by 16.13'' W by 15.13'' D and I have seen it on sale with a price tag range of $140 to $160
  • You also get a product warranty of 2 years on the components and 5 years on compressor which gives additional peace of mind before you buy.




On a final note - if you want save floor space and having limited space in your room then window air conditioner is best option for you. They are stored completely outside of your living space. Additionally, window air conditioners are extra efficient as compared to central cooling systems, because they utilize the power to consume more efficiently to generate more cooling power per BTU. Many window air conditioners models carry Energy Star certifications, further proving their efficiency. Another factor to consider a window is the level of noise produced during operation.

Although they tend to produce a similar range noise, noise levels are determined by a dB (decibel) rating. If noise is a concern during the sleeping, you have to pay attention to noise ratings and select a unit with a low noise level.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with your Window Air Conditioners with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!


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