Best Undercounter Ice Makers – Plus important FAQ


Hello and welcome to this review for the Best Under Counter Ice makers which are available across the market and which can also be easily ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free. This review will look at 6 Under Counter Ice Maker machine appliances in detail so that you can make an informed decision before you buy so please read the features outline below for each of them.

Please note though that the price of the Undercounter Ice maker machines tends to be on the high side when compared to portable Ice makers so please also take a look at the Best Portable Ice makers here also before making any decision on your Ice Maker be it an Under Counter Ice Maker or a smaller Portable Ice Maker.

Before making any decision on your Under Counter Ice maker, please take a quick look through some FAQ that have come up from the community in recent months and then use the price checkers which are provided below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Under Counter Ice Makers…

Q. How difficult is it to install?
A. Most models are not too difficult, the main task will be to assemble the water connection and drain line and then supply the power unit outlet. Please read instructions carefully before taking on this project and get professional help if you feel you are not up to the task.
Q. Do you need an additional water filter?
A. No but it is recommended for cleaner better tasting ice
Q. How do the Under Counter ice Maker prices compare to Portable Ice Makers?
A. The price for the Portable Ice Makers can be got for less than $150 if you look hard enough and the Under counter Model tends to be $400 plus and some will even cost over $1000 so choose wisely.
Q. How much ice can they make each day?
A. Models vary but many can deliver 80 to 100 Ibs of Ice per day and some even more depending on how much you are prepared to spend.
Q. How much ice can they store?
A. They are designed to hold larger volumes of ice for parties and larger gatherings of people so they typically can hold enough ice even for the average restaurant.
Q. What type pf Ice cubes are available?
A. Depending in the models features, they can range from gourmet, cubes, crescent, bullet and pearls.
Q. Can the Ice Makers keep the Ice Frozen?
A. Not all Ice makers can keep the ice frozen as they are intended for making ice only – please double check the model features before you buy.
Q. What kind iof drain pipes are available?
A. You can get a gravity pipe or a pumped pipe to drain away the water.
Q. Is it difficult to clean and maintain?
A. No, ice makers are very easy to keep clean and maintain as long as you put in sufficient time and follow the manual instructions.

Best Under Counter Ice Makers Reviewed – 6 Models

1, The Whynter 15 Inch 12 lb. Daily Production Built-In Ice Maker


  • First on this list is the smaller Whynter 15 Inch Built-In Ice Maker that can make 12 Ibs of ice per day and is also a built in Portable Ice maker as well as being an Undercounter Ice maker.
  • It has an attractive stainless steel door and black cabinet that works perfectly for the bar area of your house or in your kitchen and they suggest that a professional should be used to get in installed rather than taking on the installation yourself.
  • It operates of a standard 120 watts, the ice bin and scoop are included and there is also the auto shut off when the ice bin is full. It offers you also the option of having a free standing installation under the counter or having it built in.
  • It can make you 12 Ibs of ice on a daily basis, the ice storage capacity is small though at only 6 Ibs, it weighs 54 Ibs and the dimensions to take note of are 25'' H by 15'' W by 18'' D in inches.
  • In terms of warranty, you get one year and the price tag ranges from $400 to $420 when last viewed at Wayfair.


2, The EdgeStar Undercounter Clear Ice Maker Stainless Steel (IB450SS)


  • Next of this list for you to take a closer look at is the EdgeStar under counter clear Ice Maker which is made from Stainless Steel and has the ability make 45 Ibs of ice on a daily basis.
  • There is the reversible door and the front venting system and comes easily built in under your counter for storing and making lots of ice whenever you need it. Please note also that if you do not want to have it built in, it can operate as freestanding also if required in the kitchen or bar area.
  • The dimensions to take note of are 32.8"" H by 14.6"" W by 23.6"" D" and they suggest that a professional should be used to have it properly installed
  • In terms of storage, it can hold 25 Ibs of ice and the coop and removable ice bin are included as standard. This machine will make ice but is not a freezer and so the gravity drain pipe is included to drain away the melted ice. Another thing also that you should be aware of is that the ice will need to be broken further once made which will extra work on your behalf.
  • While the warranty is only 1 year, the price region at Walmart tended to be $700 to $1200 depending on discount activity which of course can be easily checked below.


3, The SPT IM 600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker


  • Another Under counter Ice maker machine that you should consider is the SPT IM 600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker which has the front exhaust fan and also a black cabinet.
  • One thing that makes it popular in many people’s eyes is the fact that it can used as free standing in your kitchen or bar area or you can have it built in if needed.
  • They also recommend that you do not take on the installation task yourself and that you should seek professional help by a licenced plumber in your area and they also suggest that filtered water is used to ensure the best quality tasting ice possible.
  • This ice maker weighs 84 Ibs, the dimensions to consider are 23.6 x 14.6 x 32.8 in inches and has the auto shut off system when the ice bin has been filled.
  • When you look at storage, it can hold approx. 25 Ibs of ice and has the ability to make 50 Ibs of ice on a daily basis and includes computerized controls for simple and easy operation and again don’t forget to use filtered water for this appliance.


4, The Sunpentown 15 Inch 12 lb. Daily Production Built-In Ice Maker


  • A popular Ice maker mainly due to the low price is the Sunpentown 15 Inch 12 lbs Daily Production Built-In Ice Maker which has a removable bin and will easily fit under the majority of counters across the country.
  • It is made from stainless steel also, makes crescent shaped ice and has the front ventilation system lie many other appliances. In terms of storage it can hold 6 Ibs if ice and they also suggest that you see a licenced professional plumber for the installation process.
  • No drain is required for the ice maker and can be used as a free standing appliance or you can choose to have it built in. Please note also that the ice scoop is included if you buy and it also has the reversible door and the manual defrost system.
  • Once the ice bin, us filled, the auto shut off system kicks in and the power is operated off 120 watts. Please not also here that the size dimensions are 25'' H by 15'' W by 18'' D in inches and the price bracket when last checked at Wayfair ranged from $300 to $350. (a 1 year warranty is included also)


5, The Scotsman Air Cooled 395 Lb Under counter Flake Ice Machine (AFE424A-1A)


  • If you are prepared to spend a lot more, then take a look at the Scotsman Air Cooled 395 Lb Under counter Flake Ice Machine model number AFE424A-1A which does cost over $3000 when last checked.
  • This ice maker from the brand of Scotsman comes with the ice bin, makes flake style ice and can make 395 Ibs of ice over a 24 hour period which is a lot more than any of the models outlined above.
  • It also has the special features of having the self contained condenser and it is air cooled and the storage bin has the capacity of 80 Ibs of ice.
  • The size dimensions here for this model is 24.00 by 24.25 by 39 in inches and the price region when last viewed at Walmart was $3500+ which can of course be easily double checked below


6, The U-Line UBI98W00A Undercounter Crescent Ice Maker


  • Last on the list for today is the -Line Undercounter Crescent Ice Maker model number UBI98W00A which includes the reversible door and is also ADA Compliant.
  • One thing to consider also is the fact that this Ice maker is made in the USA so it is always better to support home grown production and support local jobs and employment.
  • In terms of weight, it comes in at 76 Ibs and the size to take note off is 22 by 18 by 30 in inches . There is the front ventilation system included as standard and will make crescent shaped ice and can make over 20 Ibs of ice each day no problem.
  • One last thing then you will need to spend a little more as the price tag tends to be over $1000 when last checked but is well worth it if you have the money to spend.


Finally, it would also be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own personal favorite Under Counter ice makers by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that others in the community can learn also!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision.



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