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Welcome to this review for the Best Steam Irons which are available across the market and can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free. Steam irons are a fantastic appliance to remove all the tough creases from your clothes and are actually quite easy to use once you get the hang of them and can work as easily as dry irons.

Each of the best steam irons below outlined below will vary somewhat so you will need to follow the instructions provided for each of them by and large they can be used on many types of fabrics that people have nowadays.

As price will also be very important to you, the list will outline options that are very inexpensive and one in particular has been seen on sale for less than $10 which is perfect for people who need to work on a tighter budget. Prices can change from month to month so please ensure you view the price checkers below so that you get the best value for your money.

General Tips when using a Steam Iron:

  • Before you start, make sure you have water and a sturdy ironing board.
  • Some irons will have a removable water container which are great and fill the water to the level indicator provided. Other models will not have a removable tank and will need to be brought to a water tap or sink to be filled but please make sure it is not plugged in or not while doing so.
  • Please don’t go over the max line on the water container – it is there for a reason!
  • Add the removable tank back to the device and plug it in and take a look at the clothes in question and the tags and set the iron to the correct temperature as outlined in the tag.
  • Once the iron plate has heated up, then press the steam button provided and spread the garment across the iron board to avoid creases and steam will then be released automatically.
  • When using the steam iron, use it while the iron is facing in the opposite direction and the fabric will get moist which is normal – don’t overuse it that makes the fabric too dry.
  • When working with dark colors, make sure to iron on the opposite side or internal side of the garment.
  • For deep creases, spray the water on more and then iron them out – add more water until the crease is finally out
  • Once finished, empty out any remaining water and put it away when cool safe from the reach of children.

Things to avoid when using Steam Irons:

  1. Avoid using scented fabrics in the water – only use clean natural water.
  2. Overfilling the water – this water can get too hot and burn your skin.
  3. Never allow children near the hot steam iron or the cord – even after you are finished and make sure to put away in a safe place when finished.
  4. Never put the hot iron left facing downwards on the ironing board – put it on its heel.
  5. Don’t steam iron on dark colors direct – use the opposite side
  6. Avoid ironing over buttons as it can damage them or zips as they can damage the base plate of the iron

Best Steam Irons Reviewed – 10 Models Selected

1, The BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Green Compact Clothing Iron (IR02V)


  • Without a doubt this steam iron is exceptionally popular due to its brand, functionality and very low price and if you want a really low priced option, then this steam iron under the brand of Black and Decker is the one for you.
  • It has the smartsteam technology so that it adjusts to give the best soleplate temperature and steam level fir for your clothes
  • It is also non-stick on the soleplate with its TrueGlide to give you a satisfactory gliding surface and you work the iron and will remove both small and wrinkles and creases.
  • There is the spray mist for deeper wrinkles, the see-through water tank so you know when it needs to be refilled and the 360-degree pivoting cord so you can work any angle you wish.
  • The size here is 5.7 by 10.24 by 5.71 in inches and has been seen on sale for less than $10 and can be checked further below.



2, The Rowenta Perfect Steam Iron Station Eco Energy (DG8520)


  • This steam iron under the Rowenta brand is certainly a very popular option among buyers and one of the reasons is the eco setting which allows you to use 20% less heating energy which saves you money in terms of energy costs.
  • It is very quick to heat up – only takes 2 minutes and you will get 90 minutes usage on one tank fill.
  • The soleplate is made from stainless steel and has 400 holes for really smooth gliding which you will notice the difference with. It also has a precision tip which is excellent around the buttons or collar areas.
  • It works off 1750W and has 5 bars of pressure and this model will prove to be a quicker more powerful appliance in getting your garments wrinkle and crease free in no time at all.
  • The dimensions here are 18.1 by 12 by 14.6 in inches, it allows vertical steam and the price is a lot higher than the option above and can vary anywhere between $280 and $420


3, The Rowenta Everlast Anti Calc Steam Iron (1750W)


  • First of all, this steam iron will provide 1750w of steam power to give you the best results one would expect from an appliance under this Rowenta brand
  • There are 3 different steam options (steam burst / vertical / variable) so there is definitely more flexibility if you choose to go with this model.
  • One key feature here is the anti-calc and self-cleaning system which is an added bonus and the calc collector can be easily removed and emptied when needed.
  • There is the 8 foot power cord included so you can reach further distances with it and also the patented lime scale collector which can collect approx. 1 tablespoon of scale.
  • In addition, you also get the 3 way safety automatic shut off, 400 steam holes and the temperature is adjustable.
  • In terms of size, it comes in at just 12.6 by 5.8 by  7.3 in inches, it weighs less than 3.7 Ibs and the price tag associated to it is very good and comes in at a region of $90 to $140 but check this below.


4, The Shark 1,600W 8 inch Professional Steam Power Iron (GI405)


  • This steam iron model under the Shark brand is not as strong or powerful as the Rowenta models mentioned above but competes very well due to its attractive low price level.
  • It provides 1600W steam power and includes the automatic shut off and is also a self cleaning option.
  • In addition, it has the anti-drip feature and the temperature can be adjusted as you see fit and it also has the capability of vertical steam. The temperatures are adjustable with the circular temperature dial.
  • Once the red light indicator appears, then it is ready to use and gives you a strong steam to get ride of those difficult wrinkles
  • Size wise it comes in at 12.8 by 6.80 by 5.7 in inches and the price range tends to be in the $30 to $40 category.


5, The Sunbeam Steam Master Iron with Retractable Cord (GCSBCL-202-000)


  • One of the biggest features here for this Sunbeam Steam iron is the retractable 8-foot cord and it can be stored away neatly and tidy so it certainly will look more eye catching when not in use.
  • It works off 1400w steam power which is less than the models mentioned above but is matched also with the appropriate price tag for those of you who need to need to work with a limited budget.
  • The pointed tip is great around the buttons or collar areas, it provides vertical steam and the level of steam is variable to vanish your wrinkles in an instant.
  • In terms of warranty, there is a lifetime on the soleplate and 3-year limited warranty and the size is only 12 by 4.8 by 5.5 in inches.
  • It includes the anti-drip feature and the 3-way motion smart technology to shut off automatically if left unattended or if you forget to flick the off button.
  • There is also the self-cleaning attribute which prevents a build-up of minerals on the soleplate and has been seen on sale  for less than $25

6, The BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron (Cord Reel & Green)


  • The Black and Decker Vitessa Steam iron is certainly another very popular steam iron with its Trueglide non-stick soleplate and also the smart steam technology for steam and temperature control in one easy dial.
  • There is a cord reel included here, the anti drip as standard and a larger capacity water tank with vertical steam capability also.
  • You can spray the mist on the deeper wrinkles and the trueglide feature ensure you have a smooth experience instead of it sticking and prevent you making further creases.
  • The dimensions for this model is 12.3 by  5.8 by 4.8 in inches and there is a 2 year limited warranty should you choose to select this model.
  • Of course, the indicator light will appear when it is ready to go and also has the automatic shut off ability.


7, The Rowenta Focus Iron (1700W)


  • Starting off, the Focus iron under the Rowenta brand has proven to be a very popular option with very positive customers reviews right across the board.
  • It has the precision tips for the harder to reach areas, 1700W steam power, the self cleaning ability to flush out any mineral deposits and also a 10 oz. water tank.
  • The level of steam is variable and has 400 steam holes for maximum performance and the 3 way auto off stainless steel soleplate.
  • It can work on a pivot of 360 degrees, it allows vertical steam and the anti-scale build up system to extend the life of the steam iron.
  • In terms of weight, it comes in at less than 4 Ibs, its size is 7.1'' H by 12.5'' W by 5.67'' D and it is made in Germany.
  • The price is not bad either if you compare elsewhere and I have seen it on sale in the $65 to $115 region brackets


8, The Rowenta Steamforce Iron (1800W)


  • This model is more powerful that the Focus iron above and it does have a higher price tag associated to it but is definitely affordable and worth it if you have the extra money to spend.
  • This model under the Rowenta brand provides a revolutionary steam force power injection system which has a built-in pump for both power and steam settings.
  • There are the digital controls for the soleplate and will tell you when it has reached the required temperature and will give an additional 30% steam when compared to various other models.
  • There is a 7-foot cord to work with, the pivoting of 360 degrees, a higher wattage of 1800W and a large water tank that can hold 10.8 oz of water.
  • A standard, there is the precision tip which is great around the collars or buttons, the self-cleaning system to avoid a build-up of minerals and a 3-way smart auto shut off system if left unattended.
  • Another added feature here is the steam motion sensor which will not allow any steam out when the iron is not in motion which helps to conserve energy and water usage.
  • The size of this model is 7.08'' H by 5.7'' W by 12.6'' D, it weighs less than 4 Ibs and the price can vary from $100 to $175 depending on promotional activity.



9, The T-fal Ultra Glide Iron (1725W)


  • The T-Fal has a lot less steam holes (only 64) than the Rowenta models above but it has performed very well and given better than expected results to many buyers in the marketplace.
  • From the 64 steam holes it provides, it has 27 larger steam holes for the more advanced steam requirements and also the 37 microholes for a smaller more acute level of steam diffusion.
  • It takes 1725W power, the water tank can hold 9 oz. of water and the 3 way auto off is included if left unattended.
  • It is also self-cleaning to clear any mineral deposits, there is the anti-drip feature and an integrated anti-scale system to keep the soleplate clean and extend its shelf life.
  • Another thing here for the T-Fal model is the extended heel which is designed to hold the cord so it can be placed away neatly once your work is completed.
  • There is also the vertical steam ability, the weight is less than 3.5 Ibs and the size dimensions are 7.1'' H by 13.3'' W by 6'' D

10, The Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron (1500W)


  • Certainly, one of the first things that have attracted many buyers to the Hamilton Beach Durathon steam iron is the reliability, performance and also the attractive low price that is available for it so it is seen as excellent value for your money.
  • In terms of longevity, this model is ten times more durable than stainless steel as it comes with an aluminium coated soleplate with 2 layers of ceramic and also the non-stick coat as well.
  • This steam iron will give you 0.05 Ibs of steam per minute to get rid of those nasty wrinkles and creases and it also has a really nice comfortable soft grip so your hand wont tire as easily.
  • There is the 1500W power, the 3 way auto shut off system if left unattended and of course the spray and blast and vertical steam capabilities.
  • The self-cleaning feature comes as standard and can be used for cotton, wool, silk, synthetics or linen.
  • The size for this particular model is 5.79'' H by 5'' W by 12.06'' D and when last checked, it was available for sale at excellent value in the region of $25 to $40 but can be checked further below.




Finally, I hope this review on the best steam irons has helped you out and feel free to let me know your own preferred steam iron models by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

Take care and thanks for taking the time to visit.


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  1. Awwwh! I remember last time when I was ironing my college uniform, I burnt my shirt and had to buy a new one! I stopped ironing from then but I need to get started again. After reading your post about Steam irons I think I can start it again and I like all these products that you have suggested. Also, I am going to follow your tips/guidelines while ironing so I have bookmarked your page for future reference, wish me the best!

    • Yes, follow the tips and guidelines provided and you can’t go wrong – and best of luck to you also with getting starting again with your Ironing duties!

  2. Hello, Its always important to find the right piece of pressing iron to ensure you clothes are crisp and neat. I particularly like the Rowenta steam iron because its a really powerful iron. Seeing that it gets hot quickly and it’s water lasts for longer, it think it would be worth a buy and the brand is one that can be trusted. From this list I would definitely recommend the Rowenta steam iron…

  3. Nice tip on ironing on the opposite side for darks – I must
    remember that in future! I also tend to overfill and I have got scalded a few
    times – again I must pay more attention. I have used the Rowenta steam iron eco
    energy and can say that it has never let me down – an awesome machine, number 8
    Rowenta steamforce iron is also another favorite of mine, again it will not let
    you down. That’s my opinion anyway.

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