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Hello once again and if you are looking for a reliable Germination Kit, then please take a quick look through this brief review for the Best Seed Germination kits which are available and which can also be delivered to your home in just a matter of a few days.

Our review includes starter packages and also options for the more experienced people and include a range of prices that will suit almost everybody’s budget, so without further delay, here are 6 Germination Kits that we recommend and which you should consider before you buy…

Best Seed Germination Kits Reviewed (6 Options)

1, The Seed Starter Germination Station Complete Kit Dome - 72 Cell Tray + Growing Tray


  • First on this list is a starter Germination Station Complete Kit with a dome which is perfect for anyone to get started and it has a growing tray and a 72 cell tray capacity included.
  • This particular kit includes the dome where you can control the humidity levels and it is ideal for hydroponic growing and seed starting and the 72 seed cell inserts give you lots of options to work with.
  • Overall, this model will provide and give a gentle warmth to the plant beds and balance moisture levels to help the overall germination processes.
  • Another reason why we recommend this option is due to the very low price level and has been seen on sale with Walmart for less than $15 which can be checked below if you are interested in taking a quick look.


2, The Jiffy Self-Watering Greenhouse Seed Starting Kit - T70H


  • Next, we have the Jiffy Self-Watering Greenhouse Seed Starting Kit which comes under model reference number T70H which also has a very affordable price range that people can afford.
  • This particular unit includes the 2 pieces of 11 inches by 11 inches greenhouses the 34 Jiffy 7 pellets in each greenhouse and the 2 capillary mats to help with moisture update and absorption.
  • Another feature here is the 4 water tubes with a water level indicator to tell you what level to work to so that it will prevent any guessing. You get a dome which also maintains the humidity required and the correct temperature can be maintained for the germination processes.
  • The peat pellets here are biodegradable and made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp. Weight wise, it comes it at only 2.92 ounces, the size is approx. 21 by 15 by 14 and the price tends to be also quite low and has been seen anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on discount activities.


3, The Koram 10 Set Seed Tray Seedling Starter Trays Plant Grow Starting Germination Kit


  • At number 3, you should also consider the popular Koram 10 Set Seed Tray Seedling Starter Germination Kit which can be used over and over again if treated with care and there is also the dome supplied to control the humidity levels
  • In addition, you get the grow tray and base 120 cells, tags for the plants and each of the 10 trays has 12 cells each which has the controlled environment to reduce evaporation and the base trays helps to maintain moisture levels.
  • The one thing that you will notice is that they are very easy to use and get started for sowing which reduces your time and effort and can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers and so much more.
  • Overall, you get a lot included in this kit which has the 10 seed trays, 10 watertight base trays, 10 humidity domes, 10 plant labels, a seedling dibber, a seedling widger and the price is certainly worth a closer look if you believe this will work for you.


4, The Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station Heat Mat 72-Cell Pack - CK64050


  • Another model that needs to be considered by you is the Hydrofarm Jump Start Germination Station with the heat mat and 72-cell pack with its reference number being CK64050 to take note of.
  • Please note also that this is the only UL listed heat mat available and there is a 2 inch humidity dome included as standard. In addition, there are also the instructions if you are inexperienced to get started and up and running without any delay or confusion.
  • The heat mat works off 17W and 120V and the watertight base trays is 11 inches by 22 inches in size. This particular unit has all you need to get the indoor start to the garden outdoors and can be used all year round as you see fit.
  • Finally, you get the seedling inserts which can accommodate 72 and the base tray is watertight with the vented dome to maintain the humidity threshold required. There are 3 vents which can control the humidity and the heat. You have the choice to add whatever growing media and plugs to get started be it grow plugs, regular soil, mixes or coco plugs and todays price can be viewed below.


5, The Jiffy 36mm Windowsill Greenhouse 12- Plant Starter Kit


  • At number 5, we have the Jiffy 36mm Windowsill Greenhouse 12- Plant Starter Kit which includes 12 Jiffy pellets each 36mm in size and the pellets which expand to form pot and soil all in one.
  • Again, if you want to get started with vegetables or flowers for your garden, this is a great way to get going and the dome which is made of plastic will keep in the heat and prevent moisture loss to assist in the seed germination process.
  • Please note also that the pellet greenhouse starts 12 plants from seeds or cuttings and overall it has a nice slender design which makes it very convenient and easy to use and the pellets are made from sphagnum peat moss which is perfect to get the right start.
  • For your information, the size comes in at 4.8 by 10.8 by 2.2 in inches, its weighs approx. 3.7 ounces and the price range is very competitive and today’s price can be viewed below.


6, The Greenfingers Germination Peat Pot Seedling Starter Trays - 100 Cell Pack


  • The last option of this list that we recommend is the Greenfingers Germination Peat Pot Seedling Starter Tray kit which has the 100 cell pack for you to work with and this particular option provides you with 30 plant identifiers also.
  • Please be aware that this kit is biodegradable and can be used indoors, in the garden or on the windowsills whatever suits you the best and has the pack of organic peat seed starter trays included as standard. These trays can be split or cut into individual peat pots if you wish with a knife or scissors which can be split among rooms or even among your children if you are a parent.
  • These pots can be used for a wide variety of items be it flowers, vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli or even herbs and each of the 10 trays have 10 cells so you get 100 cells to work with in total and once established they can be moved to a larger pot in the outdoors.
  • The other major advantages here is that there is no plastics used in the manufacturing process as it comes from biodegradable material so you are making an environmentally friendly choice if you decide to go down this route. Included here also as an extra bonus is a planting guide to help you get started if you are relatively inexperienced.



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Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Germination Kits and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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