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Hello once again and welcome to our detailed review for the best Rotary Laser Levels which are available to order online at present and get delivered to your home hassle free. In this list we intend to give you a great variety of different rotary laser levels to choose from which will cover several brands that you will already be familiar with and will have both premium and lower priced budget options also to suit everyone’s needs.

In brief, Rotary laser levels are a great friend to a carpenter or someone who is working in construction, as its vertical beam will allow the user to work with extreme accuracy, so that they are able to ensure that work remains at the level they need it to be. Before we go ahead and give you our list of the best Rotary Laser Levels, take a look at some tips and FAQ that we have come across in the industry that may be of interest to you also.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Rotary Laser Levels:

Please have a quick read of some of the most frequently asked questions that members of the general public have made about working with laser levels. We hope the questions will help ease any concerns that you may have about buying a laser level

Q. How do you use a rotary laser level?
A. A rotary laser level can be used in three ways. The first way is manually, meaning that the user simply adjusts the laser to line up with bubble vials built into the laser. As this technique depends solely on the user’s eyesight, there is a chance of an error. The second way to use a laser level is by using magnet. This is known as self-levelling. Finally, the last way is known as Automatic self-levelling and in this case, levelling is simply done by a series of small motors
Q. What colour laser should I look for?
A. Lasers come in colours of red or green. Green lasers are far easier to see by the human eye and is easier to see in low light conditions. Red lasers are much more useful if you are planning to use the laser in bright light most of the time and they are generally much cheaper than a rotary laser level with a green light
Q. What is meant by the lasers IP rating?
A. The IP rating of the laser level simply refers to the effectiveness of the laser to withstand the hindrances of materials like dust and water. The IP ratings range from 0 to 8 for water and 0 to 6 for dust, with a zero-rating offering no protection and the 8 rating offering the most protection. Also, if you see the letter x before the rating it means the laser level is only protected against water not dust
Q. How do I ensure my laser remains level when working in windy conditions?
A. When working in windy conditions, please make sure that the tripod legs are spread wide apart so that the tripod is less likely to blow over. Also, you should make sure that the ground is as level as possible to ensure that your readings are accurate

Some Safety tips when using Rotary Laser Levels:

  • It should go without saying but working with lasers can be extremely dangerous if not handled in a safe and efficient manner. So please before you operate your laser level please be sure to carefully read over our list of safety tips
  • First, you should always be certain that you are fully aware of how a laser level works before you use it. If you have any uncertainties, please be sure to carefully read over the operation manual
  • As you will be aware a laser light can be extremely dangerous to your eyesight and may even cause blindness, so it is of utmost importance that you wear safety goggles at all times and make sure anyone else in the room has safety googles on as well
  • Please always ensure that the laser level is kept firmly out of the reach of children and always make sure that there is no one standing in front of you when you are operating the laser, and obviously never point the laser near flammable material
  • When dumping used laser materials, please make sure that you follow the correct environmental precautions and never dump a used laser in the water as it is extremely toxic and can greatly affect the life in the water

Best Rotary Laser Levels Review - Our Top Picks for You!

1, The Johnson Rotary Laser Level - 40-6507

  • First on the list for you to consider is the Johnson Rotary Laser Level model number 40-6507 which has proven to be very reliable and has received positive feedback from many clients across the country. The accuracy levels here are excellent and are plus or minus ¼ inch at 100 feet.
  • Included here also is the 90-degree split beam and 4 AA AA Alkaline Batteries, Wall/Ceiling, a set of Tinted Glasses, a multi-function mount and also a soft-sided carrying case to help you move it from place to place.
  • Please note also that the range w/detector is 800 feet and the range w/o Detector is 200 feet and there is also the rotating Speed of 150 to 300 rpm and also has a IP rating 54 and a laser class 3A.
  • The length is 6-1/8", the width is 5-1/8" and the thread size is 5/8-11 and please note that the levelling needs to be done manually. Price wise it is very reasonable and when last checked it was seen on sale  in the price range of $200 to $250 which of course can be double checked below.

2, The Bosch Self-Levelling Rotary Laser Kit with Receiver, Tri-Pod, Grade Rod, & Hard Case - GRL400HCK

  • Up next on our list we have the Bosch Exterior Self-Levelling Rotary Laser Kit, which continues to gain the highest of praises from the most highly publicised review sites and are known for their excellent build quality and once again uses self- levelling to ensure extremely accurate readings
  • Also, this product comes with an extremely beneficial dual laser system, that will allow the user to operate the laser in both inside and outside conditions and can be used for a number of different situations and is the perfect tool for working on construction sites
  • An incredible feature that this laser level has it has the ability to reach distances of up to 1,300 ft and has an accuracy of up to ±3/32 at 100 feet, and with the manual lock function you can be assured that your work is extremely accurate and there is no chance that the laser becomes
  • However, the thing that really sets this laser level apart is its versatility, as it is capable of working in numerous lighting conditions and comes with three different rotation speeds of 350, 600, and 1200 RPM. This level will cost you more however is well worth it if you have the extra money to spend.

3, The CST Berger Horizontal Vertical, Interior + Exterior Rotary Laser Complete Kit - RL25HVCK

  • For the third item on this list we would like to introduce you to the extremely popular CST/berger RL25HVCK Horizontal/Vertical, Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser Complete Kit, which not only is an extremely popular choice amongst professional users, but also for people who are unfamiliar with this type of machinery
  • Once again, this device uses a self- levelling mechanism that will save the user the effort of manually adjusting the laser settings, so the risk of error is greatly reduced, and with both vertical and horizontal settings you are able to have far more variety in what you are able to use your laser level for
  • Also, for your added convenience, this product comes with a glass enclosure to help protect against some of the toughest weather conditions, and with the addition of d cell alkaline batteries, it has a runtime of up to 85 hours and you will be alerted when the battery level is low. Also, this laser comes with a variable speed function
  • As, with many of the other models on this list, this product comes with an added tripod if you intend to use the laser outside and with the added safety glasses included, you end up saving a bit of money. All told this item will end up costing you more money than the previous 2 models but is definitely worth taking a closer look at here.

4, The Bosch Rotary Laser Level - GLL150 ECK

  • Fourth in this list we would like to outline the Bosch Rotary Laser Level model number GLL150 ECK which has the 360 degrees of full coverage horizontal levelling, a fast self-levelling system and is very compact and lightweight to carry around and work with and has proven to be extremely popular across several users in the industry.
  • The level of accuracy here is plus or minus 3/16 inch at 100 feet and it also has the 45 degrees bevelled edge for your convenience. The color of the laser is red and the range w/o detector is 130 feet and the range w/detector is 530 feet.
  • In addition, there is also the auto levelling range of plus or minus 5 degrees, a laser class 2 and a slope of plus or minus 6 degrees. The thread Size here also to know is 1/4-20, 5/8-11 and has 6 AA batteries.
  • In terms of price we believe the costs are very fair for a product of this quality and under this brand you know you are getting a quality product that you can trust and will certainly last for a long period of time.
  • If you are interested in taking a closer look or today’s price  then check out the link below


5, The DEWALT Rotary Laser Kit with Laser Detector - DW074KD

  • Fifth on this list, we have the DEWALT DW074KD Rotary Laser Kit, the perfect rotary laser level for a person that has very little familiarity with using laser levels, and as it is manufactured by Dewalt, you can be assured of a laser level that works extremely well and has excellent build quality
  • Once again, this is a self-levelling laser, which of course means it is not dependant on human interaction, so the chances of human error are virtually non-existent.  This laser kit uses a horizontal laser level that has a range of up to 1500 ft with a detector and is accurate to within a quarter inch
  • Also, this laser level is the perfect tool to be used on construction sites, and for building outdoor decks and constructing patios, and with a clear and easy to see beam, you are able to see the laser outside in distances up to 600 ft when outside, and with an IP rating of 4 it is very resistant to weather conditions
  • Finally, this product comes with an added bag to allow for easy transportation and mobility, and the addition of a wall mount gives the user a lot more options on how to use the rotary laser level. As this level does not come with a tripod it is one of the cheapest laser levels on this list which you should definitely also consider.

6, The PLS Laser PLS HVR 505R Mid-Range Rotary Laser Kit- PLS-60583

  • Next up we have the PLS Laser PLS-60583 PLS HVR 505R Mid-Range Rotary Laser Kit, an extremely beloved product manufactured by Pacific Laser System, that is slowly beginning to take the world of rotary lasers by storm with its compact design and easy to use functions
  • With this particular item you have the ability to work on a mid-range outdoor horizontal and vertical layout, and with its self-levelling technology it is accurate to within five degrees and has a radius range of plus/minus 500 ft
  • For the added convenience of the user, this item comes equipped with a remote control, so you do not have to be right next to the laser to adjust it, this will end up saving you a lot of time and effort and has a battery life of up to 20 hours
  • Also, this particular product comes with a tripod included, so that you do not have to go through the trouble of trying to purchase a tripod that will fit with your device, also the fact that the device comes with an IP rating means that it is protected from adverse weather conditions.

7, The Spectra Precision Rotary Laser Level Kit with Tripod - LL300S-27


  • Up next, we have one of the more expensive models on this list, the exceptionally effective Spectra Precision LL300S-27 Rotary Laser Level Kit, which is the perfect tool for someone who would require a lot of use out of a rotary laser level in their profession. This product is designed with a metal overlay, so it will last you for many years
  • Also, as an added benefit to the user, this product comes equipped with a very strong IP rating, which makes this equipment highly resistant to dust and adverse weather conditions. This strong IP rating will ensure that this rotary laser level will last longer than normal
  • Additionally, another thing that makes this such a popular purchase is its easy setup, which allows you to save a lot of time, and with an automatic self-levelling function, you do not need to go through the trouble of manually adjusting the laser, and with the addition of a remote control you do not have to be beside the laser level to turn it on
  • Finally, to save you some money, this product comes equipped with an added tripod, to allow you to bring your rotary laser level out into the field to use it there, and with a weight of just under seven pounds you can easily pick this laser up, detach it from its tripod and bring it inside. As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the more expensive rotary laser levels and will cost you about $900 to $1600 depending on any ongoing promotional activities - but please be prepared to spend more if you wish to take a closer look below.

8, The Iglobalbuy Automatic Electronic Self-Levelling Rotary Rotating Red Laser Level Kit

  • Now we feel, that it is the perfect time to outline to you the Iglobalbuy Automatic Electronic Self-Levelling Rotary Rotating Red Laser Level Kit. Iglobalbuy are widely known for their user-friendly products, which are designed to last you for many years to come
  • With, this rotary laser level, you have the added feature of being able to choose between for different operational speeds of 60, 120, 300, and 600 rpm. With all these different variable speeds you should have no problem trying to find a suitable purpose for the laser
  • A big reason for this items popularity is how extremely durable it is, with it being able to resist many different weather conditions, and the very visible red laser light means you are easily able to see the laser even in the brightest of sunlight
  • Also, this particular rotary laser level, comes equipped with a number of different items including safety goggles and a rechargeable battery and charger, and also the addition of the carrying case makes transportation extremely convenient. This particular unit is widely used indoor and outdoor jobs such as levelling, checking fill, setting foundations and footings and also pouring concrete.


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favourite Rotary Laser Levels and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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  1. I have not used one of these myself but I have owned one before which my dad gave me. I never really knew how to use them, so I sold the one I had. Now that I am contemplating buying one for my partner.  It is nice to read about the best ones which are available so at least I cant go too far wrong. I will let my partner look at this as he is now in charge of renovations but he always prefers to buy his tools at Amazon at all times

  2. Hi Paul, I found your article about laser level machinery fascinating and it was very eye opening for me.I read with interest all the safety tips and about the different brands I can get. From my own experience, I can certainly recommend the PLS mid range rotary laser as it has never let me down, works well and gives great accurate results every time, that my opinion anyway and the price generally is one of the better options, John

  3. Hi, my husband said that he needs a new laser level for work and our anniversary is coming up. I never knew what the lasers IP rating stood for but now I do. I like all of the choices that you have outlined an in particular I like #3 CTS Berger as the added tripod and self levelling is essential to have. Thanks for your help as i am not an expert with Rotary levels but I hope my husband likes it, many thanks for this review as it gave me good direction, Kari

  4. Have seen searching for a reliable Rotary laser level for the past week online, thankfully I came to this list. I never even thought to think of the safety tips, never realised the laser light was so dangerous, good to know. From here, my preference would be the Bosch self levelling laser level with the receiver as I have used other Bosch tools before and I trust that brand more than anyone else. After that the Spectra is a good option but a little out of my price league

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