Best Robotic Lawn Mowers – Performance Reviewed


If you have made the decision to go down the Robotic Lawn mower route, then please take a quick look through this detailed review for the 5 Best Robotic Lawn mowers which are available to buy which include both high and low-priced alternatives.

Robotic lawn mowers are an excellent choice for anyone with a small yard of good quality grass and a low weed count. If your yard contains tree stumps, trailing vines, broad-leaf weeds or toys including tennis balls for the dog to chase or children's outdoor game pieces, please note that these may damage your robotic mower. While the blades are extremely sharp, running this tool over heavy-stemmed weeds such as large dandelions or a heavy-stemmed grass may damage or clog the blades.

If you really like sitting on your lawn and having the grass mowed for you, then the robotic mower is for you, especially if you do not have the time to cut it over and over again. Some lawns can take several hours to complete and some people do not have sufficient time during the working week or the weekends to keep all the grass mowed properly so having it completed by the Robotic mower is the solution for them. If you are one of these people, take you should consider having a robotic mower to control your own garden grass growth.

Points to consider before you buy a Robotic Lawn Mower:

  • It is important to consider how long it takes a robotic mower to charge and how much grass it will cut on one full charge. As several robotic mowers use the lithium-ion battery technology that can be charged in just an hour. The majority of high-end robotic lawnmowers can automate mowing by setting up a schedule. The robot will depart its charging station and start mowing, then go back to its dock where it has to be recharged.
  • Robotic lawn mowers are fully programmable to the LawnBott Spyder, which will stay within raised barriers such as fences and mow via the bump sensor. If your yard is big and dense, such as including a side yard that the mower must traverse to move from back to front, the mobile apps that allow you to track the mower and review the docking history will likely give you peace of mind.
  • The robotic lawn mowers models do not need a lot of maintenance, as they do not require emptying and grass clippings, it is not necessary to be cleaned up. It is recommended by the manufacturer that blades should be replaced over a year to make sure that user is getting the best results from their robotic mower.
  • Robotic mowers are basically electric mowers so there is obviously no need of oil, petrol or spark. It should be noted that various robotic lawn mowers offer GPS and have no need of wires. However, the majority of robotic mowers work in relation to guided boundary wires, that is called zone for the robot mower. These mowers come with bump sensors to decrease the risk of yard debris or outdoor toys being caught in the razor-sharp cutting blades.
  • Before buying a robotic lawn mower you must know your lawn type as all yards are not good lawns for robotic lawn mowers. These provide good results if your yard is fairly flat, well fenced, outlined with perimeter wire, densely planted and fairly weed-free.
  • If your yard has severe slopes, the robotic mower may take it as an obstacle and it needs a physical lift. Although, it can mow the gentle slopes quite easily, however it may consume extra battery.
  • As many gases or electric powered push mowers have one large blade on one side, these blades can get stuck if you hit debris or are chewing longer grass, cleaning them is quite straightforward. However, the blades on a robotic lawn mower can be different in numerous ways as these are shorter, obviously as the unit is smaller. But these are like razor sharp on both sides of the blade and made to delicately chop all freshly cut grass.
  • It is significant to remember also that these mowers are intended to run daily, as If you have a stretch of several days between mowings, you are perhaps not going to be happy with the mowing results because the grass may curve and the lawn mower become jam.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviewed (5 Options)

1, The Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic Lawn Mower (3/4 acre capacity) - 967622505


  • Suitable for lawns that are maximum 0.8 acre (34k sq ft)
  • Charge time takes 65 minutes
  • Low noise levels and GPS navigation included
  • Has the ability to work on steeper slopes of 45 degrees
  • Smart technology included which can concentrate on specific areas.
  • Weighs approx. 29 Ibs and size is approx. 28.4 by 22 by 12.1 in inches


2, The McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower


  • Suitable for smaller lawns 0.25 acres in size
  • Simple install process and includes the alarm sensor to avoid theft.
  • Fully programmable options and docks by itself for recharging
  • Can work on slopes of 25 degrees maximum and weighs less than 16 Ibs
  • Extremely low level of noise output (great at night while you sleep)
  • Includes charging station, 400 marker pegs and the 656 foot boundary wire
  • You also get 3 metal replacement blades when the time comes to change them


3, The Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower


  • Can work on lower slopes levels of 15 degrees maximum
  • Suitable for small lawns only that are 1/10 acre in size
  • Charge time will take 16 to 20 hour duration
  • Mowing heights available range from 0.5 inch up as far as 1.75 inches
  • Blades should be replaced once a year and weighs a little less than 30 Ibs
  • Extremely low noise levels which won’t annoy your neighbors
  • Mow run time on a charged battery will last for 90 to 120 minutes
  • Can work on lawns that are 2k square feet and includes the base station for recharging.


4, The Husqvarna  Automower 450X Robotic Lawn Mower (1.3 acre capacity) - 967646405


  • Suitable for larger type lawns that are 1.3 acres in size
  • Charge time for the battery takes only 75 minutes
  • Superior in terms of navigating around obstacles and narrow passages (GPS navigation)
  • Can operate on slopes of 45 degrees maximum
  • Easy to use touch screen and easily programmable
  • Installation kit is not included and needs to be bought separately
  • Larger option and more power with the 450X alternative


5, The GARDENA R80Li Robotic Lawnmower - 4069


  • Suitable for lawns that are approx. 8600 square feet maximum in size (800 square meters)
  • Easy to use selection and control panel for specific programs – for specific times or days
  • Can mow heights from 0.7 inch up as far as 2 inches in height
  • Height adjuster is completed by adjusting the rotary knob included
  • Alarm is included to avoid theft and is very easy to get installed
  • Wire boundary provides a safe perimeter in which to operate.
  • Low noise levels and can operate as you sleep and won’t annoy any of your neighbors
  • Weighs less than 17 pounds and has a low attractive price point which is worth checking out.



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