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Greetings once again and welcome to this detailed review of the Best Refrigerators which are available across multiple channels and which can also get delivered to your front door hassle free. Firstly, let’s look at what your refrigerator is designed to do – the low temperatures facilitate the food to stay fresh for longer period of time. The fundamental initiative behind refrigeration is to decelerate the activity of bacteria which most of the food contains so that it gets longer for the bacteria to ruin the food. Two of the most general forms of food preservation are refrigeration and freezing are being used nowadays. This reinvention of the refrigerator comes with an awesome profusion of new models to select from.

Luckily, you are at the right place, a useful overview written to assist you to narrow down the numerous choices. When deciding to purchase a new refrigerator, it’s very significant to research about the product which suits your requirements, it’s also essential to pick amongst the most excellent brand. The more reliable the brand is, the sturdier the product will be. In this article, you will get a short description of the best refrigerators brands. Hopefully, you enjoy the list of the most excellent refrigerator brands and expect this article helps you in selecting the one that you are looking for.

Consider these tips before you buy your Refrigerator…

Wait! before you are going to buy a new refrigerator for you or your family, read the following buying tips, which could be very useful to help you in deciding your excellent family appliance.

Refrigerator Types & Costs: The top refrigerator for your house is right sized to your requirements. The regular refrigerator types, capacities according to your need are as follows:
Top freezer: This standard style freezer offers users the most bang for their money. The freezer compartment is at the top of the unit, with the refrigerator below. These fridges big storage space for their size, especially compared with refrigerators with features, such as beverage dispensers and ice-makers, that eat up inside space with average capacity is 20 cubic feet. It is one of the slimmest type, typical widths from 30-33 inches. These are most proficient which use 10-25% less energy than bottom freezer and side-by-side door models.
Bottom freezer: Most convenient type as they keep the refrigerator compartment at your eyelevel and contents within your reach. It comes with double door model, a single refrigerator door on top, and large freezer door on the bottom. The average capacity of this type is 22 cubic feet, and widths from 30-33 inches. A French door model has two side-by-side doors on top, and a single door freezer on the bottom. These are normally wider than double door fridges comes with average capacity of 24 cubic feet.
Side by side Refrigerator: These are perfect for residential uses. They are divided in two vertically sections; one side of the appliance is a freezer, other one is the refrigerator. They have usual widths from 32-36 inches. Even though the average capacity is about 24 cubic feet, they may be small on utility when set with a beverage dispenser and ice maker which take inside space.
Four door Refrigerators: These are best for big families. These models are loaded with number of sections that can keep groceries fresh for longer. They come with average capacity of 28 cubic feet. They are outfitted with a French-door-style fridge on top, a middle door that conceals a drawer for the items you reach for most, and a bottom freezer.
Cabinet depth and counter depth Refrigerators: They come with a shallow profile as depth front to back so won’t stick out beyond standard cabinets and counters. They have two styles as bottom freezer with French doors and side-by-side. Both styles have capacity of about 28 cubic feet of storage. Several models have features as compartment temperature controls, and water and ice dispensers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions from buyers of Refrigerators…

Q: What is the best size of Refrigerators? Are American refrigerators oversized in contrasts to European models?
A: Well it depends on your needs, but do not go for oversize as smaller size models are more energy saving. Having a big fridge unit empty nearly all of the year will misuse a lot of energy. On the other hand one large refrigerator is a superior option than two smaller ones as it requires less energy. Most Americans people are used to having large refrigerators around above 20 cubic feet. However, when they go Europe and discover that most Europeans have refrigerators that are only half as large, about 10 cubic feet. Europeans are pleased with this size of their units. Outsized American refrigerators are mainly a matter of approach and tradition.
Q: What causes freezer burn? And is it safe?
A: Freezer burning is a general problem which is caused by food packaging. Because the food dehydrates due to contact to the air in the freezer. If you store food in your freezer for more than a few days, you should place the food in airtight packets as plastic bags especially for food preservation and freezer storage. It is absolutely safe to cook or eat freezer burned food, though, users find that the dehydration process damage the food's taste and quality.
Q: Why is it necessary to get extended warranty after purchasing?
A: Yes, it’s highly recommended purchasing an extended warranty that will prolong the manufacturer’s warranty up to 5 years. This could save you the cost of repairs over the long term. We have a list of general maintenance recommendations to keep your refrigerator running efficiently.
Q: How to know the direction of the fridge door open?
A: Many refrigerators offer the option to hinge the door on either the right or left side. Before you make a purchase make sure to check if the door has to be special ordered for right or left hinge or if the unit is field reversible. Field reversible means the screws that attach the door to the refrigerator are accessible and there are pre-drilled holes on both sides of the unit so that you can easily switch what side the door is hinged on yourself or ‘in the field’ as they call it.


Best Refrigerators Reviewed – 12 models (in no particular order)

1, The GE 25.3 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator


  • This is an extremely reliable side by side refrigerator that will provide you with years of service and it has tons of space to hold fresh food with a capacity of 15.7 cubic feet
  • They are a trusted brand in America and with this model you get the water dispenser, an ice maker with crushed or cubed iced and it has a smudge free finish.
  • The freeze also has a capacity of 9.6 cubic feet and the weight comes in at a little less than 330 Ibs
  • The dimensions that you need to take into account are 69.5'' H by 35.75'' W by 35.25'' D.
  • It has an estimated annual running cost of $85, it has a water filtration system, a door alarm when it starts to lose temperature and also an interior light as standard.
  • The warranty available to you is 1 year and the price is certainly attractive when last seen on sale with Wayfair


2, The GE 27.8 cu. ft. Energy Star French Door Refrigerator


  • This model also under the GE brand is slightly larger than the model outlined above and has 27.8 cubic feet.
  • Here you will get a second ice maker in the freezer and an advanced water filtration system which will remove trace elements from your water and ice which is a major plus for example progesterone, trimethoprim and fluoxetine to mention but a few
  • There  are also the turbo cool and turbo freeze settings which gives an additional boost when needed to restore original temperatures if lost which will ensure your food will stay fresh for longer.
  • Included also is the attractive LED lighting and twinchill evaporators for fresh food and also the frozen foods that you store separately
  • This model also has a French door, a fresh food capacity of 18.6 cubic feet and you can also get sparking water, cubed ice or crushed ice when desired.
  • Size wise it comes in at 69.875'' H by 35.75'' W by 36.25'' D, it weighs approx. 370 Ibs and has a reversible door
  • Similar to above, it has a 1 year warranty and will cost you that little bit extra but is worth it if you have it available to spend.

3, The Frigidaire 25.5 Cu ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with LED Lighting


  • In terms of size, it is similar to the first model and comes in with a capacity of 25.5 cubic feet and it also comes under the trusted brand of Frigidaire
  • It’s a side by side refrigerator and the interior of it can be adjusted as you see fit and it has the LED lighting to help you keep all your food organized.
  • One feature that you will like is that it will save energy by going into the energy save mode if it has not been opened for 24 hours and the side doors have the ability to store gallon containers in the event that you need larger containers of juices or milk stored also.
  • There is also a water filter included and the control panel will alarm you when it needs to be changed and their pure source 3 water filtration gives better tasting, more refreshing and cleaner water for you to enjoy.
  • In terms of capacity, the fresh food has a capacity of 16.5 cubic feet and the freezer capacity is 9.1 cubic feet.
  • The dimensions here are 69.63'' H by 35.63'' W xby 31.75'' D, it has a weight of 240Ibs and the annual operating cost is estimated to be approx. $85


4, The GE 25.4-cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker (Stainless steel)


  • If you are looking for a finest refrigerator model then get GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker have an integrated shelf support system which provides strong, flexible support.
  • It has flexible slide-out, spill proof glass shelves with raised edges that help to contain spills and make clean up fast and trouble free. GE model has fresh food multi-level drawers that provide the ideal environment for storing your fruits and vegetables for longer period of time.
  • The unit capacity is about 25.4 cubic feet. It has adjustable door bins that creates additional storage space for milk and other gallon-size containers
  • It comes with Arctica icemaker that has a special access door puts ice within reach with advanced water filtration uses MWF replacement filter which removes trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice and uses replacement filter MWF.


5, The LG French Door Refrigerator, 27.6 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel (LFX28968ST)


  • If you're searching for the most excellent refrigerator for your money, the LG LFX28968ST will not disappoint you. The stainless steel French door refrigerator presents number of excellent of features as contoured doors, concealed hinges, and a thin ice maker which provide it a leg up over the rivalry.
  • The fridge is promising looking, but it's tremendously practical and offers a large 26.8-cubic-foot capacity which is sufficient room to store 28 bags of groceries items.
  • Users became big fans of its extra tall ice and filtered water dispenser, which measures in at 12.6 inches high. It can contain almost any pitcher or water bottle you put under it. This model is outfitted with 3 slide-out and 1 folding spilling proof glass shelves, which are adjustable, strong, and easy to clean. In the interior, it has a 4 compartment crisper system for storing fresh fruits and veggies. On the opposed side of each double door are three 6 gallon sized bins to put several jugs of juice, condiments, and several gallons of milk.
  •  It has another smart feature, If you leave the door open, it beeps to let you know. The bottom freezer portion offers about 9 cubic feet of storage space that's divided up into three drawers — with the bottom one being the largest and split into two separate sections.
  • If you're looking for a silence, proficient, and stylish refrigerator, this model offers amazing amounts of space, and it's backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty, a 7 years sealed system warranty with 10 year linear compressor warranty.


6, The Samsung 4-Door Flex Food Showcase Refrigerator (RF28K9380S)


  • As a component of interior design, this refrigerator is a great focal point in a kitchen where you can produce a stylistic statement.
  • One of the master class model from the Samsung is RF28K9380SG 4 door Flex Food refrigerator. It's a magnificence of an icebox in black stainless steel and one that features Samsung's "4-Door Flex" styling with elegant, dug in handles, a door-in-a-door Food Showcase compartment and the option to dial the temperature of half of the freezer up into fridge mode.
  • Reasonably priced fridge that offers both style and stuff, especially if you're looking for high-end appliance upgrades on a tight budget as part of a superior home remodel.
  • And though it isn't perfect, the RF28K9380SG delivers where it counts, thanks to its wonderful design, powerful performance and attractive slate of features.


7, The Frigidaire Energy Star 26 Cubic Foot Side-By-Side Refrigerator (FFHS2622M)


  • This side by side refrigerator under the Frigidaire brand is extremely popular among many families across the nation and provides 26 cubic feet of storage and you also get the LCD control included which are very easy to read and use.
  • There is also the energy saver plus technology which can also help save you money in terms of running costs.
  • In terms if capacities, the fresh food is 16.5 cubic feet and the freezer capacity is 9.5 cubic feet. There are also the paddle dispensers, an ice maker and the pure source 3 water filtration system for cleaner and more refreshing water.
  • The doors are also great as they have the ability to hold gallon containers and also the shelves are spillsafe which are great for any small accidents that may happen.
  • The size of this particular model is 36"W by 31-3/4"D by 69-3/8"H and comes in with a price tag of around $1200 when last seen on sale with Walmart


8, The Samsung French door Refrigerator (RF24FSEDBSR)


  • Samsung has produces number of great refrigerators while this is one of their most excellent, Samsung RF24FSEDBSR French door refrigerator.
  • This refrigerator holds 23.5 cubic feet of storage with Energy Star certification. This model has an external ice and water dispenser and all controls for the refrigerator and freezer are located on the dispenser inside the unit are 5 shelves for a spill proof three are fully adjustable one folds upward to allow for taller items one is a slide in clip shelf and one is stationary
  • There are two humidity control crispers in this unit and one flex zone control drawer with four temperature settings and a smart divider the water filter icemaker and ice storage are also located inside
  • The refrigerator on the door are 6 door bins three are fully adjustable and deep enough to hold a gallon of milk all are easily removed for cleaning.
  • If you are looking for a large and stunning refrigerator with a very good price that doesn’t skip on features and performance then this refrigerator might be just what you are looking for.


9, The Summit Ingenious Top freezer refrigerator (FF1935PL)


  • The Summit Ingenious Top freezer refrigerator FF1935PL has an brilliant design mixed with good superiority which offers a large area for food , drinks vegetables and fruits because of its central design.
  • This refrigerator has satisfied a lot of customers as they provided an outstanding feedback about this model which can be checked out by clicking the checker below
  • It’s very popular though out the United States- the Mini models are smaller fridges for individuals or couples, working perfectly fine for people who don't have much space in their kitchen or room.
  • Size wise it will suit the smaller type kitchen with limited space and the price is very attractive which can be viewed by clicking the image below

10, The LG 24 cu ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator (LTCS24223S)


  • In refrigeration appliances, LG sets a trademark because of their excellent refrigerator machines. Top freezer fridges get outshined by flashier French door models, but there's value to be had by bucking the trends and sticking with something easy.
  • It's one of the major and fanciest top freezers you can buy at retail, and yet it still costs less than the cheapest, most feature-sparse French doors.
  • That positions it adequately as an upgrade that won't break the bank, but it's not a clear slam dip.
  • Kenmore's comparably priced look alike model offers sharper performance and a few extra features, including a water dispenser and sliding dividers in the in-door shelves.
  • It has a decent capacity of 24 cubic feet storage.


11, The LG InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator (LFXC24796D)


  • LG products always come with innovation in the technology, another "Door-in-Door" refrigerator from is an efficient refrigerator.
  • With Door-in-Door, you can push a button on the handle of the fridge to open the front panel of the right door, this allows you to get the butter or a bottle of beer out of the in-door shelves without opening the refrigerator itself. 
  • Now, the Door-in-Door compartment in LG's latest refrigerators comes with an "InstaView" window. Give it a double knock, and the fridge's interior lights will come on, enlightening your foodstuff inside.
  • That permits you browse for a snack or a beverage without opening something at all.
  • It's an interesting feature and one that certainly will be of interest to you and can be seen larger by clicking below


12, The Igloo 3.2 cu ft 2-Door Refrigerator and Freezer (Best Budget)


  • This is a much smaller option with only 3.2 cubic feet capacity but is also matched by the very low price that it can be bought for when I last saw it for sale with Walmart which was priced between $130 and $160 only.
  • There are separate freeze compartments, 2 full width glass shelves, a can dispenser and a reversible drawer.
  • A nice feature also here is that the legs are adjustable which is great on uneven floors and would be considered a mini compact option if you are struggling for space or if you need to work with a lower budget.
  • The weight is less than 62 Ibs and the size is only 19.75 by 19.00 by 33.75 in inches.
  • While it does not offer the same experience or features as many of the other models mentioned above, it would be considered a viable option if you only have $160 or less to spend.


Alternatively, feel free to browse further options on refrigerators by clicking on any of the model images provided below…

Finally, purchasing a new refrigerator comes down to number of factors as price, selected space, energy saver appliance and personal choice. The above list of top refrigerators can provide you with a clear path which one is the suitable for your requirements. None of them come cheap except the last option, but they all offer plenty of room for your food, will keep everything inside it fresh, and will look great in your kitchen. Some even come with a few surprising extras and innovative designs that could change the way you store your perishables.

In addition, it would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with your favorite Refrigerators with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!

Finally, I hope this review, tips and FAQ on the best Refrigerators has helped you out and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.



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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for your informative article on fridge selection. I totally agree that quality brands are a good indicator of quality (no better measurement than “stood the test of time”). Doing some research online, I found that there sure are a lot of things to consider when comparing fridges and these pictures are awesome, Your article has helped simplified it for me, and I now have a benchmark to compare, Thanks for that!, Sally.

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