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Welcome once again to this detailed review for the Best Pruning Shears which are available across the marketplace at present. If you are looking to buy a Pruning Shears in the coming days, then take a quick look through this list which can meet your requirements with some attractive low-priced options outlined also.

In brief, Pruning shears are a very strongly built scissor-like tool used to cut twigs, branches, and stems of trees, plants and bushes in the garden. A pruner is an essential tool in a garden and there are plenty of designs and models in the market for you to buy. If you are a professional or an amateur Sunday gardener, a pruning shear is one tool that you must have in your shed. You have to look for something that is sturdy, safe and has a long life. Here I will outline a review of some of the Best and most popular pruning shears available online and help you choose one that is best for your own individual needs.

Types of Pruners:

  • There are two main designs of pruners - The Bypass or the Anvil type.
  • In the bypass design, a curved or straight blade passes another blade in a scissor-like motion to cut the branch or twig that comes in the way. This design is useful for cutting live green plants and branches. The spongy firm branch or twig yields easily to this scissor-like motion and it is easily cut cleanly. This desi is useful for living plants as it does not damage them.
  • Bypass garden pruners are the most popular design. Bypass type is also useful if you want to pick lemons or grapes from your garden.

Construction of Pruning Shears:

Pruning shears come in various materials. The most popular is the high carbon steel. The carbon steel blade can be sharpened if it becomes dull after too much use. Some models are made of Stainless Steel and their advantage is that they are rust free.

Maintenance of Pruning Shears:

After each use clean the blades of the pruner carefully with a cloth and apply some lubricating oil so that it will remain sharp and rust free. Once you have bought a pruning shear it is important that you take good care of it. After each pruning branches, wipe the edge of the blade clean with a cloth and apply some lubricating oil on the blades before storing it.

Safety Tip when using a Pruning Shears:

Safety is the first thing you should look in a pruning shear. These are sharp objects and if your pruning shear is not designed for safety it may cause a serious injury to you.  Even if you have the safest pruning shear it is essential that you store it in such a secure place so that children may not be able to access it.

Operational Points to Note:

  • In the anvil design, a straight blade comes down on a wide anvil-like hard surface. This tool is useful for cutting dried twigs and branches. The crushing motion breaks the brittle branch easily and damages it so it should not be used on living plants.
  • Pruning is a tiresome activity, so look for a tool that has a nice soft handle. The cushioned handles reduce shock and are easy on your hands. Some models are specially designed for left-handed individuals.
  • Size and weight matter a lot as a heavy pruning shear will make your hands tire easily. So if you are not very strong arms or have small hands, choose a lighter and smaller model.

Buying Tips:

Prices of pruning shears varies widely. You can buy a model for under $10 to a high-end model of over $75. Since this tool will be used by you often in the garden, try to buy the best model to suit your needs. It will be economical in the long run. A bright coloured one will be easily found if dropped in the garden, so look out for contrasting colour from green and brown. A red handle is easily located from among green leaves.

Some Frequently asked Questions about Pruning Shears:

Q. Which is better a Bypass or an Anvil design?
A. Both can be used in the garden but the anvil design crushes the stem or branch so it should not be used on living plants. Bypass design is more popular among gardeners.
Q. Can these pruners be used for bonsai plants?
A. Most pruners can be used for bonsai plants and I recommend a Bypass design for Bonsai pruning.
Q. What is HRC 59 steel?
A. HRC scale indicates the hardness of steel used in the making of the blades and a HRC of 59 means that the steel is an extremely tough and hardened steel.

Best Pruning Shears Review –Our Top Picks for You!

1, The Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruner


  • This is a very reliable pruner which can be used for a wide variety of pruning jobs in your garden. The steel blade is precision ground which stays sharp for a long time and it is rust-resisting and has a low friction coating which makes the cutting tasks easier. There is a self-cleaning groove built-in the pruner which clears the debris from the blades as you work through and keeps the blades from getting stuck.
  • The handle also has a non-slip design which makes it very convenient to hold and the pruner is made entirely from stainless steel which makes it very durable.
  • This pruner can cut through the thinnest of stems to up to 5/8 inch thick ones. The design of this pruner is uniquely cambered and the blades are bevelled and are made of high carbon steel to give the strength and sharpness that lasts a long time. This pruner has an ambidextrous lock so it can be used easily by both right-handed and left-handed individuals easily. Its handles and the grip are designed to allow for safe and secure handling and operation.
  • The blades have a non-stick coating that prevents gum and sap to stick to blades, which also makes it rust resisting. The all steel design and manufacturing makes it very durable and that is why the manufacturers provide a life time warranty on this product.
  • In terms of value and prices, this Pruner will only set you back between $9 and $12 when last checked and of course can be double checked below.


2, The Gonicc 8 Inch Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears - GPPS-1003


  • This pruner has very high-quality blades made of Titanium steels with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology. It is ergonomically designed with non-slip handles for safe handling and it is very strong yet lightweight and easy to use.  It has a self-cleaning feature, a sap groove which channels away the sap and keeps the blades from sticking together and this pruner can cut stems and branches up to 3/4 inches thick quite easily.
  • Its manufacturer Gonicc designs pruning shears that are of premium quality, very durable and still easy and comfortable to use. Therefore they are the choice of every gardener. Gonicc achieves this remarkable success by adopting high-quality materials in the manufacture of their pruners and very strict quality control.
  • The blades are very sharp and have a unique Titanium coating which does not allow tree pulp to stick to the blades and jam it. It also makes it rust resistant. The handle is made of high-quality Aluminium and grip is wrapped around with soft PVC material. This makes the handle non-slip, soft and very comfortable to use.  It is a very reliable pruner not only for light pruning tasks in the garden, but also heavy cutting up to ¾ inches thick branches.
  • In addition, this pruner is highly recommended for its ergonomic design, durability, and sharpness of the blades which remain sharp for a long time and the price is always worth checking out.

3, The Casfuy Pruning Shears SK-5 Steel Blade Bypass Pruner with PTFE Coating


  • Next up is the Casfuy brand - This pruner’s blade is made from imported high carbon SK-5 steel which makes is especially sharp and long-lasting. It cuts effortlessly and efficiently and you save as much as 50% effort than ordinary garden pruning shears and the blades have a low friction coating that makes it glide through the branches to cut them smoothly.
  • Its steel makes it rust resistant and the self-cleaning groove ensures that the sap from the shrubs and trees do not get accumulated on the blades.  This pruning shear has a safety lock which can be operated with ease. So, you will never get accidentally injured while the pruner is locked safely.
  • It can cut through up to 7/8 inches thick branches with ease. This pruner has high-quality spring system built-in which absorbs any shocks and impacts which reduces the efforts significantly. This mechanism also protects your hands and wrists from shock and wear and tear and this protection is very useful for a long day in the garden.
  • In spite of all the features this pruner is lightweight, comfortable and can be used for a long time at a stretch without any soreness and injury to your hand. It comes with a lifetime warranty with a 100% money back guarantee or a free replacement. Finally, it has a weight of 7.1 ounces and a length of 8 inches.

4, The SHINE HAI Pruning Shears 8.5 Inch SK5 Sharp Bypass Hand Pruner Shears with Safety Lock.


  • Number 4 on this list is a professional pruning shear from Shine Hai. These shears are ideal for cutting twigs, stems and branches up to ½ inches in thickness. This pruner is very durable as it is made from SK-5 High Carbon Steel from Japan. This steel is very hard and retains the sharpness of the blades for a long time. It has a unique low-friction coating which enables it to glide through branches and stems without sticking.
  • The sap from the trees does not gum it up and it features an easy to open safety lock to protect your hands from nicks and cuts while the pruner is not in use. It has a spring shock absorbing system so that cutting in the garden is easy and comfortable and it also has a wire cutting notch.
  • This pruner has all high-quality material used in its manufacture and the high carbon blades are sharpened by ultra-high polishing technique plus the bladed are finally coated with Teflon so that they sharp and it prevents and pulp and sap adhesion.
  • The handle of this pruner is ergonomically designed so that it fits your hand very well. The handle is made of aluminium and is wrapped with a double layer of rubber which makes it non-slip, shock absorbing and comfortable to use.  In addition, this pruner weighs 10.6 ounces, comes in red colour and its size is 5.5 inches.


5, The Oakridge Perfect Garden Pruning Shears


  • This is a unique pruner as its handles are made of real Redwood. No other brands sell such a pruner in the market. But that is not all, the blades of this pruner are so sharp that it can cut through paper, shrubs, rope, cable, thin metal, herbs, packaging, meat, sea food, shells and meat along with many more items. This is remarkable for any pruner.
  • This pruner has a tension spring that makes cutting an easy and comfortable task even after prolonged use. It feels very nice in your hands and can be used by both left-handers and right-handers with equal ease. In addition, this pruning shear is not just for garden use but can also be used in a variety of situations such as home, workshop, kitchen, arts and crafts, pruning, camping, hunting, fishing, or any other situation or emergency you may have, that requires you to cut through any material.
  • In addition, this pruning shear is very easy to clean and it is built to last and perform for a long time. It has forged stainless steel blades that will not rust or bend or break ever and it also comes with a high-quality leather sheath which stores your pruner safely and also protects you from getting cut. A really versatile tool, that will be useful to any gardener, chef, fisher, camper or a hiker.
  • Please note also that its cutting blade is 5" long and 1/8" thick, hardened for durability and fully polished for easy clean-up and has Real Redwood (Padauk Wood) Handle known for its valued toughness, stability, and decorativeness. It is available in beige colour.

6, The Felco F-6 Pruner for Small Hands, 7-1/4" Length


  • Normal pruning shears are sometimes large and cannot be comfortably handled by people with small hands. The Felco F-6 pruning shear is specially designed for small hands and it makes your gardening jobs easier and less tiring. Although this pruner looks small it is by no means less sturdy or less powerful. It is ideal for use on grapevines and other shrubs and small trees.
  • Since its size is 7-1/4 inches in length it can easily go into those hard to reach areas deep in the plants or shrubs. Many florists prefer to use this model of pruner to clean their arrangements in the shop. The design of this pruner is such that cutting and anvil blades are not riveted to each other. The blades are short and it is easy to get to stem of the plants which may not be possible with a larger pruner.
  • The construction of this pruner is solid and the blades are designed to detailed work. The blades are sharp and designed for close cutting and pruning. The Felco pruner has very light but sturdy handle made of forged aluminium which allows a good grip on the tool. Its blades are made of high-quality steel with a sap groove so that the sap and debris from cutting do not stick to the blades.  The angled head provides an ideal shape for precise cutting and shock absorber cushion provides comfort to the hands.
  • In terms of pricing, the price region tends to be between $35 to $50 when last seen on sale and todays price can be viewed below


7, The Corona Bypass Pruner, 8 3/4 Inch - BP3180


  • Last on the list for today is a pruner from Corona which is a real heavy-duty device which can cut up to 1 inch thick branch easily and make your garden trees neat and clean.  This pruner is manufactured from forged steel to provide strength and control. It has a notch to cut wire and its blade has an arc design which can be easily sharpened or even replaced if necessary.
  • It has an arrow profile hook to help you in your gardening needs and it has a self-aligning pivot bolt for easy handling and a groove to remove sap from sticking onto the blades.
    This pruner is manufactured from heat treated forged steel alloy to provide a long life with the blade that can be sharpened whenever needed. If the blade is no longer be useful than it can be easily replaced with a new one.
  • The cushioned grip on the pruner is non-slip design for easy and comfortable handling. The corona pruner can easily cut steel wire with the provided cutting notch for this purpose. This notch tool is closed when not in use to avoid any injury and the precision machined, self-aligning pivot bolt is also very useful to control the blades with ease.
  • The Corona BP3180 has a length of 8.5 inches with a weight of 1 pound. This tool is designed for the professional gardener but if you are an enthusiastic amateur gardener then this pruner is for you and the price is a lot lower than one would expect to see for a product of this quality.

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Pruning Shears and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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