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If you are looking for a trusted and reliable Post Hole Digger, then take a quick look through this detailed review for the Best Post Hole Diggers which also includes some operational tips which will be of benefit to you.

In brief, Post hole diggers are used to dig holes to install posts like fences, flag poles and signboards etc. Post hole diggers are available in different kinds and some of them are traditional post hole diggers, scissor action, universal, double pivots, auger types and offset pole hole diggers. Auger type post hole diggers are easier to use from a labor point of view and can be used to reach greater depth with a lot less effort but the prices will be higher to deal with.

Operational Tips when using Post Hole Diggers or Earth Augers:

Before digging a hole for the post, you need to consider a few things.

  • Check the consistency of soil, it is difficult to use post hole diggers in rocky soils because even a small stone can prevent you from digging. Dry soils are also hard to remove from the hole, if you have time after starting digging the hole; fill it with water and then remove the softened soil next day.
  • The location of each fence post should be measured and marked. If you want to install a single pole then you can dig without marking or measuring but for fences you need to accurately layout the locations of your holes.
  • Before you start digging make sure there is no possibility of underground utilities in that area. To be sure about that call your local utility to locate the underground utilities on your property. In case of any damage to the utilities you can face legal action against you.
  • You can start digging by holding the handles of post hole diggers, thrust the blades into the soil. If the soil resists thrust the digger several times in the soil and break it up and you can rotate the digger once it’s in the ground for better results. The digger should be penetrated several inches into the soil before extracting the soil.
  • After inserting digger in the soil; spread the handles to capture the soil. Grasp the handles securely and pull the digger out and spill out the soil you have extracted.
  • The soil where you want to post if it is hard or dry soaking up the soil will make the soil soft and it will make your job easy. If you are using concrete to post fences in places make sure you are using proper concrete techniques. Don’t dump pre-bagged concrete in the hole and sprinkle it with water as this is not the right way because you cannot control the mixing.
  • The minimum amount of water should be used to mix with concrete for better strength. The concrete should be mixed with water to give a damp sand feel and it would be enough to make concrete easier to place.
  • If the area you want to cover with fencing is big then it is better to use your own concrete mix as compared to bagged concrete for saving cost. It is good to save some extra money on your big projects.
  • There are various types of post hole diggers. There are manual diggers and there are also power hole diggers. The power hole diggers are mostly used by professionals.
  • The manual type of hole digger has blades which are jabbed into the ground and then handles are pulled apart to grab some soil, which is then pulled out to make a hole. After repeating the process many times, the hole of required depth is achieved.
  • There is another type called the auger type post hole digger. This has a screw at the end instead of blades. The screw is turned and it is inserted in the soil and as the screw is turned it makes a hole and brings up the soil.  The auger designed is mostly used in power digging tools.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there any permit required for fencing projects?
A. No, there is no permit required but you should check your local municipality for any restrictions related to the height of fencing or no fence.
Q. What is the meaning to locate?
A. The detection, marking reporting of buried utilities like gas pipelines, electrical wires, Sewer connections etc.
Q. Will digging harm the lawn?
A. No, digging will not damage your lawn permanently but please double check for any underground pipes or cables before you start.

Best Post Hole Diggers Review - What we Believe Digs the Best!

1, The True Temper 59 Inch Post Hole Digger with Ruler & Fiberglass Handle - 2704200


  • First on this list that you should consider is the True Temper 59 Inch Post Hole Digger which has the ruler and the fiberglass handle and comes under model number 2704200 which has proven to be very reliable, competitively priced and overall a good performer is digging holes for your posts.
  • The measuring stick on the handle comes as standard to guide you on the depths you dig and the blades here are made from tempered steel which will stand the best of time and will not corrode.
  • This tool is also ideal for the process of digging footings and is perfect for several types of fence posts that you need to get placed or even to get a fence installed around your garden. To lower the level of hand fatigue, you will also get a cushioned hand grip which will also help prevent any blisters but please also ensure you have protective gloves if you intend digging for a longer period of time.
  • In terms of dimensions, it comes in at 5 by 6 by 59 in inches and the price when last seen was for less than $50 which of course can be double checked below.

2, The Earthquake E43 with 8 Inch Earth Auger - Red


  • At number 2, we have the Earthquake E43 with 8 Inch Earth Auger - Earthquake is the largest and most trusted manufacturer of earth augers in the world, with the e43 powerhead you can confidently drill deep into the earth in just seconds. It is manufactured by Adrisam Inc.
  • The 43 cc two cycle viper engines provide the right amount of power when it comes to your next project. The transmission is built to last and features durable ball bearings and alloy gears. The bit turns at two hundred fifty RPM to dig the soil easily and quickly. E43 comes with solid steel, heat treated alloy gears and the handles come with good quality anti-vibration foam grip to reduce stress and fatigue and it comes in a red color.
  • An industrial air filtration system keeps debris and dirt out. Digging is controlled by welded steel handlebars designed to withstand abuse and the e43 powerhead can be used with any earthquake augers ranging from two to ten inches in diameter. Like all viper engines, the e43 comes with a five-year limited warranty and it is engineered to be reliable and long-lasting.
  • It is CARB compliant and certified by CARB and overall the Earthquake powerheads make any digging project easy and faster. The price is somewhat higher and tends to be between $200 and $250 when last seen on sale

3, The Ames Post Hole Digger with Ruler – 2701600


  • This post hole digger by Ames is a great tool for digging post holes in your garden for erecting posts and fences. If you have to erect a deck then this tool can be used to dig footing holes. In fact any kind of support posts that require you to dig a hole, you have to look no further than this Ames tool which is a durable, tough and versatile.
  • In addition, this post hole digger has a measuring stick on the handle so that you will an accurate idea about the digging depth you have reached while using it.
  • The handle is made of strong cured hardwood, which makes it strong and durable. It is stable in your hands and the handle will not break or chip easily. It has an oversized fully cushioned grip so that you can use the tool for a long duration without discomfort to your hands and it also gives you precise control of your digging so that the hole is of correct size and depth.
  • If you are looking for a manual hole digging tool then this Ames tool is ideal, both for the homeowner or for the professional gardener. This tool weighs 8.75 pounds and is one of the most economical tools in its class and the price is definitely worth checking out.


4, The Southland One Man Earth Auger with 43CC, 2 Cycle & Full Crankshaft Engine - SEA438


  • At number 4, we have the Southland 43cc Earth Auger which has a 43cc two stroke engine. Two stroke engines are really easy to maintain for the winter. You just dump the fuel out of it, lock the cylinder and you are done. You don’t have to worry about changing oil or anything like that, you just mix gas and oil same like weed whacker. The engine is pretty easy to run it got a simple choke; it has an on/off switch.
  • The engine delivers 1.3 foot pound of torque and up to 317 RPM to get you digging quickly and confidently. It has a huge gas tank which labels fuel mixture 40:1 and the power head has a big twenty six inch ergonomic butterfly handle to give you comfort and control. It also comes with a trigger throttle.
  • In addition, the Auger bit is eight inch with two feet length deep enough for most post holes. The blades are removable if you chip that blade it can be easily replaced and it comes with a bottle of two stroke oil and the tools that are needed to assemble it.
  • You can achieve more precision with less frustration on your next digging project with this digger and you can easily start it with manual recoil system. The auger is CARB compliant and EPA approved and also this tool comes with a two year manufacturer warranty.

5, The Earthquake Dually 1 or 2 Person 52cc Gas Earth Auger - Red


  • The Earthquake dually earth auger powerhead is a must have for serious jobs. It is the first earth auger designed to be used by one or two operators. Whether you are building up a deck, putting up a fence or planting a tree you can trust dually to get the task done faster.
  • The dually has a unique nearly indestructible jobsite handlebar that protects the powerful 52 cc viper engine from bumps and falls. The auger can be easily operated by one person but the handle bars accommodate two sets of hands for bigger tougher jobs. The dually can be paired with any of the earth auger bits ranging from two to ten inches in diameter.
  • This durable and rugged earth power head is constructed from rugged components including a ball bearing alloy gear transmission.
  • It is backed by a five year limited warranty, has a US based customer service team that is always ready to help and the price bracket when last seen on sale tended to be in the $250 to $300 region


6, The Earthquake 2 Person Earth Auger Powerhead with 190cc 4-Cycle - 9800B


  • The next model for you to consider is the Earthquake 2 Person Earth Auger Powerhead with 190cc which is 4-cycle and come sunder model number 9800B. The Earthquake 9800 series earth auger powerheads are perfectly suited for the toughest drilling jobs.
  • Four wide handles with rubber bicycle grips provide comfortable control of the auger by two operators. The 9800 series powerhead incorporate durable components which include a welded steel tube cage that surrounds the engine and protects it from bumps and drops.
  • Solid steel heat treated alloy gears and a three inch centrifugal clutch helps spin any Earthquake auger bit quickly and reliably through all soil types, so you don’t have to worry about any hard or dry soil. The auger experts at Earthquake build these power heads to last forever. Durable constructions and reliable engines make the 9800 series the top augers for serious digging projects.
  • It weighs around 52 pounds with shipping weight of around sixty one pounds and it comes with a five year limited warranty and good customer service to back you up.

7, The Landworks Heavy Duty Electric Earth Ice Auger Power-Head with Brushless Motor


  • Landworks earth auger is one of the world’s first high performance electric earth auger. It is a forty eight volts six inch electric auger. It is very easy and quick to start up, you just have to put the battery and push start button and it can dig up to thirty to sixty holes on a single 2 amp full charged battery. A 4 amp hour battery is also available.
  • The overload protector will automatically stop drilling if it hits a rock or anything else underground and the electric auger can smoothly drill and cut through even with weeds around the digging hole. The auger works at a speed of 320 RPMs with 2.0 horse power. It is very light weight around 22 lbs only.
  • In addition, the Battery powered augers don’t produce any smog and they are quieter as compared to the gasoline augers. Another new feature of LED light is included to see the hole depth in case if you are unable to see it properly and also allows you to dig during the night time when its dark.
  • The ergonomic handles improve balance while digging. The design of the handle is very unique with power trigger and safety button release at close proximity. Reverse torque control allows the auger to eject fast and efficiently and the dedicated customer support team is also very helpful and overall this model should be one that you consider to get your work done.

8, The Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger Wood Handle


  • Last on this list that is definitely worth a closer look is the manual Seymour AUA2 adjustable auger with the wood handle which works really well on a variety of different soil types and also for several different types of jobs that you will need to get completed and has the maple cross handle.
  • For general purpose work, this tool is ideal but if you come across hardened dry soil, to make the job easier, add some water and comes back to it a few hours later so that it becomes softer and more workable.
  • Please note though that the blades here are made of steel and the blades are riveted to a tough iron with the shaft having a tee shaped handle design for your convenience which will help is applying it to the soil you are digging
  • The size here is 6, 7 and 8 inch point spread and will be dig holes of varying diameter to suit the poles you need to place and the weight here is 9 pounds overall. In terms of cost, the price range is very good and was last seen on sale in the $50 to $80 region which can be checked further below if you are interested in taking a closer look.

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Post Hole Diggers and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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