Best Portable Air Compressors 2023 – Which Brands!


Hello and welcome to our list for the Best Portable Air Compressors that are available for you to buy at present across various channels and across multiple brands. With this list we hope to give you the user a great variety of different reliable portable air compressors to choose from, all ranging by price and the size of the motor they use.

All air compressors on this list have been tested and each of them have received not just the recommendations of the general public, but also from highly respected review sites throughout the nation. Before you take a look at the best selected models, feel free also to take a look at some buying and safety tip for air compressors that may be of interest to you.

Buying Guide Tips for Portable Air Compressors

  • The first thing that you should ask yourself when buying an air compressor is “What will I be using this air compressor for”? Air compressors are split into four main factors Pounds per Square Inch, Cubic Feet per Minute, Horsepower and tank size. To ensure that you tool will work with the air compressor, pick a tool with the highest CFM rating at the highest pounds per inch rating
  • There are usually four types of portable air compressors to choose from, a pancake compressor, a twin stack compressor, a hot dog compressor and a wheelbarrow compressor. Pancake compressors are widely used small repairs such as inflating a tire. Hot dog compressors should be your item of choice if you intend to power small air tools, such as air brushes. Twin stack compressors are generally used with nail guns and last but not least wheelbarrow compressor are used with extremely powerful motors
  • Many air compressors come with added features, such as adjustable exhausts to direct fumes away from your work area, an oil free pump that will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance your compressor will require and a belt drive system that ensures that the air compressor will work quietly, if these sorts of things are important to you, you should try and find a compressor with these features, although it may cost you slightly more

Safety and Operational Tips when using Portable Air Compressors

Firstly, air compressors can be complicated machinery, so before you use one please ensure that you have carefully read the instruction manual that comes with the item, and if you have trouble following the instructions, please ask someone to assist you

  • When using a portable air compressor, you should ensure that the work area is clear of all types of tripping hazards, and that the compressor is firmly secured, so that it will not become misplaced, and before you power up the compressor ensure that it is connected properly
  • For added safety, please ensure that you wear safety googles and other safety equipment, when operating the machine, and please ensure that the area you are working on is free from any flammable material, and ensure that you wear no jewellery or loose clothing
  • Please ensure that you check the compressor at regular intervals and if you begin to notice something strange in how it operates, please take note immediately and bring it to your nearest repair store. Never forget to switch off the machine when it is not in use

Best Portable Air Compressors Review - Voted by the Public (And Us!)

1, The BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor - BTFP02012


  • First on the list, we would like to outline the extremely popular BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor. If you are in any way familiar with power tools I am sure that you will have heard the name Bostitch pop up now and again, as they are one of the best-selling manufacturers of power tools in the market today
  • A big reason for this items popularity is its extremely powerful motor that is guaranteed to work, even in the most adverse of weather conditions and with the inclusion of an oil free pump, there is very little maintenance required
  • With this compressor, you should have enough power for it to work with many air tools and its quiet performance means that it will not disturb anyone nearby and with an additional high flow regulator and couplers you are able to increase your performance levels
  • Also, this particular air compressor you should have no trouble supporting two users and with a weight of just under thirty pounds and dimensions of 17 by 16.8 by 19.2 in Inches, you should have no problem trying to carry or find room for this item in your tool shed. All in all, this item will cost you in the region of $100 to $130 when last seen which of course can be double checked below.


2, The EPAuto 12V DC Auto Portable Air Compressor Pump Digital Tire Inflator 100 PSI


  • Next on our list, we have the extremely powerful and reliable EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, that has won the highest of praise from both members of the general public and more professionally inclined users such as mechanics
  • With this air compressor you will have no problem inflating tires on vehicles such as cars and bikes, and can even be attached to the cigarette lighter in your car, and as the compressor is powered by a 12-volt motor it should pump your car tires in no time
  • For the added convenience of the user, this particular air compressor includes an integrated LED light, so that you can perform tire repairs well into the night, this is a feature that will be of great benefit to any mechanic that has to work late nights
  • Also, this compressor comes with the added feature of automatically shutting down when the tire reaches the required pressure, also the device will shut down if it becomes over heated, Finally, this item is extremely easy to carry around as it weighs less than 4 pounds and will end up costing you about $20 to $45 when last seen on sale


3, The PORTER-CABLE Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor - C2002


  • Up next, on this list we have the PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor, an air compressor that is quickly becoming one of the most widely used and best selling air compressors in the market today and has been widely praised throughout the years for its sturdy design and incredible performance
  • As we mentioned earlier, when discussing our buying tips pancake compressors are widely used for pumping tyres, but this particular one can work just as well with a nail gun, and with an extremely powerful 120v motor, this compressor is guaranteed to last you a long time
  • As an added benefit the comfortable and easy to grip handle means this compressor is extremely east to carry around, and to save you even more money this compressor is able to operate off your basic household circuits
  • Finally, as an extra feature this air compressor features a water drain valve and pancake style tank for extra stability, and with the inclusion of a durable pump, this particular compressor is guaranteed to last you longer than normal and the price is very reasonable for a model of this quality.

4, The California Air Tools Light & Quiet Air Compressor - 1P1060S


  • Up next on our list is the California Air Tools 1P1060S Light & Quiet Air Compressor, a portable air compressor that continues to receive tremendous amounts of praise, not only for its incredibly powerful performance, but also due to the fact of how quiet the motor is
  • Speaking of power, this air compressor is powered by a six-horsepower motor and operates at just under 1700 rpm. With this type of motor speed, you should have no problem using this particular air compressor with tools such as, Staple guns, nail guns, blow guns and air brushes
  • As an added benefit, the addition of a single oil free piston is designed to give the compressor a lifespan of up to 3000 hours as opposed to the usual 250 hours. Also, as this is an oil free air compressor, it requires very little maintenance
  • Finally, once again this particular air compressor is perfect tyres and sports equipment and as it comes in at a weight of under thirty pounds and has dimension of just 12.60 by 15.00 by 15.00 Inches, this product is very light and extremely easy to carry around. In total this air compressor will cost you in the region of $100 to $125 which is dependent on ongoing discount activities.

5, The Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor


  • Next up on our list of portable air compressors, we have the extremely popular and reliable ONTEL Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor, which despite its relatively new introduction to the market it continues to receive high praise from professional publications
  • Once again, this air compressor works perfectly if you only intend to use it to pump up a tyre in your car or bike and has the ability to inflate a tyre in under 90 seconds and like a previous model we discussed, this air compressor automatically shuts down when the tyre is fully inflated
  • For the added convenience of the user, this portable air compressor comes with an added LED light, which will allow you to pump you tire even on a dark night, and with an added carry bag, you have no excuses not to bring this air compressor with you in case of an emergency
  • Finally, this air compressor comes with a very easy to read LED display, so you can clearly see and read the pressure gauge, and the inclusion of a portable battery will save you a lot of money, but with that being said, this compressor is priced very competitively and is certainly very affordable.

6, The Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump


  • We would now like to outline to you the Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump, an air compressor that has gained praise from a number of highly respected review sites, for how easy it is for even the most inexperienced of users to use
  • As with many of the air compressors we will talk about on this list, this is a tyre compressor that will automatically shut down when you reach the required tyre pressure. Also, this particular product is known for its extremely powerful performance as well as it should be with a 120V motor included
  • As an added assurance of the products quality, it has been routinely tested before its final release to the public and with its high-speed cooling technology you can be assured of an item that will last you well throughout the years
  • Finally, this product once again comes with the added benefit of having an integrated LED light, that will allow you to work in the most adverse of situations, and with an easily read LED display, you will have no problem keeping track of the pressure gauge.

7, The Tcisa Portable Air Compressor Pump


  • Up next, we have one of the newest models on our list, the incredibly popular Tcisa Portable Air Compressor Pump, an air compressor that continues to take the air compressor world by storm, with its extremely durable performance and excellent design quality, that will ensure that if you have one of these in your garage, you will be the envy of the town
  • A huge reason why your neighbours would be so envious, would be because of the extremely powerful 140-watt pump that will allow you to inflate you tyre at a rate of 35 L/min, and also with the addition of an LCD display, you can easily keep track of the pressure gauge, so you can easily avoid over inflation
  • Also, for your added convenience and comfort, this air compressor comes equipped with a few LED lights, so if you are ever out driving at night and you get a flat tyre, you can easily take the air compressor out of the trunk, plug it into your cigarette lighter and be on your way
  • Now I know what your thinking, surely this air compressor will be too big and heavy to fit in the trunk of my car, well you need not worry because with dimensions of 10.9 by 8.5 by 5.9 inches and a weight of just under 5 pounds, this air compressor is light enough for you to carry around without getting fatigued.

8, The Briggs & Stratton 8 Gallon Hotdog Oil-free Air Compressor


  • The next model for you to consider is the reliable Briggs & Stratton 8 Gallon Hotdog Oil-free Air Compressor which has proven to be very popular with many users and has received several positive reviews in the past.
  • This model is the perfect unit with 150 PSI for nailers (framing and finish), impact wrenches, spray guns, air chisels and many more. It operates from 1.5 running horsepower and also a 120V power level which provides excellent results time and time again.
  • There are rubber wheels for mobility and the fact that it is oil free makes it maintenance free which is one less thing to worry about. The handle included can also be removed when needed. The tank is horizontal with 8 gallon and includes 4.8CFM at 40PSI and 3.7CFM at 90PSI. (CFM = cubic feet per minute) and it come with electric power as standard.
  • In terms of price, it tends to be on sale in the price region anywhere from $90 up as far as $190 which is subject to regular promotional and discount offers and activities and should be checked out below.


9, The Excell 1 Hp Ultra Quiet 2 Gallon Air Compressor - SAC22HPE


  • For the next item on this list, I would like to introduce you to the Excell SAC22HPE 1 Hp Ultra Quiet 2 Gallon Air Compressor, an air compressor that is known through out the world for its incredible durability and extremely quiet performance, so you are able to use the compressor, without fear of disturbing someone
  • As an added benefit for the customer, this is air compressor features an oil free pump, so that you will save a lot of money, when it comes to maintenance, and also this motor is durable enough, that it will still work effectively in the most adverse of weather conditions
  • Also, this particular air compressor is known for its incredibly effective dual pump design, which will allow the user to complete their tasks in a timelier fashion, and it is also designed to last up to four times longer than your average air compressor, and should work great in areas where the power supply is deficient
  • Finally, this product comes equipped with a very beneficial roll cage design which features an extremely comfortable and ergonomic handle, that makes holding the air compressor a very easy thing to do and use and the price if interested is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

10, The Campbell Hausfeld 12V Rechargeable Inflator & Power Supply - CC2300


  • The final model featured on this particular list is the Campbell Hausfeld 12V Rechargeable Inflator & Power Supply model number CC2300 which has the rechargeable cordless design which offers true portability for on the go use in vehicles or at home and also includes the built-in pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure while inflating tires and keeps the car running safely and maintaining fuel efficiency across the board.
  • Included here also is two inflation nozzles and one sports ball inflation needle and the model operates on its own after a 4 hour charge period – no need to plug it in when charged. The big attraction here is portable power supply capable of powering various 12V appliances and features a built-in air inflator with three inflation nozzles which are perfect for car tires, balls, etc.
  • It has the 12V DC adaptor and the 120V AC adaptor for quick and easy charging, its weigh just 11 Ibs and has an operating Pressure (PSI) of 230 – the 12V cordless rechargeable Inflator and power supply is included if you buy.
  • The size of this particular model is 11.5 by 9.3 by 4.80 in inches, the Air Flow SFCM is 0.38 @ 30 PSI and the price level tends to be around $40 to $60 when last seen  which can be double checked below.


Share your experiences!!! It would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Portable Air Compressor and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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