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Greetings and welcome to our detailed review for the best Palm Sanders on today’s market place which you should definitely take a quick look at if you are considering buying one in the coming days. Palm sanders are extremely beneficial to somebody who works in carpentry but can also be an extremely helpful tool to have in your garage, because you never know when you will need one.

To help you avoid the hassle of having to look through numerous different review sites to find the best palm sander, we have decided to compile a list of what we feel are the best palm sanders available right now for you to choose from.

Some Safety Tips when using Palm Sanders…

An important aspect to consider before buying any tool would be the health and safety aspect, and while palm sanders do not appear to be all that dangerous, it is still a power tool, and should therefore be treated with the utmost care and respect. Please have a careful read over some of our safety tips to ensure that you have an incredibly safe and rewarding experience

  • As with any power tool you are unfamiliar with, it is of vital importance that you fully read the operation manual before you operate the machine. Always make sure that you are 100% sure on what you need to do, any doubts you may have, may cause serious injury
  • Never operate any type of power tool in a wet area as it would put you at a very high risk of suffering from an electric shock. Please also ensure that if you have a corded power tool, that the cord is not near any type of hazardous material, and placed in such a position as to where you cannot trip over it
  • Please make sure that you are fully aware, who is around you at all times, when operating a palm sander, and be sure to keep out of the reach of children, because although palm sanders can seem to be quite harmless to an adult, it would still contain some sharp edges, that could injure a child
  • Please ensure that you wear the appropriate safety gear at all times when using a sander, this will include wearing the proper safety gloves, eye googles and a type of dust mask. The dust mask is probably the most advantageous tool as using a sander would release a lot of dust particles into the air

Some Buying Tips before you buy a Palm Sander

As with all your purchases, it is vital that you research the product carefully before you decide if it is the right purchase for you. However, we know that reading through hundreds of different review sites, to try and find the perfect tool can be an arduous and stressful process. So, with that in mind please have a read of our tips to consider before buying a palm sander

  • The first thing to consider when buying a palm sander is the size of the motor and how many oscillations per minute it offers. The more oscillations a sander has, the smoother the sander will feel against a wooden surface
  • As palm sanders require a lot of hand movements, it is vitally important that your purchase a sander with a comfortable ergonomic grip, to ensure that your hands never feel uncomfortable, and you never experience any pain when using one
  • As we mentioned earlier in our safety tips, dust particles are of great concern to your health, but they can also be of concern to the lifespan of the sander, as any dust our debris getting into the sander could be catastrophic, so to prevent this many sanders now come with some dust bags or a type of dust filtration system

Best Palm Sanders Review - Our Top Picks that Work the Best!

1, The BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander with Bonus Sandpaper


  • The first option we will ask you to consider will be the BLACK+DECKER BDERO100VA Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch, and if you are any ways familiar with power tools, I am sure you will have come across the name Black+Decker before. Black+Decker products are known throughout the world, for their incredible designs and durability
  • With this particular product you have the advantage of being able to have full orbital capabilities so that sanding becomes a very smooth and easy process and will result in a high removal success rate
  • For the user’s convenience, this item also comes equipped with a hook and loop system that will allow you to easily make quick and easy paper changes, and with the addition of a dust sealed switch you can ensure all dust and debris is kept out so you can extend the life of the sander
  • Finally, this items very comfortable to grip handle makes using the sander an extremely relaxing process, and with a weight of only 3.16 pounds and dimensions of 7 by 5 by 6 inches, the tool is extremely portable and easy to carry with you. In terms of price - you should be able to purchase this tool for around $20 to $30 region  which of course can be double checked below

2, The DEWALT 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander Kit - DWE6411K


  • Up next, we have the DEWALT DWE6411K 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander Kit, which continues to remain in the upper echelon of palm sanders, with its incredibly easy to use features, as well as its impressive design and powerful performance
  • Speaking of a powerful performance, this item comes equipped with an extremely reliable as well as powerful 2.3-amp motor capable of over 14000 opm, which will allow you to perform very extremely smooth sanding
  • Once again, this item has a feature that will help prevent dust from getting into the sander, and will in turn extend the life of the sander and with the added addition of the dust port you are far more capable of keeping the work space free from impediments, so you can freely use the sander
  • As always, the extremely comfortable grip allows you to use the sander without any sort of struggle or discomfort and is once again an extremely portable item coming in at a weight of under three pounds, and with dimensions of 7 by 6 by 10 inches, you should have no trouble finding room for the item in your garage. Also, the addition of the carry bag allows for a much more convenient way to transport the item and the price is lower than what you would expect for a tool of this quality.

3, The WEN Electric Detailing Palm Sander - 6301


  • The third item on our list is the WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander, which has proven to be amongst the most reliable and best-selling sanders in the market today and this should come as no surprise as WEN products continue to set the bar for hand tools all over the world
  • Once again, this item features an extremely capable motor, with speeds of up to 13500 rpm so sanding is extremely quick and effective and with the ergonomic handle the sander is extremely comfortable to use, and its lightweight design ensures that you will never get tired even after many hours of use
  • In addition to this, the sander comes equipped with a hook-and-loop base pad, which will allow for quick and easy sandpaper removal and once again the dust seals help prevent the dust particles from clogging up the machine. Also, with the addition of the dust fans you are able to keep a neat and tidy work area
  • Finally, as an assurance of the products quality WEN is offering a one-year warranty. This item comes in at a weight of just under three pounds and has assembled product dimensions of 3.8 x 5.2 x 6 inches and the price tends to be extremely low and is always worth checking out.

4, The Makita 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case - BO4556K


  • For the fourth item on this list, we will point out the ever-popular Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander, an extremely well-built and reliable product, that has won the highest of praise from both normal people and professional publications
  • As always, the sander is powered by an extremely powerful motor, which boasts speeds of up to 14000. For even more precision, this sander is engineered using a ball bearing construction, which should also allow you to perform you sanding technique a lot more smoothly
  • Once again, the extremely comfortable and ergonomic grip, which allows you to use the sander without any discomfort, and will also allow you to have a lot more control over the sander, and once again the dust seal and dust collection capabilities are extremely advantageous
  • For added security this item features an added clamp to allow you to better perform quick and easy paper installations. As always this is an extremely lightweight sander weighing just over 7 pounds and with dimensions of 5.2 by 4.4 by 5.5 inches.

5, The SKIL 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander - 7292-02


  • We will now outline the SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander, an extremely sturdy and high performing sander, that continues to receive great praise for its extremely easy to use features and its impressive technology
  • Speaking of technology, the added pressure control technology is extremely beneficial in assuring the user when the pressure is too much, and with the micro filtration technology you are able to easily collect any loose dust particles
  • Once, again the dust seal allows you to further extend the life of the product as it prevents the dust particles from getting lodged inside, and once again the extremely easy to hold and ergonomic grip allows you to work in a huge amount of comfort
  • As, always the products extremely lightweight and compact dimension allow for you to easily move the sander without too much effort. All in all this item comes in at a weight of just four pounds, and has dimensions of 9 by 7 by 5 inches and should cost you in the region of $25 to $40 when last seen on sale

6, The Hyper Tough 2.0Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander


  • As we continue our list, it is now time for you to consider the newer options on our list, the extremely efficient Hyper Tough product, which despite its relatively new introduction to the market, it is taking the palm sander market by storm, with its extremely easy to use features
  • As, with all the best palm sanders, they are powered by extremely powerful motors and this sander is no exception, capable of 140000 orbits per minute, which allows for an extremely smooth and enjoyable experience, and once again the dust seal will allow you to prolong the life of the tool
  • In addition to this the sanders unique and special design, makes it extremely handy to use in tight spaces, and it comfortable to grip handle, means that you are able to use the sander for many hours in the day, without coming across any discomfort, and it’s extremely effective clamping system will help to secure the sand paper
  • Finally, as always, the dust bags will help to keep the work area as clean as possible and once again its compact design makes it an extremely portable tool to carry around with you. This item has a really low price point and can be seen on sale  from about $13 to $20 region which depends on ongoing promo activity.


7, The Bosch 5-Inch Palm-Grip Random Orbit Sander - ROS10


  • For the seventh item on our list we will be discussing the Bosch ROS10 5-Inch Palm-Grip Random Orbit Sander, which has recently been receiving a lot of praise from professional review publications, as well as receiving excellent word of mouth from the everyday person on the street
  • A big reason for this positive word of mouth, would have to be the extremely effect 2.2-amp motor, which can enable speeds of up to 12000 oscillations per minute, and once again the smooth ergonomic grip on the handle allows you to perform even the most menial tasks, with a level of enjoyment
  • In addition to this, this particular product comes equipped with a very beneficial braking system, which enable you to have much more control over the device, and can also be used to remove any marks on the work area, and for even more security, the addition of the hook and loop disc ensure the sandpaper is firmly in place during use
  • Finally, as you can imagine, one of the biggest advantages of any type of palm sander would be how mobile it is, and this palm sander is no exception, coming in at a weight of under 4 pounds and with dimensions of 5 by 6 by 9 inches. The cost of this item is generally between $45 and $75 which is seen as great value for the quality that you get.


8, The WEN Electric 1/3 Sheet Finishing Sander


  • For the penultimate product on this list, we have the incredible WEN Electric 1/3 Sheet Finishing Sander. WEN is a brand name you are sure to be hearing a lot about in the near future, (We even discussed it earlier on our list) with its never-ending list of highly rated products and excellent customer service. Do not be one bit surprised to hear in a few years that WEN has claimed the top space in the palm sander market
  • A big reason for this products popularity, would have to be its extremely effective 1.2 -amp motor that has speeds, ranging up to 12000 oscillations per minute, which gives the wood an extra feeling of smoothness, and as with all the best sanders, it comes with a very comfortable hand grip, to make your work a lot easier
  • Also, with the addition of the dust bag, you can carefully collect any excess dust that will appear when you are sanding, this is of great benefit to the user not just in keeping the workplace tidy but also in pro longing the life of the sander by preventing dust from entering the machine
  • Additionally, the Velcro pad allows you to remove any sandpaper, with as minimal effort as possible, which will help save you a lot of time. With the extremely compact design of the sander you can easily operate the machine with one hand and again the price here is always hard to beat as it tends to be one of the lowest across the marketplace.

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Palm Sanders and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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