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Thanks in advance for taking the time to visit this review for the Best Metal Detectors which are available to buy across various retail chains at present and which can also get delivered to you in just a matter of a few days hassle free.

These Metal Detectors are the best in terms finding metals hidden within objects or metals buried in the ground and many featured here are at prices that are affordable for most people’s budgets. Before you view our recommended list, feel free also to view a selection of helpful tips that may be of interest to you also or take a quick look at the videos provided below…

Operational Tips when using a Metal Detector:

There are many types of metal detectors available for different purposes but all of them do the same job of detecting metal. Some metal detectors are used for finding metal buried underground, some of them are used for security purposes like walk through metal detectors and some are used outside buildings, court rooms and prisons to detect concealed metal weapons on the body.

  • Some people have a hobby of detecting metal underground at different places and hoping to find a hidden treasure.  Some people get lucky and ninety nine percent of time what people find is worthless.
    There are few tips related to metal detecting. There is a proper way to swing a metal detector. Lay the metal detector flat on the ground then pick it up right at the top of the grass and swing it. Keep it right on top of the grass and try not to hit the ground.
  • Next tip is about how to walk and swing your detector to cover most ground and not miss any spots. Keep a steady pace, swing and walk up a little bit, make sure to overlap what you just went over before while swinging. Some people just walk so fast while swinging the metal detector and they miss a lot of the ground.
  • Many people like to wear steel toe boots while working but it’s not a good choice to wear while metal detecting.  When the metal detector comes near your shoes it will start giving you signals of metal detection.
  • If you are new to metal detecting, when you have been doing it for a while you get used to the signals and you know if it is trash or not. You will know if it is iron, a nail or a coin. You know the difference but when you are new to the hobby just dig everything whenever you detect.
  • You will get used to your machine and you will know the different sounds of the machine. You will know what it sounds like in the earphones and the loudness. If it is on the surface it can be very loud. If it is very deep it can be very quiet and by the time you get used to it. It is the one and only way to master to get confident in metal detecting.

Beginner's Guide to Metal Detecting


Metal Detecting Basics Overview


Best Metal Detectors Reviewed

8 Models to Choose From

1, The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector


  • First on this list is the Bounty Hunter Junior which is a great easy to use metal detector for the younger ones. It is a lightweight metal detector which can be used by adults and children. The lightweight starter metal detector is a fun for whole family, fully adjustable so it can be used by adults or kids.
  • The metal detector runs on two nine volt batteries which gives you enough power to treasure hunt for hours in any kind of conditions. It comes with a load of features and it is very easy to use. It only has two controls which makes it not a complicated tool to use.
  • The sensitivity adjustment setting allows you to adjust your settings according to your need for treasure hunting and what kind of material you want to detect. The sensitivity button is fairly touch sensitive. The elimination circuit which helps discriminate while detection between the underground materials, with low detection settings it will detect small objects like nails and coins. If you turn up your discrimination it will knock out the iron when you pass it over the coil, with high setting you will still be able to detect small objects like coins.
  • For an inexpensive starter metal detector, the Bounty Hunter junior can’t be beaten as it tends to be around $40 to $60 when last seen on sale with Walmart which can be checked below if you are interested.

2, The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector


  • At number 2, we have the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector - The land ranger pro from Bounty Hunter is a professional metal detector featuring the latest advancements and light weight design, target accuracy and deep penetrating detecting technology. With easy to use turn on; go to settings with seven preset modes of operation and there you can choose the detection mode according to your need.
  • The land ranger pro is simple to operate and allows the experience detectors to adjust the settings to suit their needs. Two digit numerical target id and nine target id categories with four tone audio ids help you identify targets before you dig. The depth graph tells you how deep the target is.
  • In addition, the land ranger pro comes with a water proof eleven inch DD search coil which provides excellent target separation and superior detection depths. It can easily detect small objects like coins up to nine inches deep.
  • Same is the case with larger targets. Larger targets can be detected easily with much deeper depths. Nineteen volt battery allows you to treasure hunt for twenty five to thirty hours. It is very easy to balance the metal detector with ground grab computerized ground balancing feature. Please note also that this metal detector is made in USA with a five year limited warranty and the price is always worth a closer look.

3, The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer - QSIGWP


  • Another model from Bounty Hunter – this time it’s the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector which is one of the best quality metal detector you can have for treasure hunting or many other detection purposes. It is a professional tool used by many professionals. It is one of the most versatile, affordable high performance detectors ever made. It comes with a lot of great features.
  • It runs with two nine volt alkaline batteries which gives good enough time for your metal detecting projects. The whole metal detector is waterproof so you can hunt in shallow waters. The shaft of the metal detector is fully adjustable which makes it easy for anyone to use. It can be easily used by adults and children. The metal detector is light weight to allow children to carry it around easily while metal detecting.
  • It has a quarter inch headphone jack on it. The quick silver is loaded with features at an affordable price and it is very simple to use. Just turn it on and it will start up and show you couple of tones it has. The screen is on top with target identification scale and on the right side of screen it shows whether the target depth is shallow, medium or deep.
  • The metal detector gives different tones according to the depth and material which helps you identify the material without digging. You can also select the material which you want to detect so it does not detect every material underground. The quick silver is made in USA, very easy to use detector with a lot of features at an affordable price. It comes with a five year warranty and when last seen on sale was between $90 and $130 which can be checked below.

4, The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector


  • At number 4, we have the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector which is one of the best-selling products online due to its high performance levels and has received countless positive reviews. It is one of the best metal detectors to help you detect hidden underground metal objects or treasure if you are lucky enough.
  • The gold digger from Bounty Hunter is a quality metal detector with an affordable price tag. It is an easy to use metal detector for adults and kids which make it a very convenient tool to have. You can find valuable buried metal objects almost everywhere even in your lawn or backyard.
  • The adventure doesn’t stop there because gold digger is perfect for the beach, parks and fields. The trash eliminator control; eliminates the detection of most unwanted targets while the power level control and maximizes depth of detection.
  • Small objects like coins and nails can be detected up to six inches deep while larger targets can be detected much deeper. Larger objects can be detected up to two feet. The motion all metal mode detects all types of metals and the Gold Digger operates on two nine volt batteries and comes with headphones and an easy to understand user’s manual.  Please note also that the Gold Digger metal detector comes with a one year limited warranty and ranges in price from $ 40 to $60 when we last seen it on sale.

5, The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector


  • The last one from Bounty Hunter that deserves a closer look – it’s the tracker IV (TK4) which is a professional quality metal detector with an entry level price tag. The metal detector is very easy to use. It is very comfortable and easy to use metal detector for everyone including adults and children.
  • You can easily find valuable buried metal objects like coins, historical artifacts, gold and silver almost anywhere even in your own backyard, but your adventure will not stop there. The eight inch waterproof search coil is perfect for treasure hunting at beach or any areas covered with water.
  • The discrimination control eliminates detection of iron and most unwanted targets, you can choose the material you want to detect and save your digging time after detection of unwanted materials, while the sensitivity control maximizes depth detection. Small objects like coins can be detected up to eight inches deep and larger targets can be detected even much deeper. The tracker IV operates on two nine volts alkaline batteries.
  • If there is any difficulty while using the metal detector then no need to worry because it comes with an easy to understand user’s manual. This rugged metal detector is ideal for detecting treasure in extreme conditions also and the price level is somewhat higher and tends to be around $100 to $120 when it was last checked.

6, The Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector


  • At number 6, you should also consider the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector - The Ace 250 metal detector is an outstanding all round metal detector. It can be used to hunt old coins, jewelry, relics, artifacts, buried treasures and other valuables. Ace detectors offer excellent depths, rugged design and performance at a price only Garrett can offer. It is no surprise that ace has become one of the world’s most powerful metal detectors.
  • The Garrett Ace 250 has great features to make it one of the best metal detectors like push button controls with one touch operation, electronic pinpointing to precisely locate target and speed recovery, notch discrimination to modify discrimination patterns and continuous coin depth indicator to determine target depth.
  • There are five search modes where you can select preset discrimination patterns or create your own. It also has electronic pinpointing select all metal, jewelry custom, relics, coins or pinpoint.
  • It also has an expanded target ID legend above the large easy to read LCD screen to see what you are searching and it uses interchangeable ace series search coils.  Be prepared to spend more though as this model will set you back around $200 to $250 but is definitely worth a closer look if you have the extra money to spend.

7, The Minelab Safari Pro-Pack Metal Detector


  • Another model that you should consider is the trusted Minelab Safari Pro-Pack Metal Detector .The Minelab safari metal detector is a great quality metal detector that can be used by anyone because it is very easy to use. It is also preferred by many professionals for their projects. This metal detector is called the treasure detector because it has FBS multiple frequency technology combining both simplicity and performance.
  • The safari has a robust well balanced design and a long lower shaft for comfortable detecting over long periods of time. It also has an ultra-lightweight eleven inch DD waterproof coil. The display in the safari has an intuitive menu interface for fast and easy access and adjustment, you can also pinpoint with audio and visual indicators for more accurate detection.
  • Press the pinpoint button and watch the safari zone in on the precise location of that precious target. With a target volume adjustment it adapts target signal volume to suit user preference and then noise cancel can automatically select the quietest most stable channel for detecting. Then to make sure you are on track the safari has four pre-programmed detection modes, coins, coin jewelry, relic and all metal. Each individual mode contains the optimum settings for identifying the characteristics of your preferred targets allowing you to maximize your time in the field and trash density.
  • Leave it on high to ensure fewer false signals experience in typical coin and relic environments so, you don’t waste time digging for junk while leaving it on low is ideal for clean sites to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. The greatest feature of this detector is twenty eight simultaneous frequencies while most detectors only have one main frequency that is why it is called treasure hunter.

8, The VLF Metal Detector with Automatic Tuning and Ground Balance


  • The last model that we recommend on this list is the VLF Metal Detector with the automatic tuning and ground balance control system which has performed exceptionally well and gives great results which has received countless positive reviews from previous buyers in the past. The power provided here is by using two 9V alkaline batteries
  • This model has the ability to detect smaller objects of gold, silver, relics, coins etc and works at a level that is 6 inches deep or larger swags that are approx. 2 inches deep. The sound alarms will also tell you what it senses by emitting different modes and tones or use the setting for all metal which can detect all types of metals.
  • Please note also that there is the automatic tuning which tells you how deep the metal is by outlining the strength of the signal and you can also use the trash eliminator control to eliminate any potential trash that you need to avoid.
  • This model is made from plastic, weighs 2.3 ounces and the size comes in at 52 by 7.5 by 7.5 in inches and is suitable for people aged 6 years and up. There is also the 6.7 kHz operating frequency and the price level depends to range from $50 to $90 depending in retail discount activities.


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  1. Hi there, good list of metal detectors, size and weight of the apparatus would be the most important feature for me plus the ability to fold up which would make it easy to carry around,  in summary something small and compact that I can fold up and fit into a backpack so my search continues but this also gave me some great suggestions to think about

  2. Thanks for letting me know the technicalities and inner workings of some of the best metal detectors around. My kids love playing “Treasure Hunting,” although they just improvise their device with whatever they can come up with. A real metal detector for kids should be a good surprise gift. I used to think that a good metal detector would cost a leg and an arm. My jaw just dropped when I saw the surprisingly low prices. I really didn’t know that I can get a good quality metal detector for around $50. Purchasing one of these is certainly a no-brainer to me.

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