Best Lawn Aerators 2022 – Our Top Picks


If you a looking for a trusted Lawn Aerator that can stand the test of time, then take a quick look through our detailed review for the Best Lawn Aerators which can be delivered to your home at present. In brief, a Lawn aerator is a tool designed to be used in gardens to create holes in the soil for aeration. Aeration is one of the best things you can do to keep your lawn looking green and healthy and it relieves soil compaction which can squeeze the life out of your lawn.

Compaction is caused by downward pressure on soil by foot traffic, lawn care equipment etc and the compaction layer can block the flow of nutrients and water and also restricts the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen which is very vital for plant health. Before you view the 8 best selected models, feel free also to take a quick look at some of the operational tips outlined below

Operational Tips when using Lawn Aerators

  • Before you start aeration, you should first mow the yard and get that extra debris out of the way. There are different types of aerators powered aerators and manual aerators. If you are using a powered aerator adjust the depth of the hole around three to four inches that should be about right or whatever your soil hardness permits.
  • Aerator should be criss-cross back and forward across the yard and have even distributions of holes. You can either clean the soil plugs or leave them to melt back into your yard.
  • The aeration is not a technique that should be used in dry conditions because the additional holes may dry it out more than you want to. The spring and the fall would be the best time for this exercise.
  • If this method of aeration is aggressive for your yard there is a more passive route to go. In gardening catalogues, you can find platforms that have a lot of spikes in them and they will also help deliver water deep as you walk across the yard. It also gives you a pretty good workout when you walk on your yard with these.
  • Tines are also available in large and small diameters and have their own advantages. Larger tines are great at reducing compaction at the surface and they are easier to fill with sand. Smaller tines are also called pencil tines and they are tough to fill with sand however they also heal faster.
  • If you want to address patch issues use a coring type which actually removes organic matter, it is also used to bring soil to the surface. In general, open spoon tines are preferred as compared to hollow tines which bring up more soil.
  • Some people like hollow tines because they like clean and neat holes. Solid tines have some advantages. They don’t make much mess and obviously there is less clean-up and they still do the trick of promoting gas exchange and optimizing your water and fertilizer programs

Types of Lawn Aerators:

  • Powered and manual aerators come in two different designs. Spike aerators and core/plug aerators. As you already know the benefits of aeration by aerating you are making your yard healthier that’s why golf courses do it every year or sometimes several times a year.
  • It also depends on what equipment you are using has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your aeration process.
  • There are various types of tines available, but obviously your choice is going to be driven by your specific goals and budgets. It is preferred to go as deep as you can.
  • With deep tine aeration you get more of what you want. Going deeper in to your soil, will result in your fertilizer lasting longer and more oxygen is introduced into the soil.

Frequently asked Questions about Lawn Aerators:

Q. What is the best time to aerate?
A. The process of aeration should be done in spring or fall and you should avoid aerating in summers because it will dry the soil further.
Q. Which aerator is better; manual or powered aerator?
A. If you have a big yard then a manual aerator will take a lot of time it is better if you have a small lawn. Powered aerators are better for big yards that will cover more distance in less time.
Q. Who should use the aerator?
A. Anyone with some spare time to work in the lawn can do the task themselves.

Best Lawn Aerators Review - Our Top Picks

1, The Agri-Fab, Inc. 48 Inch Plug Aerator Tow Behind Lawn Groomer - 45-02992

  • The Agri fab is a 48-inch tow plug aerator that is made in the USA with some special imported materials and it comes with a three-year limited consumer warranty. It is very simple to use and can be easily raised and lowered according to your requirements.
  • The design includes a cantilever transport handle to adjust the tines. Up to 180 pounds of weight can be put on a 48-inch weight tray to get deeper penetration on hard soil and the tires are guaranteed to never go flat and have a smooth ride.
  • This model 45-0299 is a plug aerator and not spike aerator so it does not cut deep grooves in the soil but pulls out small plugs of soil and grass. Plug aerators are designed for heavy-duty maintenance and it is a tow style aerator and can be pulled with the help of a small tractor. The material used is very good quality with 32 separate plug aerator knives. Galvanized steel is used to make these knives and the other deck is also made with heavy-gauge steel for durability.
  • When you buy this aerator, you are required to assemble it with the help of simple instructions which are very easy to understand.  Agri-fab also offers very good customer service and the price region when last seen was between $200 and $230 which can be double checked below.


2, The Blissun Lawn Aerator Shoes - 4 Aluminum Alloy Buckles Spiked Aerating Lawn Sandals - 26 Nails

  • Blissun lawn aerator shoes are one of the best manual lawn aerators and it comes with four high quality aluminum buckles which help you strap it around any of your shoes tightly. The metal buckles are very durable that makes sure shoes never come off and will last long.
  • Thirteen nails are available in each shoe which means with every step you are making thirteen holes in the soil for aeration.
  • If you have a small lawn and you want to aerate it without any effort then this is your best option. You can have also had a simple workout while you are doing the aeration process. Simply wear the spiked shoes and walk on your lawn for easy and fast aeration and the base of the shoe is made of polypropylene material and HDPE.
  • After you buy the shoes it is very easy to install all the shoe parts together and can be done in three to five minutes. If you are on a low budget or you want to save money on aerator then this is one of the best products you should go for and the price is extremely low and is always worth checking out

3, The Yard Tuff SE-40 Drum Spike Aerator

  • Next on the list is the Yard tuff SE-40 drum spike aerator is an efficient aerator. This drum aerator is a great way to open up and aerate your lawns and fields. Aerating allows air, nutrients, water, fertilizers, and seeds to penetrate a compacted soil which is very beneficial and it allows the roots to grow deeper providing thicker healthier lawn. This type of drum spike aerator is ideal for use at home gardens and professional landscapers
  • It is designed to be towed behind small tractors, quad bikes with a pin style hitch. The unit can be easily attached to any vehicle with a tow bar and you can remove the bolt and put a hitch through the bolt. Almost all size quad bikes are capable of towing an aerator of this size and weight but it is preferred to tow it behind a fourteen-horsepower vehicle.
  • To vary the penetration of the spikes the aerator can be filled with different amounts of water. The drum has a capacity of 24 gallons of water and you can fill it according to the weight required it depends on the hardness of the soil. Adjust the water if more or less penetration is required.
  • It is made with heavy duty steel for durability and it weighs one thirty six kilogram with a full drum and it comes with a one year warranty from its manufacturers.

4, The Earthquake MC43 Cultlivator Lawn Garden Gas Tiller - Dethatcher Attachment Kit

  • Another option for you to look at is the Earthquake MC43 mini cultivator which is a powered aerator. It comes with one of the most powerful engines in its class with a five-year warranty on its tiller and engine. It is light-weight for easy portability and its wheel height can be adjusted without any tool and this tool free wheel height adjustment feature is a good feature.
  • You don’t have to carry the tools to change the height of the wheels. When the wheels are lowered it is very easy to transport from one place to another place and you can also carry it around. It also has adjustable drag stake for depth control and tool-free access to foam air cleaner element for a longer engine life. You can also use it for weeding and it is perfect for weeding in narrow spaces close to plants without any need of cutting or removing the plant.
  • The overhand control design with its engine forward design prevents it from bouncing and improving its control. Tine removal is also tool-free for easy cleaning and maintenance and if you have a problem of losing the caps then don’t worry because this aerator comes with a tethered fuel cap so you have no chance of losing the cap.
  • Finally, it has simple controls for easy operation and this aerator is light-weight but very powerful and perfect for adding soil amendments or turning compost piles and the price is certainly lower than one would expect.

5, The Brinly Tow behind Plug Aerator - PA-48BH

  • Number 5 on this list we have the Brinly Tow behind Plug Aerator which has a very good reputation of manufacturing affordable products with a very good quality. It is a United States based company and all of their products are manufactured there. Brinly PA-48BH is a tow behind plug aerator and the four independent, rotating sections of plug spoons means that it is designed for regular heavy duty use.
  • Some of the pros are that you don’t have to deal with any wires or cables. You can’t just use this aerator on compacted soil and thatch but you can also use to aerate red clay soil. To lower the cost of maintenance you can individually remove each plugging spoon.
  • The steel tray can take up to 90 kg of additional weight to adjust the penetration according to the need. The width of this model is 48 inches with 32 heavy duty plug spoons to aerate any lawn.
  • This model can be attached behind any tractor or all-terrain vehicles and can be used on larger lawns.
  • It is very durable with heat treated steel tines and it can penetrate the soil up to three inches. Independent rotating plug spoons ensure proper aeration on uneven terrain and it is a very durable and long lasting product which will serve you for many years to come.

6, The Agri-Fab, Inc 40 Inch Plug Aerator Tow Behind Lawn Groomer - 45-0518

  • If you have an unhealthy lawn and uneven growth then plug aeration is a process that can help you make your garden or lawn healthy and solve the problem. It opens your soil and let water, nutrients and air into the roots for a healthy lawn. Agri fab Forty-inch aerator is an affordable and convenient product.
  • It comes with flat free and maintenance tires and the knives of the plug aerator are rust proof and very durable. They are designed for thorough soil penetration and plug removal and the forty inch tray can be used to add weight according to the requirement. Please note that you can add up to 64 kg for the best results.
  • A lot of ground can be covered with a universal tow hitch and it can be attached to any lawn tractor or all-terrain vehicles which makes it very easy to use. This aerator does not come assembled it comes with easy guidelines for the assembly of the aerators and can be easily assembled.
  • Agri fab is one of the leading lawn care company providing products to their customers according to their needs with excellent customer care service and the price can be anywhere from $170 to $220 depending on discount activities.

7, The Agri-Fab 40 Inch Spike Aerator

  • Agri fab forty inch spike aerator will help you to aerate your line in a little time. The rotating star-shaped tines slice into the soil to easily allow seed fertilizer, water, air, light and nutrients to reach the roots and improve the health of your lawn and garden.
  • The forty-inch weight tray allows you to place up to forty-six additional kg for increased soil penetration up to two to three inch depth. This 40-inch spike aerator has a feature of up to ten spike aerators for thorough penetration and aeration. The handle allows adjusting the level of the wheels.
  • It comes with a unique folding hitch design that provides a compact storage and saves valuable space in your storage room or garage. The rugged construction of the aerator ensures that the unit will last long for years to come and in case of any parts damage spare parts are also available. It can be attached to any tow tractor or all-terrain vehicles.
  • The aerator comes unassembled with easy guidelines to follow and assemble it. It takes around one hour to assemble it. Agri fab aerator comes with a three-year warranty and the price bracket tends to in the $120 to $160 when last seen on sale.

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Lawn Aerators and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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