Best Hand Power Planers – 10 with the Best Prices


Hello and welcome to our detailed review for the 10 Best Hand Power Planers which can be delivered to your home hassle free. A good power planner is a must have for any carpenter to smooth out any rough pieces od wood. However, a power planer is not just a necessity for a professional handyman as most people would like to have one in their tool shed to even out any uneven door edges around the house or might have them if they are doing some woodworking as a hobby and want to make it more presentable. There a lot of things to consider when trying to decide on the right power planer for you and we hope our list will help you make the right choice

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Power Planers:

Before you decide to go ahead and buy a power planer it is important to know as much information about them as you can. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by people all over the world, and we hope these questions will help alleviate any concerns you may have

Q. How powerful does the power planner need to be?
A. This depends on what you are using the planer for, if you only need one every now and again you should be perfectly fine with a 5 or 6-amp machine, however you would want to buy a more powerful machine and if you intend to do a lot of strenuous work, like constructing an addition to the house you should go higher than this
Q. What sort of blades should I look for?
A. For the most reliable cut you are best to always opt for carbide blades
Q. How long should the cord be?
A. For the most convenience the longer the cord the better
Q. Is there any way to decide what way you want the chips to shoot when using the planer?
A. Yes fortunately there are planers which allow you to set the direction of any loose chippings

Health and Safety tips when using Power Planers:

As power planers are items of electrical machinery with sharp blades, being full adept in health and safety is not just crucial for your wellbeing but also those around you. Please carefully abide by the health and safety tips we list below to ensure that you avoid any dangerous industries

  • Always use both hands when holding a Power planer
  • Always wear safety googles in case of loose debris
  • Make sure you disconnect the planner from its power source when you adjust the blades
  • Power planners are very load so ensure that you wear a noise cancelling ear muffs
  • Ensure the switch is off before you plug it in
  • Always read the instruction manual before operating any machinery
  • Make sure the planer is turned off before you put it down and never leave it unattended
  • Do not use in wet conditions as you more prone to electrical shock

Buying tips to consider before purchasing a Hand Power Planer:

Now we are going to take a look at the numerous things you should consider before you decide if buying a power planer is a necessity for you.

  • Some planers will let you adjust the speeds of the blade, while others will not
  • The more blades on the planer, the more refined the cut will be
  • As with all machinery, the machinery with the most features will cost you more money, so you need to decide if these added features are a necessity for you
  • Ensure that the planer has enough amp power to suit your needs
  • If you are a novice, it would be best to get the least complicated hand planer
  • Also, be sure to research the cutting depth of the planer before you buy

Finally, we come to the part you have all been waiting for, the 10 Best Hand Power Planers. All planers on this list have been highly reviewed by both professional organisations as well as members of the general public. Hopefully with our list you can find the perfect hand planer for your own individual needs.

Best Hand Power Planers Reviewed – 10 Models

1, The WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer (3-1/4-Inch)


  • To begin our list, we have the WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, which has proven over the years to be amongst the most well respected and beloved hand planers in the world today and has been highly reviewed since its release
  • With a 6-amp motor included, this planer should have more than enough power for even the most professional of handymen, and unless you are doing some very intense carpentry this planer should be more than enough for you to smooth out the door edges around your house
  • A feature that should help sway your opinion when buying this planer is the ability to adjust the cutting depth as deep as 1/8 inches. This will save you a lot of time and allow for more varied work and its weight of just 6 pounds means that it will not be to strenuous for you if you have to carry it around
  • Also, with this planer you get a number of special additions to make your life a lot easier such as a dust bag and a multi direction chute. To top it all off this planer can be found in multiple DIY stores and is available also online for less than $40 which is seen as excellent value in many people’s eyes.

2, The Porter Cable 6-Amp Hand Planer (PC60THP)


  • As we continue our list we come to the Porter Cable PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer, which is continuing to take power planer industry by storm with its powerful sharp blades and reliable performance
  • When you buy this planer, you can be assured of its ability to get a lot of work done with 6-amp motor and its ability to adjust the depth of the blades between ten different steps makes this planer very useful to both novice and professional users
  • This planer also comes with the added feature of being able to extract the dust from both sides which will help keep your work area cleaner and will make using the planer a lot easier and the 11.5-inch shoe will allow you to have more control over the planer when using it
  • Finally, this product comes with numerous added accessories such as a dust bag, a wrench, and a kit bag. The planner also has dimensions of 14.6 by 7.8 by 8.2 inches can be found anywhere between the prices of $50 to $80 when last checked at Walmart which should be double checked below

3, The DEWALT 3-1/4-Inch Portable Hand Planer Kit (D26677K)


  • Third on our list we have the DEWALT D26677K 3-1/4-Inch Portable Hand Planer Kit, which continues to increase in popularity throughout the years, with its easy to use features that make it the perfect planer for even the most inexperienced person
  • With this planer you are able to achieve an incredible 34,000 cuts per minute, with an extremely powerful 5.5-amp motor, ensure that this motor will be perfect for you for smoothing out any rough pieces of wood around your house
  • For your added comfort this planer some specifically designed with a specially designed handle that has the users comfort in mind. We know all to well how extremely sore it can be carrying machinery around with you all day and this handle should make your workload a lot easier
  • Like all the most highly rated planers this planer lets you adjust how deep you want the blades to cut, and with reversible blades you are able to get much longer use out of these blades before you have to replace them. This planer can be found anywhere generally between $130 to $180 price brackets.

4, The Makita 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer (KP0810)


  • Next up we have Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer and as a member of the extremely popular Makita brand you are getting a tool that comes from a company that is known for its extremely reliable products and for having great levels of customer satisfaction, and with its specially designed handle it makes smoothing out wood easier than ever
  • With this planer you get not one blade head but two, which allows for even faster wood removal, which could save you a lot of time during a busy day, and of course a knob to adjust the depth is always a welcome feature
  • For your convenience this planer also comes with the ability to let you choose which side you want the loose chippings to be ejected to, which will make it much easier for you to tidy up once you are done and ergonomically designed handle makes it extremely comfortable to use
  • With its weight of 10.75 pounds and dimensions of 11.4 by 6.6 by 6.9 inches the planer is extremely easy to carry around and will cost you anywhere in the region of between $180 to $230 and is the perfect tool for professional woodworkers.

5, The Bosch 6.5 Amp Planer, 3-1/4" (PL1632)


  • We now come to one to a planer belonging to one of the most admired brands in the industry today the Bosch brand, and the Bosch PL1632 Planer has done nothing to harm the image of the brand and its 6.5 Amp motor is the envy of a lot of other power planer companies around the world
  • For your added benefit and comfort this planer comes with a special spring-loaded stand, which allows you to better protect the safety of the blades, so they will not need to be as frequently replaced. Replacing blades can be expensive so take note of this before you buy.
  • Another thing that should make you greatly consider buying this planer is how easily the angled handle makes it for you to move the planer in a forward motion, and its ergonomically designed handle is of course a highly praised addition
  • With this planer you also get the added benefit of deciding on whether you want to use either the metric scale to measure depth or to just merely measure depth in inches also it come with a protective shield that will prevent damage the face of the door if you are trying to smooth it out. In terms of price and value, this product is a little more expensive than many others but then again you are getting a reliable and trustworthy product under the brand of Bosch.

6, The DEWALT 7 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer (DW680K)


  • Next we come to our second DEWALT product on this list, the even more powerful 7-amp DW680K model, which allows for an even more of a strenuous workload and the max 2.5 mm cut allows to cut wood quicker than ever, and the planers durability has won it a lot of praise all over the world.
  • Also, with this planer you also get the added benefit of being able to adjust the depth of the cut with an adjustable knob on the planer. This will allow you to save a lot of time if you have to smooth out large quantities of wood, and with its 7-amp motor it should be powerful enough to satisfy even the most demanding handymen
  • In addition, with reversible carbide blades, you get not only a better cut but also a much longer use out of them and this will save you a lot of hassle in the future of having to be constantly replacing blades, which can be a very dangerous endeavour if you are not an experienced woodworker
  • Lastly this product has been widely praised for how easy it is to use for somebody who has never worked with this type of machinery before, and though the planner can be a lot more expensive, believe me when I say it is well worth it.

7, The Black + Decker 7698K Planer 5.2A (G0419058)


  • We would now like to introduce you to the Black&Decker 7698K planer, which comes equipped with an extremely powerful 5.2-amp motor and with this planer any woodworking you do will be good enough to draw praise from even the most professional of construction workers
  • With this planer you have the ability to cut the wood as deep as 64 inches in a single go, and the added feature of a lock on button will help ensure that the blade does not come loose when you are using it, so injuries can be avoided
  • Also, with this planner you also get 4 HSS reversible blades, which allows for an even longer lifespan, and with the addition of a plastic case, moving the planer from place to place becomes a lot less stressful
  • This planner is perfect for someone who merely wants to smooth out a variety of wooden surfaces around the house, and for less than $70 when last checked at Walmart, you are not going to come across many better deals.

8, The WEN 3.8-Amp 2-3/8 Inch Electric Hand Planer


  • We now come to our second planer of the WEN brand the, the 3.8 Amp planer, and although not as powerful as the six-amp planer it should be more than powerful enough to smooth out any rough door edges or floorboards around your house
  • Despite the lower amp power, it still allows for up to 32,000 cuts per minute, which is outstanding for a planer with a motor of this size, also its extremely light weight of 4.3 pounds makes it extremely easy to carry around
  • As with the previous WEN model we discussed this planer also allows you to adjust the depth of the cut as deep as 16 inches, and with the addition of an onboard storage slot, it makes it a lot easier to organise your blades, and a wrench is also included to allow you to adjust the blades when you see fit.
  • Finally, the main thing that should make you consider this product is its incredible price and unless you are planning to be using the planer for a lot of heavy work, this $25 to $40 model should be more than enough for you.

9, The VonHaus 7.5 Amp Electric Wood Hand Planer Kit with 3-1/4 Planing Width and Extra Set of Planer Replacement Wood Blades


  • As we approach the end of our list we come to the extremely powerful VonHaus 7.5 Amp electric wood planer, which comes with the added benefit of having replacement blades included, which will help you save a lot of money in the future, and is ideal for professional woodworkers all over the world
  • With its extremely powerful motor, this planer will allow you to do even the most complex of construction duties as well as smoothing out uneven door ages, and floorboards. Also, its comfortable to grip handle will make using this planer a very enjoyable experience indeed
  • As always, this planer comes with a dial to allow you to adjust the depth of the blades, and can do a very impressive 33,000 cuts per minute, which will allow you to get a more polished cut than usual, and the ability to lock the blades in place is of great benefit to your safety
  • Despite the fact that this blade contains an extremely powerful motor, it can be found in numerous hardware stores all over the world with competitive prices and with a weight of under seven pounds it is extremely easy to carry around with you


10, The Hitachi 5.5-Amp 3-1/4-Inch Portable Handheld Planer (P20ST)


  • Last but not least we come to the Hitachi P20ST 5.5-Amp 3-1/4-Inch Portable Handheld Planer, which has proven to be just as reliable as all the other planers on this list, with its ability to allow you to perform cuts of the highest efficiency
  • For your added benefit this particular planer allows you to re-sharpen the blades which will save you a lot of time and hassle in trying to find replacement blades, and the added feature of a kickstand will help avoid any damage to the workspace when the planer is not in use
  • Also, if you are someone who is very fussy about the cleanliness of your work area, then the ability to collect dust with the added dust bag should be a source of great happiness for you. Also, with its comfortable grip and light weight it is very easy to move from place to place
  • Finally this product comes with the assembled dimensions of 14.2 by 7.8 by 7.8 inches and the prices region tends to be under $150 which of course can be double checked below.


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Hand Power Planer and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision with your new Power Planer.



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