Best Gas Cooktops – With FAQ and Helpful Tips


Hello to all the cooks out there and welcome to this detailed review of the best gas cooktops that are available to order online and get delivered to your front door hassle free. Cooking has always had an element of magic to it and as the recipes and techniques we use become more complex so, too, do the appliances. Innovations in cooking technology have made what was once seemingly science-fiction into everyday reality. One example of such advancement is induction cooktop technology. Induction technology uses an electromagnetic coil to transport energy to cookware. This process reduces heat loss leading to lower pre-heat times, quicker cooking of dishes, and less wasted heat warming up the kitchen.

Gas cooktops consist of a burner assembly attached to gas valve that is connected to gas line. When you turn the button, the intake valve opens and gas flows through a venturi tube, a wide pipe that narrows in the middle. Gas enters through one of the wide ends, and as it passes into the conical section, its pressure raises. There is a small air hole in the segment where the pipe widens again, and as the gas moves into this section, the pressure releases, sucking oxygen into the air hole. The oxygen mixes with the gas, making it combustible. The oxygen-gas mixture then flows into the burner. The gas burner is just a void metal disk with holes punctured through its perimeter. A gas pilot light sits to one side of the burner and sends a small flame or spark to ignite the oxygen-gas mixture as it flows through the holes in the burner. By turning the button to a higher heat setting, you raise the flow of gas and air, and the flame gets bigger.

Helpful Tips and Points to consider before you buy a Gas Cooktop…

Whether you’re looking to advance your kitchen or just want the capability to cook on your kitchen island, finding the best cooktop for your home is not a simple task. You have lots of choices, brands and models to consider. This guide below will let you know the information you need to know while shopping, helping you make the best buying decision. These are several key factors that you keep in mind while shopping or browsing your options.

Size: Mainly cooktops are in 30-36 inch range and have 4-5 burners as for most of kitchens, it should be enough. For home chefs that often make more meals and have several burners going at once, a larger cooktop may be worth the extra cost. Your cooktop will take up space on the counter, so keep in mind how much area you have to work with and how much of your kitchen counter space will be put to use.
Price: The cost of a cooktop will depend on a number of factors, as expect large cooktops to cost more. Chief amongst those is energy costs – induction will cost you less in terms of your monthly energy bill and other electric models will cost you the most, so researching the sturdiness of the models you consider can save you money in the long term as well.
Brand: In general, the brand and quality of the cooktop you purchase will make a big difference in how long you can count on it to last. Be sure to pay special attention to the maintenance requirements per the model you buy. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, you will help ensure that your cooktop lads for years to come. Additionally, if you go with smooth top model, try to avoid using dishes that will scratch the surface.
Cleaning: Smooth top cooktops become much harder to clean they burn into the surface and you have to put a little bit of elbow grease into it later on. Both gas and coil cooktops have some pieces you have to take care of individually each time you undertake to give them a good cleaning, which needs some time and work. If trouble-free cleaning is a top main concern for you, then induction cooktops will be your top option.
Exhaust steam: If your cooktop is installed somewhere without a range hood or over range microwave above it, you need to understand a venting option to help exhaust the steam, odors and fumes that are produced while you cook. A downdraft exhaust system can take care of the problem.
Safety: With its capability to warm food without the surface ever becoming hot to the touch, an induction cooktop is the safest choice hands down. Gas cooktops do use open flames, so you have to be cautious about what you leave close to or on the cooktop. If you’re not paying attention, a dishtowel or oven mitt can easily catch fire.
Selection: The brand you choose to go with for your cooktop will affect the quality and durability of the product you end up with. Before settling on any particular cooktop, it’s good to gain a clear picture of what to expect from each brand. We analyzed customer reviews for different cooktops on the market from each of brands below to give you an idea of their reputation with customers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions from buyers of Gas Cooktops…

Q: Why you should consider a cooktop?
A: Maybe you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen or you suddenly have to replace an old appliance, there are many benefits to going with a built-in cooktop instead of a range. Here’s a quick list. allows you more options for design, both in terms of aesthetics and convenience. You can place the appliance where it makes the most sense for you, such as on a kitchen island.
Q: What is a BTU?
A: The standard energy measurement is the BTU British Thermal Unit. A BTU unit is determined by the amount of thermal energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. To specify the BTU power of a machine, you need to calculate its fuel utilization per hour, multiplied by the fuel’s BTU value
Q: Can you burn wood in the gas cooktops?
A: No, gas cooktops are designed to burn gas only. Burning wood would hurt the stove and could be very unsafe.
Q: Is it possible to transfer the cooktops from natural gas to propane or from propane to natural gas?
A: Yes, it is achievable to change your stove in order to use a different type of gas. You need to buy a conversion kit that fits your model. You should have a qualified technician to carry out the conversion. 

Best Gas Cooktops Reviewed – 10 Models (in no particular order)

1, The Thermador Masterpiece Deluxe Series 36 Gas Cooktop with 5 Star Burners (SGSX365FS)


  • One of best cooktops available in the market is Thermador SGSX365FS. Because it combines upscale style with excellent performance. It has five burners has with s a specific purpose, the middle burner boil six cups of water in just over 4 minutes, and both front burners do a good job with high heat.
  • When ON the extra low setting, it cycled the flame on and off to keep a steady heat all the way down to 84ºF. If you would like to do to melt butter or warm soup, Extra Low is a big help. With five burners, this cooktop had a lot of chances to impress you.
  • The center and right-front burners boiled the quickest, taking just 4.5 and 8.7 minutes, respectively, to boil six cups of water. The Thermador SGSX365FS is certainly a stylish cooktop, and the ability to add the phrase "stainless Thermador appliances.
  • The lab tests showed that this cooktop's reputation is well-deserved, with some of the best performance recorded from gas burners. If you enjoy cooking, and can afford it, you'll find a 36-inch cooktop that's nearly without fault.


2, The Viking Professional 36 inch Gas Cooktop (VGSU5366BSS)


  • Viking Professional VGSU5366BSS is made of matte stainless surface and 3 continuous grates.
  • Its burner can boil six cups of water in just over 4 minutes, and comes with 3 years warranty, this cooktop does an immense job blending magnificence looks and high-end performance, because it puts a good variety of burners in the front row for frequent use.
  • The cooktop is simple to clean, but the cast iron grates must be washed by hand. If you desire silence, get the Viking VGSU5366BSS instead. This 36-inch cooktop features 6 sealed burners.  
  • A mixture of tiny dimples in the cooking surface and rubber stops help keep the grates in place and avoid scratches.
  • Overall, the VGSU5366BSS is a solid cooktop, with good temperature reach and a real mix of boiling abilities.


3, The Hallman Industries 30 inch Gas Cooktop (5 Burners)


  • This gas cooktop from Hallman Industries is 30 inches and has 5 burners for you to work with and gives super cooking performance while still looking elegant and saving you space.
  • There is the 17000 BTU Tri ring center power burner for high and low usage and can be installed above a single wall oven if needed, it has Italian made Sabaf burners that can start at 3,400 BTU and go as high as 17k BTU
  • Included here also are the multi prong cast iron grates to provide a single cooking surface for additional safety while cooking and is available in 3 different sizes for you to choose from
  • There are the front controls and is certified for both natural gas and liquid propane
  • The overall size is 3.25'' H by 30'' W by 20'' D, it weighs approx. 36 Ibs and a one year warranty is provided
  • In terms of price, I have seen it available for sale at Wayfair coming in at a price region of between $450 to $520 which can be checked below.


4, The Magic Chef 24 inch Gas Cooktop with 4 Burners (MCSCTG24S)


  • The Magic Chef is a gas cooktop which will provide power from a low of 5000 up as far as 16000 BTU’s and this particular model is recessed for an attractive look and of course is stainless steel.
  • There are also the strong and sturdy cast iron grates which will deliver for you year in year off and is a triple riing burner for additional space for your larger pans or pots.
  • In addition, the sealed cooktop will keep any liquids or foods on the actual cooking which will make your job of cleaning up afterwards a whole lot easier.
  • The dimensions of this gas cooktop is 20.1 by 22.8 by 2.8 inches and weighs a little less than 28 Ibs
  • In terms of price, I have seen it on sale with Amazon in the region of $230 to $250 which can be checked further below…


5, The Empava 24 inch 4 Italy Sabaf Burners Stove Top Gas Cooktop (EMPV-24GC4B67A)


  • This gas cooktop under the Empava brand is very popular among many buyers and has 4 burners and a plug in and go unit so that installation is a breeze and very easy to do.
  • The also features the thermocouple protection, dishwasher safe grates and knobs and there are also the heavy cast iron grates to make sure it performs to the highest standards possible.
  • The Sabaf burners are imported from Italy, it is made from stainless steel and the fact that it is dishwasher friendly is a major attraction for many cooks who need a help with the final clean up.
  • The dimensions for this model are 23.23 inch by 20.08 inch by 3.94 inches and it weigh approx. 20 Ibs.
  • It is fitted for natural gas but can also be used for Liquid propane if needed as long as you get a licensed professional to sort the gas conversion kit and I have also seen it for sale in the region of $200 mark.


6, The Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range Cooktop with 6 Burners


  • This particular model by Thor Kitchen is factory set for natural gas, includes the cat iron grate and this company can also provide additional support nationwide if needed for any problems if they arise which is very reassuring.
  • It has a simmer function 650 BTU for your gentler even heat for your more delicate dishes and can go as high as 15000 BTU.
  • One good advantage available to you here is that there is a 2-year warranty for parts and labor also.
  • The size of this gas cooktop is 9.75'' H by 30.25'' W by 36'' D and weighs approx. 85 Ibs
  • There are 6 burners, it is also portable and it is also gas convertible.
  • This is a more premium type gas cooktop and the price is a lot higher and when I last checked, it was available for sale with Walmart in the $900 region.


7, The Frigidaire Professional 30 inch Gas Cooktop (FPGC3077RS)


  • The brand for this particular gas cooktop comes from Frigidaire and is 30 inches
  • It would be considered as a full range powerplus burner and here are you also get the attractive sleek professional looking knobs for you to work with.
  • There are 5 different burners and the control panel is very easy to use and adjust the temperature as you see fit.
  • In relation to the dimensions, it comes in at 30 by 4 1/4 by 21-3/4 in inches and weighs approx. 50 Ibs
  • The grates are also continuous so it makes it easier to move pans and pots around and will help to avoid any spillages that may occur.
  • One last thing you will like is also how easy it is to maintain and clean it and a stainless steel cleaner may also come delivered with the unit which is always a welcome surprise.


8,The GE 30-Inch 4 Sealed Burner Built-in Gas Cooktop


  • This gas cooktop comes from the GE brand and is 30 inches like the model above and also has the sealed burner built in which is a major plus.
  • It would be considered a better option for your smaller type kitchen or family as there are just 4 burners available to you.
  • Similar to the model above, it has the continuous grate system also to help you move pots and pans from one burner to the next hassle free and avoid unnecessary accidences.
  • The size is approx. 21 by 30 by 3.2 in inches and the weight of it comes in at approx. 38 Ibs.


9, The Cosmo 34 inch Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners


  • The gas cooktop from Cosmo is made from stainless steel construction and is very easy to clean after your cooking is completed which is always a great advantage.
  • It comes in at 34 inches and has an Italian design with 5 separate burners and the electronic ignition.
  • This model is also made for drop in installation so will work perfectly for you in a marble or granite counter top.
  • In terms of burners, it has an auxiliary burner at 5000 BTU, a semi rapid burner of 6800 BTU and the rapid burner of 8500 BTU and the inovative triple ring super rapid 5 jet nozzle burners of 16,000 BTUs.
  • One advantage also is that the knobs are made from stainless steel and not plastic so you won’t have to worry about the plastic knobs starting to melt.
  • In terms of warranty, there is a 1 year available and the size comes in at 2.5'' H by 34'' W by 20'' D and weighs a little less than 39 Ibs.
  • It is a little more expensive and comes in at a level of between $480 to $550 when last checked at Wayfair.


10, The Empava 34 inch Tempered Glass Built-in 5 Burners Stove Gas Hob Fixed Cooktop


  • This gas cooktop from Empava is 34 inches and has a tempered glass panel and the flame protection device for your added benefit. The glass panel will keep in any spill accidents and will resist any scrapes that is likely to occur and can be cleaned spotless with minimal effort.
  • It has 5 burners, a stainless-steel panel and Italian imported Sabaf
  • The dimension for this model is 33.86 by 19.69 by 4.33 in inches and weighs approx. 34 Ibs and has the electric pulse ignition.
  • With regards to performance it gives; Triple Ring Burner 11942 BTU*1, a Rapid Burner 10236 BTU*1, a Semi Rapid Burner 5971 BTU*2 and an Auxiliary Burner 3412 BTU*1 and the grates here are also dishwasher friendly.
  • In terms of price, the last time I looked it was available for sale at Walmart with a price tag in the region of $220 to $230 mark which is great value in my opinion.


Further popular Gas Cooktops can also be checked in more detail by clicking on any of the images provided below…

On a final note, if you’re in the market for a new cooktop, you’ve got a number of solid options to choose from. It’s important to take some time to really consider how your cooking habits will influence how you use the appliance, what you most want to get out of one and various features that you will use (or not use). Taking the time to find the best cooktop for your kitchen will make the time you spend within it more convenient and enjoyable, as well as go a long way in helping you achieve the look you want for your kitchen.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with your favorite Gas Cooktops with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!

Finally, I hope this review, tips and FAQ on the best Gas Cooktops has helped you out and best wishes with your final decision.



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